Body transformation anime

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Metamorphosis is a theme that permeates anime. The process excites viewers and sometimes leaves them in awe. Often when viewers think of a character transforming, the image of a magical girl transforming into a colorful warrior might pop to mind. In fact, there are many great titles that show anime characters who transform into something more sinister, unusual, or just plain ol' bonkerballs nuts. You're not going to find anything cutesy on this list, unless your perception of "cute" is way outside normal parameters. In which case, you know what, good for you!

It takes all kinds of fruit to make a salad. Ichigo Kurosaki possesses Shinigami or Soul Reaper powers that allow him to lay souls to rest and fight dangerous lost souls called Hollows. Ichigo, confusingly, also has Hollow blood running through his veins. When Ichigo is battling against Ulquiorra, he gets a massive hole blown in his chest. Instead of dying, Ichigo calls upon his Zanpakuto his magic sword to obtain more power.

However, he ends up calling his Hollow powers instead, allowing his inner demon to take over and transforming him into a Vasto Lorde the strongest of the Hollow castes. Naruto Uzumaki is a skilled fighter and ninja. Proficiency Body transformation anime this talent allows him to transform into a powerful vulpine creature, increasing his power, strength, and granting him various beast-like abilities.

Oh, and he's massive.

Body transformation anime

When Gon discovers that an ally of his named Kite has been killed by Neferpitou, he becomes understandably super pissed off. Surrounded by darkness, he transforms into a taller, more muscular adult version of himself. It also le to a super inappropriate wardrobe situation, but that's not the point. With his new form and elevated power, he takes his revenge out on Neferpitou in a bone-crushing battle. Kanike Ken was once a normal university student with a gentle nature. However, his life changed after a transplant in which an organ called a kakuhou was placed into his body.

He transformed into a half-ghoul, half-human creature with one eye. Although Kanike undergoes a series of Body transformation anime and physical transformations throughout the series, his Centipede transformation is an extreme form that alters his appearance the most drastically.

This transformation stems from psychological issues created when Kanike was captured and tortured. While transformed into Centipede, Kanike becomes a merciless killer and grows red insect-like arms that protrude from his back. Eren Yeager is a strong-willed teenage boy whose mother was eaten by a supernatural being known as a Titan. Seeking revenge against the creature, he s a military team known as the Survey Corps.

While in the line of duty, Eren is dismembered and eaten whole by a Titan.

Body transformation anime

His rage and hatred for the Titans seem to trigger his transformation. In an ironic twist of fate, Eren takes on the form of a massive Titan himself. When Eren transforms into a Titan, it ificantly alters his physical strength and his overall appearance. He also gets much taller. Like two stories taller. Monkey D. Luffy is on a quest to find a legendary treasure and become the great Pirate King. Standard hero's journey stuff. Thanks to ingesting a special fruit, Luffy obtains rubber-like properties throughout his body, allowing him the ability to alter his entire form.

During a battle with Doflamingo who's exactly as fabulous as he soundsLuffy channels his abilities by biting his arm and blowing air into it, initiating a "gear technique" known as Gear Four. Upon doing this, his entire body inflates to a massive size due to the air circulating through him. Called Boundman in this form, he's also coated with Busoshoku Haki, an armor-like protective agent.

Alucard is a "true blooded" vampire that works with the Hellsing Organization, fighting against evil forces and other vampires. Able to summon fell powers, Alucard can achieve frighteningly hellish forms that help him do his bidding. One such fearsome transformation is a demonic beast known as a Hellhound. In a battle against Luke Valentine, Alucard calls upon his dark powers to transform most of his body into a hellish storm of vicious Body transformation anime beasts, demonic eyes, and a brightly glowing fire.

Mixed in the darkness and confusion of elements, he is almost unrecognizable as his body phases in and out of a recognizable, definitive form. This is especially apparent when Alucard is in a full rage. This gruesome transformation leaves nothing of an opponent but a pulp of flesh and blood. Envy is a villainous homunculus an artificial humanoid being consumed by avarice. While Envy often boasts of looking cute in his human form, in reality his true form looks When fully transformed, Envy takes on the appearance of an enormous lizard-like creature that has multiple legs and long stringy hair.

Furthermore, while in this monstrous form Envy becomes much more powerful and still maintains the ability to talk. Since sometimes, you know, you really need Body transformation anime just talk it out with the nightmare-inducing lizard beast. Mirajane Straus is a year-old, S-Class Mage and a caring and motherly figure within her guild.

As a mage, Mirajane can summon magical spells. One powerful and highly destructive spell she uses is called Satan Soul. Upon casting this spell, Mirajane is transformed into a demonic version of herself. Her eyes darken, her hair grows wild, she grows elf-like ears, and her teeth sharpen. In addition, she also grows a long thick tail, clawed hands, and can sprout large black wings. She'd probably be a hit at all sorts of conventions. You just can't pay for that kind of cosplay. Kyo Sohma is an angsty teenage boy and ostracized member of his family.

Although many members of the Sohma family possess transformation abilities they change into animals of the Chinese zodiac Kyo is unique. Due to a curse only passed down to a Cat Zodiac descendant, Kyo must wear a special bracelet to contain his true monstrous form. So, like, the opposite of an adorable cat. Tetsuo Shima is a teenage boy who was ly a member of a reckless biker gang called The Capsules.

When Tetsuo accidentally obtains psychic abilities, however, everything changes.

Body transformation anime

He's experimented on by the military where his physic powers develop further and strengthen at an alarming rate. Realizing he was extremely powerful, Tetsuo becomes obsessed with attaining a god-like status. Using his physic powers, Tetsuo embarks Body transformation anime a transformation so extreme it alters his basic physiology.

Or fortunately, depending on your perspective. The power he wanted was too strong for him to control, resulting in his devolution to a massive blob of flesh and blood. Horrifically, the weight of his mass crushes and kills those around him. Howl Jenkins Pendragon is a powerful wizard, and although he is a bit vain, he has a kind and gentle soul. War has broken out and Howl is one of the many wizards drafted into combat. On the battlefield he is often seen transformed into a huge, bird-like humanoid creature.

While he still maintains his face, he has large black wings, claws, and a fully feathered body. It also seems that the more Howl transforms into the bird creature, the harder it is for him to revert to his actual human form.

It's probably one of the riskiest transformations in anime. Son Goku and Vegeta are Saiyan warriors who possess the ability to transform into suped-up versions of themselves with kickass blond hair. When they transform into Super Saiyans, they can increase their strength and enhance their energy attacks.

Although both Goku and Vegeta are stupidly powerful on their own, they discover that they can combine their powers together to form an even mightier being using the Fusion Dance technique. And yes, it looks deeply, deeply silly. By fusing together, Goku and Vegeta transform into Gogeta, a being who possesses the power, speed, and strength of the two fighters combined.

Really, his martial prowess is only matched by his lack of creative naming Body transformation anime. Lord Boros is an arrogant cyclops alien who is on a mission to find a worthy opponent to challenge him. In an epic battle against Saitama, the titular One Punch Man, the specialized armor that Boros wears is removed. His armor served to help regulate and suppress his immense power. He was already pretty imposing, but his transformation makes him look downright terrifying. Bleach's Ichigo Kurosaki.

Body transformation anime

Naruto Shippuden's Naruto Uzumaki. Hunter X Hunter's Gon Freecss. Tokyo Ghoul's Kaneki Ken. Attack On Titan's Eren Yeager. One Piece's Monkey D. Hellsing Ultimate's Alucard. Inuyasha's Sesshomaru. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood's Envy. Fairy Tail's Mirajane Strauss.

Body transformation anime

Fruits Basket's Kyo Sohma. Akira's Tetsuo Shima. One Punch Man's Lord Boros. Anime Characters Fictional Characters Anime.

Body transformation anime

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