Cuckold bull perspective

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This is a complete factious of nonexistent events. All rights are reserved by Daddydawg Enjoy the read! Let me hear your thoughts upon completion. PM only. Going back to the very beginning I had an employee who was working for my Company for 8 months before this happened. He was shy and nervous when He first started. You had to be. He seemed to not really fit in with the office banter. Individually, I applauded those who did good work. He did very good work which impressed people from the day he started. I operated a very successful international marketing firm.

He was a graphic deer. For this employee, everything seems to be going great. Me, I was Most would call me the confident, egotistical type of guy.

Cuckold bull perspective

A tad of arrogance, Tom Cruise-esque. I would always be bragging about my fitness regime. I was in great shape. I was that maverick type of guy who went out and got the job done so everyone had this weird respect for me. You could tell with his shy reserved nature it was harder to deal with someone who was so dominant as I was. He enjoyed working for me. As tough as I was he actually really enjoyed the work He got to do. I am sure he told his wife about me, which she would call me a bully.

You had to be a bully when your competing internationally. I decided to invite this employee out to dinner. He was producing phenomenal work. It was an apology with out being apologetic. He told me he would check with his wife, Natalie. Cuckold bull perspective told him to invite her. I wanted to get to know this man, and I had heard a few good things about his wife from some colleagues.

They had agreed. Short dark blonde hair. Caucasian, no tattoos. Nerdy good-looking type of guy and he shall be name Jason. Caucasian with no tattoos and only her ears pierced. UK size 6 dress size. Long blonde hair. Her boobs are incredible, Perfect round and perky 32 C breasts. I made arrangements with Jason in a and I ask that he showed Natalie the when he got home. I learned that Natalie loved fashion, hair, and makeup. She had studied being a stylist after she graduated college. Unknown at the time, but to give you more mental images Jason was wearing a shirt and trousers that Natalie had picked out.

Cuckold bull perspective

He later explained this was a perk of being with Natalie as she was a personal stylist for him. Natalie was wearing a sexy dark red knee length dress that showed her cleavage a bit and she was wearing her black high heels, She really did look incredible.

The couple got a taxi to the restaurant. I drove my Porsche.

Cuckold bull perspective

The journey there was definitely nerve racking for the younger couple. I am sure Natalie was reassuring him.

Cuckold bull perspective

I introduced myself to Natalie and complimented her style, saying I really liked the dress she was wearing. I even told her I loved her killer high heels jokingly asking how could she walk in them. Natalie laughed saying she could. I was impressed. Jason and Natalie sat next to each other and I sat opposite of Jason. I asked what drinks they wanted and Natalie ordered a mocktail and Jason just had a tonic water and lime.

Cuckold bull perspective

We each ordered our meals and I was happily talking away. It was all very polite to begin with i asked about how they got together. Jason had always considered himself so lucky to be with Natalie. They began dating at 14 and were each others first relationship. She was definitely much more outgoing and sociable than he was but she kinda shunned being popular.

It was because of a seating plan in school where they sat next to each other that they actually started to get to know each other and eventually started dating. By the time they were 18 Natalie had grown even more attractive. He always felt she was out of his league and Always had felt pressure with being in a relationship with Natalie especially through social media.

It was cute they had been together since they were 14 and I also happily talked through my life story. I tried my best to not brag and I think I succeeded. Jason tried his best to come out of his shy shell but for most of the night it was me actually talking with Natalie.

I had made a few jokes about Jason in a man- banter way. Some of these jokes were about how awkward He was at work. The meal we had in the restaurant was amazing and after, I suggested we go through to the bar area to continue chatting a bit more. When we went through to the bar area I suggested we should sit in a booth for some privacy. We walked over to a empty one and Jason was going to sit Cuckold bull perspective Natalie but I insisted I wanted to sit next to Natalie and told Jason to sit opposite of us.

He felt intimidated by my height, muscular build, and power but he also wanted to be me. I sat down next to Natalie and we continued talking Considering I had invited Jason out to get to know him, I was far more interested in talking with Natalie.

I was being really engaging and listening Cuckold bull perspective Natalie about her job and her interests. I was joking about the benefits of being the boss, and that—apologetically— I always have given Jason a hard time because he was my best deer. It felt like I had Natalie in the palm of my hand on the intrigued level and Natalie was really enjoying talking to me.

Cuckold bull perspective

I was intelligent but not overtly forward about it. I continued to compliment Natalie on her style and saying I really liked the dress she was wearing and her hair looked so well styled. It was flirty. But innocent. After about another 20 minutes of conversation, I noted it was starting to get late and we should probably head home.

I thanked them for ing me and then I told them i would like to gauge their interest in a proposal I had. As you could imagine they were Cuckold bull perspective shocked by me saying this especially as I went further. Jason was honestly stunned into silence. It was My supreme confidence of this request that stunned Jason and Natalie. Go home, think about it over the weekend. Jason I expect an answer on Monday when you get to work. Now, I do assure you, should you say no, your job will not be harmed in any way.

Cuckold bull perspective

Now, get a taxi and go home. When They got to their apartment Jason was angry and upset about my proposal that He was unable to stay still.

Cuckold bull perspective

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