Diaper enema story

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The question had been embarrassing when I was six at nine Diaper enema story killed. I hated it more because, as I gained consciousness I could feel I was indeed wet, again. I nodded affirmative, unable to utter the word yes. On the week-ends it was worse and Sunday worst of all because I had to go to Church, where people would see me. I climbed out of bed and walked to the changing table feeling the soaked diaper between my legs and on my soon to be stinging rear end.

I I climbed on to the wooden table which served as both diaper changing and punishment table. All my diapers and water-proof baby pants were kept in plain view on shelves below the water-proof padded top of the table. Drawers on the one side and a small bin on the end held baby oil, cream and powder, the baby thermometer, Vaseline and spanking instruments: strap, hair brush and wooden spoon. He had made a point of getting out the leather strap before undoing and removing my jammies. I sat up so daddy could unsnap the waist band of my yellow two piece cotton footy jammies. He removed the top and I laid down for daddy to take off my bottoms.

Lift up. Daddy commanded after my jammie bottoms were removed so he could slip the water-proof baby pants off my wet diaper. I looked down in embarrassment at the wet diaper molded around my three and a half inch boner.

Diaper enema story

I looked away as he began to unpin the yellow ducky diaper pins. Then he took the wet diaper down between my legs. He lifted me by the ankles and took the wet diaper away. Once the wet diaper was removed and put in the diaper pail he reached into the right hand drawer of the changing table and took out the rectal baby thermometer, Vaseline, box of Q-tips, baby powder and oil.

He set them on the built-in shelf next to the strap. I knew what was next and turned to my stomach as he put a couple of thick diapers under me in case I peed during the spanking to come. Once on my stomach I put my arms down to my sides in position for daddy to fasten the changing table straps to hold me for my spanking. The two inch wide canvas straps were fastened by running the long strap on the left side of the changing table through two rings on the end of the shorter strap on Diaper enema story side.

On set of straps fastened around my legs just above the knees the other set around my waist just above my butt.

Diaper enema story

Once he strapped me down he picked up the leather bottom warmer and rested it across my pale fleshy mounds. I gritted my teeth as I awaited the spanking to come. After all I could get up at night and pee by lowering the water-proof baby pants and pulling my weenie out the side of the diaper, I just slept too hard. The strap lifted up and I tightened my butt awaiting the strapping to come. Thwack it cracked down across my butt cheeks. The sting always started with two sharp stings from the edges of the strap then followed by a hot burning between the stripes where the flat of the strap fell.

OOOoowww, I screeched, my legs kicking against the strap holding them down and my upper body straining up as far as the strap holding my waist allowed. Thwack, whack, smack, smackOwww, ooohhh, oooww, waah. I screamed as Daddy strapped me until my bottom was blazing. I jerked and kicked with each stroke, wailing my discontent as the strap burned across my wiggling, reddening buttocks. Four more sharp spanks with the strap and daddy put the strap back into the drawer and unfastened the canvas belts holding me in place. I continued to bawl loudly as he opened the Vaseline, box of Q-tips and took the rectal thermometer from its case.

He turned me on my back and I stared at the wall as he took Diaper enema story ankles again and lifted them so my knees were raised and pressed towards my chest. At least my stinging scarlet behind was up off the surface of the table. With my knees pushed to my chest my buttocks parted and I felt the familiar feeling of air on my go-go, what my parents called my anus. I watched him coat a Q-tip with Vaseline and move it down between my legs.

The cool feel of the Vaseline coated Q-tip touching my go-go caused the usual feelings of embarrassment as he worked it around and then into my butt to get me ready for the thermometer. He pulled the dirty Q-tip out of my go-go and took out Diaper enema story thermometer and shook it. I felt the cold glass touch my rear hole and slowly slip in as I sniffled and wiped my tears.

Diaper enema story

Daddy put my legs down to the side so I was turned on my side with my knees to my chest. While my rectal temperature was taken Daddy went to the bathroom to prepare my enema. After three minutes he came back and slid the thermometer out of my butt. I sucked up the last of my tears as I watched him write the temperature in my temperature book before lifting me off the changing table. He lifted me off the table and I did my naught boy dance, hands behind trying to rub the remaining fire out Diaper enema story my butt while hopping from foot to foot, my semi erect penis flopping around wildly as I danced and cried.

Daddy took my arm and marched me to the bathroom. The enema bag with soapy water hung from a hanger on the shower curtain rod. I stopped my dance as he rinsed out a wash cloth. He washed my diaper area, making my penis tickle and stand up. He scrubbed my bottom, making it sting more. Then he pulled out the enema stool from under the sink and put a towel on it. I knelt without being told and lay across it so my chest was on the bathroom rug and my well strapped red butt was raised up with my knees spread so the fat, oblong tip of the enema nozzle could be inserted easily.

Once it was a couple of inches into my rectum daddy undid the clamp and the warm soapy water began to flood into my butt. Daddy worked the long nozzle back and forth in my butt cleaning me back there as the water began to make my tummy cramp.

When I stared squirming with stomach cramps daddy pulled the nozzle out until it was almost ready to come out; lodged inside against my go-go blocking the tight hole; keeping the water from leaking out. He then stood me up and helped me to the toilet, the nozzle tube and hose hanging out of my butt like a tail. At the toilet he guided me on to the toilet and slipped the nozzle out, sitting me on the toilet to let the enema out.

He gave me two more enemas to make sure I was clean back there. Sitting on the toilet with my sore bottom against the seat was no joy. I used my arms to try and hold myself off the hard surface while not squirming so much I earned another spanking. Daddy then stood me, bending me over to wipe me clean and dry before walking me back to the changing table for diapering. He lifted me onto the table like a baby, I was big enough to get on it myself I thought. I lay down and he took my ankles; using them to lift my red, sore round behind up for the padded middle Gerber diaper to be placed under me.

He held my butt up as he sprinkled drops of baby oil on my butt cheeks and rubbed it around the sore twin fleshy mounds and in between, slipping his finger in my anus to make sure my rectum was clean. My legs were let down and daddy repeated the oil and powder process on my genitals and pubis, doing my penis until it was hard and coated with oil and powder; sticking up like half a powdered doughnut and tickling like heck. I never watched as this was being done, but when the soft, cotton diaper was brought up between my legs and over my boy parts to be pinned in place I always watched as the diaper pins were fastened.

I always worried about being stuck and somehow watching made me feel like I was keeping whoever was diapering me from sticking me. When daddy fastened the second yellow ducky diaper pin I was able to relax. He then slipped the opaque plastic, we called them rubber, water-proof pants over my feet and up my legs. I knew to raise my butt so the water-proof Diaper enema story pants could be pulled up over my diaper in back.

Once daddy had done that he pulled the water-proof pants over the diaper in front and on the sides so my diaper was completely covered. I sat up and put my arms up so he could put me in a blue and white horizontal striped short-sleeve tee shirt. He slipped on my night slippers and I was ready for breakfast. After breakfast my older sister, Margret, 15, took me to my bedroom to get me ready for church. I was put into a cute short pants sailor suit which had the top buttoned to the pants by Diaper enema story large buttons in front and back.

The top was white with Diaper enema story blue piping and buttons. The pants were baby blue. I was always bothered by the sound the baby pants made when I moved. I tried the believe no one knew I was in diapers like a two year old but the sound always reminded me that no one was fooled. Pancakes and syrup always made me thirsty. Two glasses of milk and a big glass of juice were soon recycled into my diaper. The rule was that if I wet or soiled my diapers I was to tell an adult and get changed immediately.

Having experienced being taken to the church nursery and changed with 3 and 4 year olds giggling and pointing out I was a big baby kept me from following the rule. Once we were home mommy took me to the changing table where she undressed me to nothing but wet diaper and baby pants.

Diaper enema story

She picked me up and lay me on the table then took my ankles and lifted me like a baby not allowing me to lift my butt like a big boy for the water-proof pants to be removed. Even more embarrassing was the fact I was erect when my wet diaper was unpinned and taken down between my legs. My butt and genitals were wiped and then Diaper enema story was sent to the corner to wait for my second spanking of the day.

Mommy preferred to spank with her hand or the hair brush. When I heard the drawer to the diaper changing table open and close I knew she was going to use the brush to spank me good. She took my arm and brought me to the spanking chair. She sat and pulled me to her right thigh.

I was bent over her knees so my bottom was turned up at the proper angle to be completely spanked. As usual my arm was bent and pinned to my lower back as the spanking began. Mommy always spanked in a rhythm of two hard spanks then a spank a bit softer which seemed to make the two that much more painful. By the third smack of the heavy wooden brush against my naked rear end I was wailing and kicking. I sobbed my apology and promise to be a good boy, too late as always.

Mommy lifted me off her lap and took be back to the corner to wait for one of my sisters to come and diaper me and dress me for the rest of the day. Penny, my 13 year old sister came and gave me a spank on my blazing red hind end, On the changing table diaper boy.

Diaper enema story

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