Cute girl costumes tumblr

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Dark Academia is a complex aesthetic Let's all think of as many sub genres of DA as we can. A lot come to mind, right? In this post I've tried to narrow some down. They wear brick red lipstick no matter the occasion. If you look around their home, you may find a collection of portable typewriters, or perhaps an envelope filled with old photographs of their parents or forgotton acquaintances. Their go-to wardrobe colour is either a rich brown or an army green.

Cute girl costumes tumblr

Cigars are their best friends, just like their idol, the newly elected prime minister, Winston Churchill. True to their name, they spend hours writing elaborate lines of poetry, usually not bothering to change out of their lacy night gown, with ruffled cuffs and puffy sleeves. While their friend, «s Academic» happily taps their foot along to The Andrews Sisters, they prefer to stare at themselves dramatically in their looking glass, blasting Mozart until their stained glass windows begin to tremble. If they are religious, they like to help out with charity events at their place of worship.

If they are not, they happily volunteer wherever they are needed on weekends. They stumble out of bed late after an intense night of scribbling out ideas for plots and characters. They seem to fixate on the prospect of murder, which their secret lover, «Gentle Florist», finds slightly suspicious. Their room is littered with paper. Is that a receipt or an important writer's note lying beside the antique camera?

We might just never know. They hate most people, especially crying babies on the train. Now picture the person who inhabits this room.

Cute girl costumes tumblr

Perhaps they have tan lines on their arms from when they were out searching for islands in Micronesia. Their favourite wardrobe piece is their trademark, a pair of antique boots, perfect for exploring various types of terrain.

Their favourite wardrobe item is of course their dark brown oxfords, with the laces replaced with red ribbons. If you don't have a player, there are some amazing Spotify playlists to use! Nowadays it's rare to see me without my hair up. A spiffing one to carry with you is "Schotts Original Miscellany" as you can read about almost anything, from identifying cloud types to commonplace Latin. Its super useful to have in your pocket- almost like a pre-written notebook just for you :. This improves your DA levels for sure.

I hope this helps some people! I hope this serves as a nice little guide for some of you wanting to get more into the aesthetic! Treat it like it has the delicate constitution of a Victorian lady and the conviction that baths are evil of a 17th century noble.

Cute girl costumes tumblr

Can be washed in an ordinary washer, and either tumbled dry without heat or hung to dry. Beat the hell out of it. Historically was laundered by dousing it in lye and beating the shit out of it with wooden paddles, which only makes it look better. The masochist of the natural fiber world. Considerably stronger than cotton. Linen sheet sets can last literal decades in more or less pristine shape because of that strength.

The most likely natural fiber to own a ball gag.

Cute girl costumes tumblr

Posts Archive. Enjoy, Juniper x.

Cute girl costumes tumblr

A button-down cuffed to the elbows, loose black tie threaded through the collar. A tweed blazer thrown over the forearm and a well-worn novel tucked into the elbow. Ink-smudged fingers and sleepless eyes. A rumpled white dress shirt. The top few buttons unbuttoned to reveal a golden locket, burnished by habitual rubbing. Wistful looks out the window. Clean and put together. A black cotton sweater, the white collar of a shirt folded out over the neck. Pegged pants and oxfords.

Hair pulled into a low bun. The sleeves of a smoky gray trench coat conceal the frantically scribbled words that cover the backs of your hands and wrists. Black sweater, sleeves pushed to the elbows. Messy hair twisted into a bun and held up with a pencil used as a makeshift hair stick. Mumbling Shakespeare into a steaming mug of coffee. A white flower behind the ear. Hours spent poring over a book, lounging on a divan by the window as rain pours outside. A button-up of rosy, ghostly silk and soft gray pants.

Bare feet propped up on the arm of the divan. Hair and face damp with rain, a coat with the collar upturned against the weather. Pulling a dry book from the inside of the coat with a sigh of relief. A cherished blazer; secondhand, ratty, and patched at the elbows. A dark swing coat hanging off of the shoulders like a cape.

A cotton turtleneck and laced ankle boots. Hair pulled back from the face by a crown of braids, a few strands loose about the face. A creamy cotton turtleneck that peeks from underneath a black button-down, both tucked into tweed pants. A leather belt and matching dress shoes. A beaten copy of Hamlet clutched in one hand. An ivory cable knit sweater. Silver rings adorn the fingers, frequently fiddled with by anxious hands.

Hair woven into a hasty braid. A camel coat over the shoulders. Lips and fingers stained with cherry juice. A black silk slip. Trading Oscar Cute girl costumes tumblr quotes in front of the fireplace. A burgundy cardigan; underneath, white shirt, black tie.

Hands hooked in the pockets of black slacks. Walking, solitary, down the dark street. Black button-down, black pants, black oxfords, long black coat. The sky is overcast. Crows circle overhead. You count seven. Worn, rumpled sweater tucked into a brown plaid skirt. Combat boots.

Cute girl costumes tumblr

A satchel bulging with books. A faded, cream-colored button-up.

Cute girl costumes tumblr

Suspenders hooked on black slacks rolled up past the ankles.

Cute girl costumes tumblr

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