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How would Son-kun react to this, being his darling is another saiyan, even if they did not know they were. Originally posted by zarbone. Saiyan instincts to prefer a strong mate and to dominate their mate will be running rampant in him. To be able to dominate a Saiyan mate? Oh, he will be over the moon with desire and joy. Though he will make damn sure to not let their strength surpass his own or get too close for comfort to his own. He may be a sweeter yandere, but he is still a yandere and wants to ensure that his darling stays with him.

Saiyans reproduce at alarming rates and levels and he will be pleased as punch to have Saiyan children with his mate. He knows he will immediately be distracted if anything happens to his darling during a fight. It took me a surprising amount of time to think these teams out for each one. I need a sixth that goes well with him and his team. Platonic yandere zol! Gomez is quite pleased to fence with the Zoldycks and Morticia will welcome them into the family.

Cousin It is scared of the zol! This was posted on 29th October Don't mistake it for something super old. She eats them alive and will talk to her stomach until they stop squirming. She mainly only goes after men who try to force themselves onto her and she has yet to run out of prey. He is a more subdued yandere for her and he often uses her jealous temper to get rid of demons he finds troublesome.

He uses his blood and body primarily as a reward when she does something for him. He acts like she is bothering him, but he never fails to eat what she brings him. It upsets her and worries her that Muzan may not want her if her second mouth his exposed. She works very hard to Goku x reader lemon herself under control and hide her demon nature, and she will become aggressive towards anyone- other than Muzan- who mentions her second mouth.

When enraged, her nails become long knife-like weapons, her face changes to have a more stretched animal look to it, ripping at the seams of her mouth to allow her extra space to bite. Her secondary stomach grows and will drag anything edible towards it, two tongues like secondary arms often grabbing her prey, human and demon alike. She physically grows as well, becoming much larger in size, skin stretching and ripping as she grows.

She is unaware he has already seen her that way, and he likely will never tell her he has. There is a delicate balance of respect that needs to be established first. Carlos and Walter respect each other as they are both men of medicine even if their patients are different.

Jackson respects Carlos because Carlos is respectful of animals and of the land, only taking what he needs and using all he can of what he does take. Evan respects Walter because Walter saved his life once after a scrap turned bad. Hello there. Could I ask Goku x reader lemon your oc yandere Boys helping their shy male reader after he has been attacked by someone else, maybe a suitor or simply someone jealous?

Thank you. Evan is a man of practical solutions. He will send his right-hand man out to get the culprit back for him to deal with, but there is no way in hell he is leaving your side at that moment. He will be the one to treat any injuries you have and to make sure you are alright emotionally. Evan is a rough and cold guy, but for you, he is a gentle bear of a man. Let him cuddle and care for you, he can torture and kill the culprit later once he is certain you know he takes your whole wellbeing seriously and he adores you. Darling, please sit still, he is trying to tend to your wounds.

Walter can have a tough time showing his emotions in these situations, but know that his heart aches with every wince or whine of pain. He has to take care of your injuries. He has to. Please let him. He will deal with your attacker permanently, have no doubt, but he wants to help you first. You are his priority. If he comes home to find you hurt, you can see just how fast his fragile sanity snaps.

He will make sure you are getting medical attention one way or another even if he has till do it himself. Jackson is typically a calm and peaceful guy, but your attacker will only know him as their nightmares come to life.

He will hunt them relentlessly without sleep and without mercy until he gets the satisfaction of killing them himself with his hands. Carlos likes to think he is a reasonable guy. He adores you and will move the stars for you if you asked, so he feels fully confident in his actions of finding your attacker and torturing them before leaving them in the hog pit.

He will sit by your side and be as gentle as possible while taking care of your wounds though he usually treats animals, he is still a doctor of medicine Goku x reader lemon can triage. Let Carlos take care of you and laugh with him while you try to keep the house serval Mimis from taking the bandages and running. Fun fact; the reason I had Carlos leave the attacker with the hogs is because hogs will eat a person alive and not even a scrap of clothes or bone will be left behind.

This is why people have to be in pairs if they are tending hogs because falling in the hog pit with no help nearby is usually equal to a death sentence. Would any of the yandere ocs let their darling kill with them? Wanting help, and maybe reassurance that what they want to do with their own hands is alright? Walter is concerned at first. Once he learns this person has upset you or hurt you, then he is all for killing them, still on the fence about letting you do it because he is used to blood on his hands and not yours.

Carlos is… Worried. He would let you, of course, but he will still be concerned about you potentially getting hurt. Keep in mind, he is used to hunting others down and dealing with them, but being with you and helping you hunt someone down is quite different. Carlos can be depraved and twisted as a person, so he is worried about you seeing him that way and potentially thinking differently of him.

Dual hunts tend Goku x reader lemon have better outcomes anyway, so he is happy to help you track the scum down and deal with them as desired. I mean… If you want. Honestly, she had no idea you were aware of her… Tendencies… When it came to how she would deal with jealousy.

You are welcome to in if you want and she can show you all the ways her brother has taught her to deal with people permanently. Julie would love to have you her! She can teach you all the ways to bring anyone of any size tumbling down beneath your boot. She may even make it a date-night thing. Hada knows she can do anything you need and she knows she can hold her own in a life or death fight against a bull-shark. Part of her yandere behavior is taking care of you however she can, so letting you go toe to toe with anyone will make her stressed and worried for you.

She wants to protect you, how can she protect you if you want to fight on your own? Especially the romantic ones. Well, I can tell you right now there will be no three ways. If anything, Amira would be the first to back down and leave without a fuss.

Walter raised her in the stead of their absent parents, so she would rather suffer a broken heart than take anything from her brother, friend, and idol. She will take her pain in silence instead. He would never even let on he has any feelings other than approval that his sister is with someone she loves. He will take no chances or opportunities presented to him and he will do all he can to support his little sister. Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

Originally posted by zarbone - He will react in complete surprise at first, because as far as he knew he and Vegeta were the last. Random thought: Platonic yandere zol! My little brother Ryan has been missing for a week. Keep looking! Doodles of my demon oc for Demon Slayer.

Fun facts about this oc; - She has a secondary mouth across her stomach, which she uses to eat men- her primary prey- whole. Anonymous asked: Will your Yandere male ocs can share a darling? Working on a fic for it right now, it should be out soon. Anonymous asked: Amira and Walter fall for the same darling?

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Goku x reader lemon

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