Epicanthix star wars

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Register a free today to become a member! Once ed in, you'll be able to participate on this site by adding your own topics and posts, as well as connect with other members through your own private inbox! Log in Register. What's New. New posts. Star Wars RP. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Blank Slate 4 Start date Feb 19, Blank Slate 4 Character. I require a bit of help in regards to gaining a better understanding of this race, if anybody would be willing to spare a few minutes and help me wrap my head around it.

I really want to try my hand at playing them out and I figured this would be as good of an opportunity as any, considering I get to play off the race's physical inclusion of the epicanthic fold with my choice of a play-by, but outside of that I can't really seem to find out much about them. Outside of having a better physical condition than most Near-Human species, their distinct folds, and the inclination towards darker shades of hair, there's not much to go off of in regards to their appearance.

Wookiepedia states that they are easy to recognize as such yet I'm having a hard time believing those ly mentioned characteristics are the main tipping points. Just as well, the article on them is woefully lacking for my liking, from every facet of life such as culture, history, traditions, and military to merely name a few. I'm a dum-dum and not really sure where to turn for information outside of Wookiepedia, which has never really led me to a dead end before.

If anybody could throw me a helping hand here, either through plainly stating the information I'm missing, offering me sources in the forms of comics or novels, or anything else that can come to mind, I'd be indebted. Just as well, if anybody could give Epicanthix star wars a rundown of their status in Chaos canon, I'd greatly appreciate the help. Character Bio. And when I say immune I mean immune. Their are some cases in the comics were Sith Lords couldn't penetrate a Epicanthix star wars mind. Fabula Caromed.

Epicanthix star wars

Nakama Kyoko said:. Click to expand I admit my memory is rusty but I could of swore there were none other than Vornskr around the place. Well now I feel like less of a snowflake. My opinion. Hazel Scheler. Oh there's quite a few of us rolling around here that aren't directly related to the Zambranos.

Sarge Potteiger Half-Glimpsed Dreamings. Ivy Lasranae said:. Well you could always go with a halfling that doesn't have total immunity. Or just There's dozens to choose from. Dune Rhur Freedon's Nadds. Space weaboos.

Seriously, it's vaguely racist. But beyond that, everybody and their cousin is Epicanthix star wars weeb. They got the epicanthic fold and their name is basically a play off that, but that doesn't really mean anything. They are hardly stereotypical or whatnot. As for different races, still need to find something that properly plays off of the play-by first and foremost.

And as I said, I've been interested in trying them out myself, in no small part thanks to Vornskr. You must be an expert in human biology.

Epicanthix star wars

Just an expert in the Google search engine. Tiberius Sinna. Tyberius Fel Rightful Galactic Emperor. I'm pretty sure there is no ificant information on Epicanthix culture, history and whatnot.

Epicanthix star wars

I'm certain that their popularity being on par with that of Echani, Zeltrons and Zabraks despite lacking any canon fleshing out as far as I'm aware has absolutely, positively nothing to do with the fact they can resist any and all mental attacks, even from that of a Sith Lord, whilst being otherwise identical to a baseline human. I swear. Reign New Member. I started playing an Epicanthix character around about August At the time, on the board I was RPing on, few had even heard of them and none else played one, so Epicanthix star wars was able to embellish what was known at the time into a rich backstory not only for the Epicanthix, but for Panatha and the Pacanth Reach as well.

I may have to send him a PM and ask for a few details. As for the whole 'mind immunity' thing, I believe that was only written into canon with the publishing of The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance. Seems like a 'get out of jail free' card to me.

Epicanthix star wars

I think the definitive nature of the epicanthic fold was written into canon around Epicanthix star wars same time. But as its suspected to be an evolutionary adaption against harsh wind and snow, perhaps it tells us something about the nature of Panatha? Anyway, look forward to meeting some others in my travels. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre D. The Man Behind the Mask. Replies 9 Views May 11, Darc Xavior Talus. The Proof is in the Popo. Gilamar Skirata Jul 9, General Discussion. Replies 13 Views Jul 9, Valiens Nantaris.

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Epicanthix star wars

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