Family sex fun tumblr

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With time mom and I had become really good at doing our thing without dad having the slightest clue of what was going on. A couple of times I even fucked mom on their bed with dad literally laying next to us passed out drunk.

I must admit that was a little too much I did it on a dare from mom. I grabbed her and kissed her wildly and accepted her dare with the condition that she let me videotape the whole thing. She smiled at me and Family sex fun tumblr deal go grab your camera while I get out of these clothes and into some sexy lingerie. When mom finally came out of her walk in closet all dolled up in lingerie I was already waiting for her sitting on the edge of the bed.

She walked up to me and I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her on top of my legs. You look ravishing I said as I flipped the cups of her bra downwards revealing her beautiful firm tits. Are you ready to get fucked good and hard by your son Mrs. I said as she smiled and kissed me before replying yes baby mommy is ready and eager for that cock of yours. I then grabbed the remote control for my camera and pushed record I asked mom to make out with me for the camera and she was more than happy to do as I asked.

Family sex fun tumblr

I got on top of her and told her I was going to cum inside of her just that night. Sorry dad you really fucked up by neglecting mom and not taking care of business in the bedroom. When Dad passed away Mom was so sad and depressed. I took it upon myself to try and cheer her up. It seemed to work. She told me that I sleep in her bed from now on.

Family sex fun tumblr

Well, if your mother is beautiful. You must try for once in your life. It might give you endless pleasure. Roy had made it perfect. All day long he thought of nothing but me. We could get divorced when we got home. It was a mistake and I was sure that I could convince the authorities to see it that way.

Family sex fun tumblr

It is ok. Roy looked at me as if I was going to scold him.

Family sex fun tumblr

But instead, I got up off the bed, went to him, sat in his lap and kissed him. I kissed him with a closed mouth, but I held my lips to his until it started to feel like I wanted more. Thank you for everything. For the flowers, for the broach, the necklaces and, mostly, the hanky. You had to put a lot of time and thought into today, and I love you for it. Thank you, it has been the best day of my life. Roy looked at me, and his eyes started to shine. You have always been my mom and my friend, not to mention my role model. You are the person I look to when I need direction.

I wanted to be there for you. I am glad I was able to give you a great day. I love you mom … Anna.

Family sex fun tumblr

The shower in the stateroom was small and you had to strip before you could get into it. As Roy stripped, I looked at him in a different light. After he got into the shower, I stripped down all the way and waited for him to emerge. As he came out naked himself, I tried not to notice his large cock hanging down. He took one look at my naked body and his cock jumped up and almost slapped his belly. I had to cover the smile I had on my face, as I knew that I had caused his erection. I kept looking down and, after he walked out of the shower, I got in, then I let my smile and excitement go.

I showered quickly and, just like Roy, I got out before drying myself. I watched Roy as he desperately tried not to stare at my nakedness. I got dressed more slowly than usual, but tried not to look like I was taking my time. I turned around, hoping that he would stare at my ass and legs.

I put on a flannel night gown, which was the only nightwear that I had brought, not thinking that I would need anything else. I was sleeping with my son, after all, and the wedding was supposed to be fake. Roy had his boxers on pretending to watch television, but Family sex fun tumblr could tell that he kept sneaking glances at me.

Family sex fun tumblr

I finally made it to bed, rolled over and kissed him one more time. I tried to fall asleep. It had been a wonderful day, full of great things, and I loved it. Tomorrow the ship would dock in Cozumel, Mexico and I looked forward to finding something special for Roy.

I listened to him breathe and, as I did, I noticed his breathing change and I knew he was asleep. Just as I started to doze off, he rolled over and I could feel his hard member softly pressed against my ass. He had his arm under my neck and his hand gently cupped my left breast. I suddenly felt wetness and thrills from my pussy as I realized how erotic this was to me. I could feel him slowly moving his cock against me, and then it slipped between my ass cheeks. I squeezed them together and felt his response, as he ground his cock into my crack with a small moan.

In his sleep, he continued to grind into me. I felt him gently pulling me to him, and I let out an unexpectedly large moan. Instantly, I felt him stop. I wanted him to take me. I wanted him to rip off my nightgown and panties and take what was now his. Do not call me anything but Anna in our bed. I am Family sex fun tumblr wife in our bed, only your wife. I held very still hoping he would continue. He would have to make his choice; I had already made my choice. Now Roy had to decide if he wanted me to be his lover, as well as his mother.

After the way dad treated my mom, I made him give me his credit card and promise to pay all the expenses for the cruise. I discovered that he had gotten his secretary pregnant, and that was why she was there that day. I had a lot of leverage then. It was a special piece we had found, and I thought it would be perfect for the fake wedding. The same jewelry store sold me a very nice gold chain with a two-carat ruby pendant. A few years back, my maternal grandma had given me an old necklace.

Mom knew how much it meant to me, so I only let her borrow it. She needed something borrowed, after all.

Family sex fun tumblr

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