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Head empty, one thot. At first, he didnt have any interest in her beyond the money and maybe having a heir out of her, but eventually he realizes that she has more uses than that Summary : You had never wanted this child — not from him or any man you barely know. You brushed your hair in the mirror, making sure your locks were presentable over and over again, even when it was clear you could do no more to the wonderful mess atop your head.

It was better to be idle, transfixed with your own reflection, than face the monster standing behind you. He had been posted there, against the door frame, for a while, watching your movements like a bird of prey. You figured he was waiting for a second of vulnerability; then, he would strike. You felt as though if you ceased moving, it would give him an opportunity to speak. Thus, you kept your hand steady and resolved to never stop.

Even when you wanted to sob from utter boredom at teasing your tresses for the last half hour; anything to get out of conversing with Kai. But you knew what happened when you neglected him for too long. He started to get annoyed. You could see the beginnings of agitation on his face already, from the corner of your eye. The creases on his forehead were gradually forming. Soon, his medallion orbs would narrow. Forced impreg tumblr, he would have to say something.

Adorned in his usual professional attire and plague doctor mask, you thought he was naturally intimidating. Perhaps it was the set of wrinkles beneath his eyes, or the way he was steadily becoming frustrated with you. Kai had the ability to alter the atmosphere in the room with a mere glare. He was bothering you. Why had he deluded himself into thinking you would come around? Overhaul huffed, pushing himself off the wall to advance. You pursed your lips. He was going to touch you. He was going to touch you with those terrible fucking hands of his. Maybe this time, he would remove his glove and activate his quirk.

Sure, it would be messy, but what good was a wife who acted coldly toward—. His hands clamped down gingerly on your shoulders. Your breath hitched and your entire body quivered. The latex was cool against your bare skin.

You thought he would be at work all day. Had you known he would stop by to greet you, you might have thrown on a robe. Your husband hummed. It was evident that he already cared deeply for the little being developing in your womb. He was the one who had wanted this, after all. What you thought would Forced impreg tumblr a mere one night stand with the sexy young leader of the Shie Hassaikai had turned into a marriage.

Once your family realized you were pregnant, they had pushed for your union, regardless of your qualms. That was a dreadful question. It meant he wanted to fuck you. He thought that fucking you would improve your mood and relieve symptoms of bearing his. He was delusional. His reflexes were faster than yours. He gripped your wrist before you could scurry around him, reeling you into his firm chest. You squeaked when his grasp tightened, threatening to bruise your bone.

Forced impreg tumblr

He gave you everything but your freedom. He gave you everything but a fair shot at a future. What sort of life was that? It was a demand. He was going to do it whether or liked it or not, but he would prefer it if you were compliant. You felt a chill run up your spine. Slowly, you shook your head, staring at him with fearful orbs. He knew his destruction ability frightened you. Even if he never used it on you, he could always lord his omnipotent power over your quirkless head to subtly get you to obey.

He snatched your chin with his other hand, stroking your skin affectionately. It was deceptive. You knew your denial irked him. Ever since he had impregnated you, it was difficult to have sex with him. On the contrary, it made you feel used and slimy.

What was once a source of comfort had been altered into a torture method. You wanted nothing to do with it. Forced impreg tumblr could do as he pleased with all of you. Even though your father headed a rival organization that was arguably as dangerous as his, your familial protection was no longer a luxury. You only had Kai, now; he had bought your father off. There was no one who could rescue you from this madness. The thin brunette exhaled, the sound of his breath exaggerated from his long, hollow mask.

He shook his head with disdain. That meant you would Forced impreg tumblr to give in, because at least then, you would be alive and coherent. You had heard rumors of what Overhaul had done to his adopted father, the former leader of the Hassaikai. If you disobeyed him too much, you knew he would resort to violent tactics, as well. It was just the sort of handsome monster he was.

Would he endanger the life of your child to teach you a lesson? If letting him fuck you would satiate his need for your attention, then so be it. That was his good girl. Why did you need to fight him all the time? He could give you the world — much more than your family could have ever offered, had you remained with them.

One of his hands ran over your stomach, stroking it gingerly. After all, what did you have to lose from giving into his desires? He had already gotten you pregnant. He had already hooked you. As far as he was concerned, you had nothing of value left to squander.

Tags : aizawap drownedbytears shadowkunoichi kinasart thechroniclesofawriter. Well, this is sort of different. He wants to show you how to skate, whether you already know how or not.

Forced impreg tumblr

Just pretend for him. Keep reading. Well, the Shigaraki fever has finally hit me. Summary : Shigaraki buys you a gingerbread house. You think doing mundane, festive shit like this is domestic and cute? Anything to veer your focus away from hating him. Warning : Minors and ageless blogs do not interact.

Angst, delusional thinking, drugging, kidnapping pastmanipulation, noncon mentionedvictim-blaming, yandere behaviour. A good mood? A need to make this man yandere? Who can say. Where was your Christmas spirit? Be good for him, now. Warning : Minors and ageless blogs please do not interact. Aged-up Eren obvAngst, dark themes, death mentioneddelusional thinking, freezing, kidnapping, manipulation, noncon impliedthreatening, torture, yandere behaviour. Real talks, I fucking love these two nemeses.

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Forced impreg tumblr

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Rules. I wanna know why ppl seem to have massive balls on anon questioning your writing lol where's theirs? A flea? I hope doc calls him out on his hypocrisy. Yeah, the hypocrisy is why this story is super hard to write sometimes.

Posts Archive. Anonymous asked: Head empty, one thot. Pairing : Yandere! Overhaul x reader. Tactical Avoidance You brushed your hair in the mirror, making sure your locks were presentable over and over again, even when it was clear you could do no more to the wonderful mess atop Forced impreg tumblr head. Even when your arm grew sore from the repetitive motions. Even when your wrist cramped from the way you curved it. You wished he would just leave. Sure, it would be messy, but what good was a wife who acted coldly toward— His hands clamped down gingerly on your shoulders.

It felt good.

Forced impreg tumblr

You had played foolishly into his lustful trap. And you did; you did repeat yourself. Hawks x reader. Shigaraki x reader. Eren x reader. Melted Chocolate Real talks, I fucking love these two nemeses.

Forced impreg tumblr

Geten x reader x Dabi.

Forced impreg tumblr

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Cesspool of Filth (18+, MDNI) — Head empty, one thot. overhaul seducing and baby