Female led relationship on tumblr

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We are still experimenting a lot about what she like in this situation and what make me so horny about this situation. Last week, I made a back rub to my Goddess Melanie. She was tired that night and I wanted to take care of her so I proceded by rubbing her back with lotion. I love rubbing her back because I know she like the attention Im giving her plus its geeeting me horny as hell looking at her beautiful Goddess asscheek in her nice panties.

After a good minutes of massage I was Hard as rock allowed to rubbing her warm skin with my hands massaging her and having a direct view on her sexy booty so I ask her if she was ok with me exciting myself by rubbing my horny hard rod on her goddess asscheek? She reply: Just a little and no Comming! I reply : Yes mistress. I was so horny and it felt so good rubbing my head on her soft booty it took me only a couple minute to be on the edge and so I told my Goddess Melanie.

She sayd to me let it cool and I could continue after we dont want any spill. So after a minute I start back again rubbing my head on her and its then that she started to move her booty side to side controling the rubbing. I was just holding my stiff Rod over her dancing booty and she was now the only guiding the rubbing intensity and speed. This made me even more excited being at her mercy. It didnt even took a minute that I was back on edge. She stop and go keeping me right there on edge one rub away from comming telling her every time I was about to burst. I was moaning and throbbing so close of leaking but still not allowd to.

I then advise Goddess that I was really close and she would make me leak but She never gave me the right to do it but she didnt stop right after I told her. She gave me 1 or 2 more rub and than stop. All my body was shivering and throbbing trying to old back. It wasnt enough I ruined 2 big drop on is beautiful Goddess booty. She told me wipe this of and it time for bed. I felt like Female led relationship on tumblr disapoint her so I clean her up and rest beside her. I ask her if she did it on purpose making me leak like this she respond me: Maybe! Go to Bed.

Instanly I was hard again en went to bed with a raging hard on beside my beautiful wife Melanie. For the rest of the week I was a horny slut always having her beautiful body teasing in head. And what do I do when im this horny? I send it to her without reading since it was saying that the male should not read it and let your goddess explore it.

This made me so horny not knowing what its saying plus not knowing if she will use them on me!!! This was on Tuesday, rest of the week she did not even mention reading it or what so ever. I was horny and thinking about her for the rest of the week receiving only a couple of tease text during the rest of the week enough to keep her always in my head. On Saturday we had a busy day and went to bed. I wasnt able to sleep the room was hot and had to much in head. So went downstair to watch some TV i did not want to awake my wife sleeping. So sat down started to watch a movie play on TV. Maybe Min in I receive a text from my Goddess wife Melanie.

I: Watching TV Mistress. You did not give me the right to touch myself so I didnt Goddess. Your not sleeping Miss? And like that I was back to bed trying to sleep with yet again a raging horny Hard-on Beside my beautiful sexy wife. S- Nice use of the hooks! Wish some followers would send me there naughtiest stuff women please.

I think my wife wants to fuck a bigger cock in front of me - and tell me it's better! Same thing with a girl. In either case I"m probably locked up. I would love that for my goddess and would love having to humiliate my self fucking my ass with a dildo with my locked dicklet while godess get fuck hard by a bigger cock and after cleannig her nice pussy Female led relationship on tumblr my tongue. I - Living room, I was hot and coudnt sleep Her - Not a reason to play with your self!!! I: Yes mistress im not touching Her; send me a picture in your boxer!!

I send her a picture of my flaccid thing in my boxer as ask by Goddess Her: what are you doing then? Her: Good Boy, no Im not. I: Are you touching your self? Her: Not of your buisness!! I: Why miss? Her: Im reading the senario so not your buisness! I: Him so hot Goddess!!! Do you like it?

Her: Send me a picture! I send her a picture my fully hard thing horny as hell even if I did not touch it Her: I dont think your ready for that Boy!! I: Why Mistress? Her: You didnt show me you where anough of a obediant slut to me. I: please Miss I would love to show how a obediant slut I am!! Her: Will see! It late get back to bed… And like that I was back to bed trying to sleep with yet again a raging horny Hard-on Beside my beautiful sexy wife. More to come … I hope starting to have blueball Subby.

Hello slave. Yes please goddess Mel use me as you see fit. I have Goddess Melanie. Recently Liked.

Female led relationship on tumblr

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