Girls diaper showing tumblr

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I wore my first pull up in public with a skirt. They ripped so slowly on both sides I could feel every little bit of it start to give awayhaha. I had to stand on a busy train and clench my pull up with my thighs for my life because it would have just fallen on the floor in front of everyone. When I got picked up my friend told me this is why diapers are better. I agreed and what an odd situation to really want to be a baby in a diaper and not a big but very embarrassed girl on the train in pull ups.

Do I get bonus points for letting someone pee in my pull up after I went and making them wear it on their head while embarrassing them? But I just wanted to let you check. Find more info on my Linktree. Learn more about me on my Linktree!

I answer FAQs and have lots of info about my lifestyle and content! Check out my Linktree to see my FAQs and learn more about my content! I have been sharing my journey as a little since Sept of last year! I still a. Patreon all content. Den Tag erstmal mit eine frischen Windel und einem kleinen Workout starten. Mal sehen wie lange alles trocken bleibt. Wie startet ihr in den Tag?

Starting the day with Girls diaper showing tumblr fresh diaper and a little workout. Let's see how long everything stays dry. How do you start the day? Posts Likes Ask me anything!! Wet diapies are my favorite diapies! Recently Liked.

Girls diaper showing tumblr

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