Cell absorbs vegeta

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Cell absorbs vegeta

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ProLight Style by Ian Bradley. Modified by Hujio. Cell's Absorbing Ability Discussion, generally of an in-universe nature, regarding any aspect of the franchise including movies, spin-offs, etc. Would Cell completely took on a different looking 2nd form? In addition, would Cell have gained more power if he absorbed Super Vegeta or Super Trunks instead of the weaker Android 18? Doesn't explain the plethora of other powers that he doesn't use to instantly win, though Herms wrote: The fact that the ridiculous power inflation is presented so earnestly makes me just roll my eyes and snicker.

Like with Freeza, where he starts off over 10 times stronger than all his henchmen except Ginyu because Oh, Cell absorbs vegeta he can survive in the vacuum of space.

Cell absorbs vegeta

All this stuff is just presented as the way Freeza is, without even an attempt at rationalizing it, yet the tone dictates we're supposed to take all this silly grasping at straws as thrilling danger. So I guess I don't really take the power inflation in the Boo arc seriously, but I don't take the power inflation in earlier arcs seriously either, so there's no net loss of seriousness.

I Cell absorbs vegeta a silly story presented as serious is harder to accept than a silly story presented as silly. He basically has 17's face plus giant ugly stupid lips after he absorbs him, and notes the tremendous speed boost that 17 gave him. I figure he would have taken on a much more feminine appearance and received less of a power up in general since 18 was suppressed in comparison to Last edited by Duo on Tue Mar 19, pm, edited 1 time in total.

Vegeta : "Funny I seem to recall Kakarot being fed the same information right before he transformed; the distinct look on your faces when he went Super Saiyan didn't exactly inspire confidence. One does not predict or calculate power like ours. Cell also needs the androids to unlock his transformation because that is how they were deed to be put together. He can't simply keep absorbing and absorbing to reach those transformations. Mayuri Kurotsuchi wrote: "In this world, nothing perfect exists. It may be a cliche after all but it's the way things are. That's precisely why ordinary men pursue the concept of perfection, it's infatuation.

But ultimately I have to ask myself "What is the true meaning of being perfect? Not one thing. The truth of the matter is I despise perfection! If something is truly perfect, that's IT! The bottom line becomes there is no room for imagination! No space for intelligence or ability or improvement!

Do you understand? To men of science like us, perfection is a dead end, a condition of hopelessness. Always strive to be better than anything that came before you but not perfect! Scientist's agonize over the attempt to achieve perfection! That's the kind of creatures we are! We take joy in trying to exceed our grasp, in trying to reach for something that in the end, we have to admit may in Cell absorbs vegeta be unreachable!

Higher intellect? Re: Cell's Absorbing Ability Post by Gonstead » Wed Mar 20, am I highly doubt anything would have changed in his physical appearance whether he absorbed one android or another. If you really want to imagine Cell like that, just imagine him a much more feminine appearance with curves, a slimmer waist, larger thighs and smaller feet. And Boobs. He takes on some of 18 traits when he becomes complete. He gets smaller and his face looks like hers mostly in the early artwork of that stage.

Gonstead wrote: No, nothing would have changed. After getting absorbed, Cell's form becomes bulkier as a result. So it wouldn't appear to have any influence on his outward appearance, for that reason he'd probably look exactly the same had he absorbed Android 18 first.

Cell absorbs vegeta

Re: Cell's Absorbing Ability Post by Darkprince » Wed Mar 20, pm I've always wondered though if they were necessarily transformations dependent on which of the two were absorbed, or if Gero had deed Cell to take those forms no matter which is which; that absorbing one of the Jinzou-ningen would result in his bulky, second form, and then absorbing the other would result in his Perfect form.

I say this because even though Cell does take on appearances that are a bit more matching them Cell absorbs vegeta he transforms his eyes in his second form, etc17 and 18 have near identical frames. Even though he's a guy, 17's frame is slim like his sister's, so I question how much of Cell's large, bulky appearance in his second form was a result of absorbing him specifically as opposed to just a set transformation simply triggered by one absorption.

Cell's forms probably wouldn't change had he absorbed 18 first. If that's the case, maybe his Semi-Perfect and Perfect forms were already deed to look that way, and it wouldn't matter which he absorbed first. Also, if both 17 and 18 possess unlimited energy, then 17 is only stronger because he can release more of it at a time. Cell shouldn't be any weaker if he absorbed 18 first, because both androids possess the same amount of energy. People are asking me for lewd art of possessed Bra with Vegeta. Gero and that other android guy got togethert hey opened a portal to G ell, and inevitably trapped G oku in hell to fight F reez a and C ell.

Cell absorbs vegeta

Then G oku escapes. So if C ell had originally absorbed T runks and V egeta he WOULD have gotten their powerb ut in that time he wasn't thinking of that, only absorbing 18 and 17, and when he did, he didn't need any more power. He was already the strongest in the universe. I feel like Cell's power wouldn't change depending on which he absorbs first because, either way, he's getting the same amount of energy. When he absorbs 17, he becomes brash and cocky. When he absorbs 18, he basically acts the same way 18 did against Vegeta when fighting him.

Cell absorbs vegeta

Acting coy, letting Vegeta build himself up only to get completely humiliated, etc. So maybe the reason Perfect Cell starts acting dumb later on is because it was the androids all along that were stupid.

Cell absorbs vegeta

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