Christy marks lemonade

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Christy is sexy. Her tits are big. She loves to fuck. She is always ready for a good time. She wanted you to see what goes into making her as sexy as possible for you. When we sat down to review footage, we got to this scene and we laughed and laughed for minutes! Because she said so. And after you see this, take a moment to give Christy some love. Why do we love Christy so much? Because she is a swinger. No, not that kind of swinger at least not in this video. She is literally sitting on a swing and we get to watch her bounteous rack swing forward and away, and then forward and away, over and over.

And swinging helps to build up her appetite so she reaches into her picnic basket for a treat.

Christy marks lemonade

But what she pulls out is not something she can eat, but rather, something to feed her voracious sexual appetite. Watch as she diddles her tight pussy with this fuckstick right on her swing. At first, it appears to be a figment of your imagination. It looks like a and a pair of big tits, bouncing around wildly. Then she starts stripping off her clothes and you realize, yes, those tits are real and yes, she wants you to come over and have a refreshing glass of her special lemonade.

What makes it special? Well, Christy, the big-titted entrepreneur squeezes those lemons with her huge melons. Yup, she tit-squeezes your beverage. Then, for a big tip, she masturbates for you, right out in the open.

Christy marks lemonade

There is something really fucking hot about a chick who likes to play video games. Especially when she is a stacked super-babe like Christy Marks.

Christy marks lemonade

Christy is a competitive type of chick so when some of our studio staff challenged her to a game of strip Space Invaders, she jumped at the opportunity to kick some ass. If she lost, then she had to lose some clothing, too. Do you guys remember the arcade game Space Invaders? How about when it was on the Atari gaming system? Her juicy orgasm on the floor of this game room is a testament to her victory. But what takes the cake is when she demands that you stick anal be into her brown eye. Between her luscious big tits and her girl-next-door smile, Christy could win anyone over. Or maybe, just maybe, it is because we think that she keeps her fuck-me-shoes on all night, too.

We have no idea what the hell this outfit is supposed to be but we do like that the fringe stuff on the bottom looks like a burlesque curtain of days of old. And we are big fans of the gold bra she is wearing because it barely covers her tits. Suddenly we want to be a big, glass dong really badly. Whenever you try to stop Christy from getting what she wants, she just tries harder…and harder…and harder. She deserves an A for effort. Christy always does whatever it takes to keep her fans happy.

She likes to do that because when she knows you are getting off, she gets off. So when a little bird tells her that you guys wanted to see a bra show, she was all for it. Check out Christy as she tries to stuff her uber-huge knockers into a bunch of bras some of which are so small that she looks like she might shred them with her massive mams. But trying on all those bras only makes Christy very horny and she has to rub her clit with a vibrator we found for her.

She cums so hard that she literally loses her thoughts. In fact, she has a hard time speaking afterwards. A chick that cums then shuts right up! She knows that boobs like hers were meant to be shown. Just imagine what a waste it would be to keep those puppies hidden under layers of clothing. Concealing such an epic cleaveage could almost be considered a crime.

But all horny Christy marks lemonade aside, releasing her rack is also a practical thing for Christy to do. Bra shopping is already a mission for her, and her tits stretch the fabric of anything she can manage to pull over them. So why Christy marks lemonade just let them hang free?

Christy marks lemonade

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