Ass freeballing in suit pants

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We also happen to have some of the sexiest members you'll ever meet. up below and come us. Freeball in suit pants?

Ass freeballing in suit pants

Sort by date Most Liked Posts. BIGdkluver Expert Member. Do any of you dudes ever freeball in dress suit pants? I think it's very hot to see a sexy man in a business suit showing a VPL in his dress slacks each time he takes a step. The tighter the pants, the better the VPL if you're not wearing any underwear at all. It's a real turn-on for me. If you have done this, I'd love to hear how you liked it and if you attracted the attention of any other men who noticed your VPL. And please post any pictures of this if you can find some.

I posted this question some time ago, but I thought I would revive it to see if any new men would like to respond. Thanks for your responses! I remember years back meeting a lawyer before going into court who had the most amazing bulge down his leg. I remarked Ass freeballing in suit pants him that I was glad he was representing my side based on that intimidation! If it's hot outside I don't I'm a sweaty guybut otherwise yes. I always wear cotton boxers under a suit. I spend good money on my suits and dress pants and don't need any stains on em.

Also, when you have pants taylored, theres usually seams and stitching inside the crotch that can be annoying. Click to expand Sorry, dont need skid marks and last-drop pee stains on expensive suit pants. And cleaning bills are costly I don't have to freeball to have that issue. Wearing boxer briefs now for the same reasons mentioned and have a VPL. Attracts plenty of views, especially when I'm in flat front slacks. I've noticed a few guys at work have started doing the same over the recent years. ed May 12, Posts 36 Likes 3 Points In high school I sat in the first row in my business class because my teacher would often sit on his desk with his legs spread with a huge visible bulge, his cock was so thick!

He'd catch me staring all the time and would walk right up to my desk to "talk" to me and his cock would be right in front of my face. Reactions: Teamphotoshoot and Hungfreeballer. My best suit trousers have a nylon liner sewn in to them - sort of a built in boxer. The liner extends form the waist to just above the knees and covers all the bulky seams in the trousers. So I always go commando in my suits. I always freeball in my suit. Omegaman Sexy Member.

Ass freeballing in suit pants

I never knew about this guys, I tend to wear silk boxer or a loose boxer just for freedom. Leave the budgle for the weekdays. GeeString Verified. Well I usually wear g's or thongs anyway, but when I wear suits, I definately wear g's. Mostly for the reason some have stated already. I don't want to dirty the inside of my slacks so I have the protection up front, and a party in the back. As a matter of fact its a very rare occassion that i actually wear underwear. It has its draw backs though as the photo i took the other day at work suggests www.

I have ever since high school uniforms. BigMeatNJ said:. As long as the pants are tailored and lined. My suit pants are all lined. I understand the idea of clipping to the bottom of the shirt tail that would go just below my ass. I wear crew socks I think it's really sexy to be wearing a business suit and have a VPL, but to me it has to look natural or it looks vulgar, tasteless and showy.

Ass freeballing in suit pants

What I mean is this -- when you're in a business or professional setting it is tasteless to go in public commando. Everyone that has any sense knows you have no underwear on, and that, to me makes the individual look crude and tasteless. If it looks natural, like the guy is hung and can't help it, then it's hot. To look natural when trying to show off in a business suit, wear a very thin pair of boxer shorts with a cock ring.

It's just a matter of opinion, but regardless or orientation I'm gay or taste, if I encountered a lawyer or other business professional obviouisly going commando I wouldn't hire him. It would make him look cheap and tasteless. Just my opinion. I wear over the calf height so they just go to below the knees. Last edited: Jul 2, Had a great visual today of a commando guy in a suit. I'm a corporate trainer. After the lunch break today, the students were coming back into the room. I was looking at my laptop reading my. I looked up toward the door and walking toward me was one of the students - a beefy African American man - and my eyes were immediately drawn to his left leg where there was the most obvious hard cock stretching down his left leg.

And as he walked, it was thumping away!

Ass freeballing in suit pants

Now this guy's been in class for the last 5 days and I've noticed some VPL before but this was obviously an erection. I quickly glanced up and we both kind of grinned at eachother and then I looked back down to enjoy the view until he took his seat. About an hour later I gave them a break and when he got up, it was back to the normal VPL I had noticed before.

It was a nice way to end a week Smaccoms Gold. BIGdkluver said:.

Ass freeballing in suit pants

Long ago way before I even concidered myself "Bi" , I would visit my sister at her apartment.

Ass freeballing in suit pants

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