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The military, known as the Tatmadaw, and police have killed more than 1, people since February. Multiple military units and police were involved in the interrogations, their methods of torture similar across Myanmar. Inside the town hall that night, soldiers forced the young man to kneel on sharp rocks, shoved a gun in his mouth and rolled a baton over his shinbones.

They slapped him in the face with his own Nike flip flops. Tell me! He refused to scream. But his friend screamed on his behalf, after realizing it calmed the interrogators. The Myanmar military has a long history of torture, particularly before the country began transitioning toward democracy in Since February, the group says, security forces have killed 1, people, including at least detainees tortured to death.

The military has taken steps to hide evidence of its torture. All of that is gone with the coup. All but six of the prisoners interviewed by the AP were subjected to abuse, including women and children. In two cases, the torture was used to extract false confessions. Several prisoners were forced to statements pledging obedience to the military before they were released. One woman was made to a blank piece of paper. All prisoners were interviewed separately by the AP. The pathologist concluded wounds on three victims were consistent with beatings by sticks or rods.

Lindsey Thomas. This has the appearance of something that was very systematic and forceful. Some became sick from drinking dirty water only available from a shared toilet. Cockroaches swarmed their bodies at night. There was little to no medical help. Not even the young have been spared. One woman was imprisoned alongside a 2-year-old baby. Another woman held in solitary confinement at the notorious Insein prison in Yangon said officials admitted to her that conditions were made as wretched as possible to terrify the public into compliance. The whole dorm was infected. We have guns, and we can just kill you and make you disappear if we want to — and no one would know.

It was one of multiple examples the AP found of how the military tries to hide its abuse. The Boy torture tumblr beat the two men, hit them with their guns, and kicked them, he says. After the men were put into jail, one of them died. The AP sent questions about the case to the Tatmadaw but they were not answered. Several prisoners say their interrogators brutalized only the parts of their bodies that could be hidden by clothes, which Hin Lian Piang calls a common strategy.

One prisoner had his ears repeatedly slapped, leaving no scars but inflicting intense pain. Another, Min, says his interrogators placed a rubber pad over his chest and back before beating him with a rod, minimizing bruising. As the soldiers beat him and hauled him away with five of his friends, his mother wet her pants and fainted. His usually stoic father began to cry. His first night was a blur of beatings. The next morning, none of the detainees could open their swollen mouths enough to eat their rice.

He drank from the toilet. His interrogation began around 11 a. The soldiers poked his thighs with a knife. They zapped him with a taser. They rolled iron rods up and down his legs. He thrashed and flailed, sinking ever deeper. They eventually Boy torture tumblr him out. Their questions were monotonous. A few could not walk. One detainee told Kyaw that soldiers had raped his daughter and her sister-in-law in front of him. Kyaw was finally released after he paid military officials around a thousand dollars. The officials then made him a statement saying that the military had never asked for money Boy torture tumblr tortured anyone.

The statement also warned that if he protested again, he could be imprisoned for up to 40 years. Kyaw does not know if his friends are still alive. While the men faced more severe physical torture, the women were more often psychologically tortured, especially with the threat of rape. The soldiers refused to let the girl call her family.

Another girl, around 13, cried constantly and fainted at least six times the day they were arrested. Rather than call a doctor, officers sprayed the child with water. The women had good reason to be frightened. The military has long used rape as a weapon of war, particularly in the ethnic regions. Or are they coming to take her?

Not every woman was spared from violence. When she objected, they beat her back and shoulders, then banished her to solitary confinement for two weeks. For another woman, Myat, the beatings began the moment the soldiers burst into her home, smashing the butts of their guns into her chest and shoving a rifle into her mouth. They gave him no pain medication, telling him the brutal treatment was all that he was worth. Back inside the rural town hall, the young man ached for his mother as his night passed in a haze of pain. The next morning, he and his friend were sent to prison. His small cell was home to 33 people.

Every inch of floor was claimed, so he lay next to the lone squat toilet. At home, his mother took one look at him and wept. For a month afterward, his legs and hands shook constantly. He is constantly Boy torture tumblr edge. Two months after his release, he realized he was being followed by soldiers. When the sun goes down, he stays inside.

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Boy torture tumblr

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‘There was no break – it was constant,’ investigation finds systemic torture of detainees by Myanmar’s military