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A of you have been in touch looking for advice relating to the global Coronavirus also known as COVID outbreak. The World Health Organization has declared the Coronavirus outbreak to be a public health emergency of international concern. This means in the first instance that you double your usual doses of glucocorticoid replacement. The government has recently recommended that those at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus should be particular stringent in following social distancing measures.

On the basis of current data, there is no evidence that patients with adrenal insufficiency are at increased risk of contracting COVID In addition, patients with adrenal insufficiency would require additional measures when severely unwell hydrocortisone injection and infusion to avoid an adrenal crisis.

The recently published list of people considered vulnerable includes anyone instructed to get a flu jab as an adult each year on medical grounds as well as all people whose medication includes steroid tablets. Whilst adrenal insufficiency is not specifically mentioned in this guidance, both of these criteria apply to patients with adrenal insufficiency.

Patients with adrenal insufficiency are recommended to have flu vaccinations, as this would not only prevent illness from the flu itself but also reduce complications arising from managing the adrenal insufficiency during severe illness. We would therefore consider patients with adrenal insufficiency part of the group of vulnerable individuals who should, therefore, be particular stringent in following social distancing measures. All patients should follow the usual steroid sick day rules:.

Sick Day Rule 2: Administer glucocorticoids i. Please take care of yourselves! Anyone with severe forms of CAH are recommended to wear a medical ID bracelet or carry a medical card in their wallet like this. Just be smart and safe, everyone. Make sure your emergency contact knows your medical history. Okay but like,I took a cultural perspectives of the deaf course this year and this hits different.

As a hoh person I can confirm that deafness is indeed a disability. It can sometimes be frustrating, scary, and isolating to be deaf. Not everyone shares your beliefs. Everyone has a sexed body that is either male or female. Not everyone has a gender identity. Considering that my body belongs to a nonbinary person, my body is neither male nor female. Not you op even if we throw gender out the window not everyone is strictly male or female?? Intersex fucking exists. Fuck y'all. Guys we have our first male giving birth!!

Also sorry to gays and lesbians and honestly even straights got to get everyone karyotyped now before you date them. Oh that girl??? Nah XY actually a male. Does having elevated androgens within the female but not the male range mean you perceive me, a biological female diagnosed with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia, as a different sex anyway?

We can be, and frequently are, disordered to one sex. What has you confused is the discrepancy between our genotype chromosomes and our Hermaphrodite genitalia tumblr external developmentwhich occurs in less than 0. Even though you seem to be imagining a normal looking man with a vagina who can give birth, instead of the reality, one of only 11 confirmed cases of fertility in female-appearing Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome where the woman has mosaicism.

The child she birthed is sterile, by the way. Their gender identities are not proven by our lack of sex - not only because we still fit either the male or female sex in the human species, but because Hermaphrodite genitalia tumblr is not the same as sex which op forgets their body remains femaleand the majority of trans people do not have an Hermaphrodite genitalia tumblr condition.

This above argument is surprisingly transphobic, too. How do you tell if someone is cis, trans, nonbinary, or none of the above just by looking at them? If bisexuality is redefined as attraction to two genders rather than both sexes, as it always has been, then is everyone bisexual because there is no visible difference between someone who is cis, someone who is genderfluid, someone who is agender, someone who is demigender, and someone who is binary trans but closeted? Among other gender identity possibilities? This narrow definition of bisexual nobody uses excludes Hermaphrodite genitalia tumblr majority of trans people, unlike the actual, everyday, historical, contemporary, universal understanding of sexual orientation which is based in biology instead of postmodern constructions of gender.

Intersex is not a part of the trans umbrella such as transgender or transsexual nor is intersex a form of gender diversity, because intersex is not about gender, or transition. Intersex is about bodies; about congenital physical differences in sex characteristics. Never forget there is more to intersex issues than our overlap with the LGBT. Disability and chronic illness rights activism deserves better visibility. Remember, solidarity is more important than inclusion, especially when that inclusion is tokenism. Male is an observation, not a diagnosis.

Some intersex people have been ased male, but dyadic people are not ased their sex. The sex of most babies, including most intersex ones, are observed. In other cases, asment can be a random deation based on whether the doctor believes the male infant would do better being reased and raised female to avoid shame around underdeveloped genitals, or based on social attitudes surrounding son preference where a family insists a masculinized female should be male. Intersex asment is finalized with nonconsensual surgery on the genitals and internal sex organs, which often leaves the child dependent on HRT to remain healthy, a practice intersex rights groups in Hermaphrodite genitalia tumblr country are organized to ban.

Full text download of the AHRC summary report: Ensuring health and bodily integrity: towards a human rights approach for people born with variations in sex characteristics. The report made 12 recommendations that aim to ensure that only medical interventions that are necessary may occur without the consent of people aged under 18, consistent with international human rights law.

Keep reading. In brief, people born with intersex variations have many different gender identities; Hermaphrodite genitalia tumblr we share in common is being born with atypical and stigmatised sex characteristics that do not meet stereotypical expectations for men or women. The problem for intersex people is that sex asments may not match actual biological sex characteristics or we might be surgically modified in a way that is not freely chosen, to suit societal, medical or familial preferences.

It is our sex characteristics that define us, not our gender identity. But what should it be called if it is two intersex persons? Those, who identify themselfs as intersex not males or females? Although intersex people are male or female in sex depending on our particular DSD, anyone who wants a neutral term may use spouse. They are clearly delusional or lying. This is a common reclamation for younger people caught between the concealment medical model and a hypergendered culture in the last two generations, and relates strongly to how many of us reject terms like trans because intersex experiences exist beyond such binaries.

If someone is reased their sex, finds out decades later the truth of their birth, and seeks to live as they should have without someone else altering the trajectory of their life, is that being trans or cis? Or is that being intersex? Some well known activists like Pigeon Pagonis and Bo Laurent do this to assert their autonomy.

Reach out in kindness and let them work through these feelings, and for those who are dyadic, mind your own business. But also, what does being intersex have to do with gender? Do you understand the difference between sex and gender?

There are more inaccuracies in this. Being intersex is about our health. Would you compare diabetic insulin resistance to freckles? What the hell? Many intersex traits are harmless and others challenge our health and quality of life. Everything in the human body is linked.

Although the facial hair I grow as an intersex woman does not cause a problem on its own, its presence is unnatural, and is a diagnosable symptom hirsutism of a bigger concern. Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia means my body cannot produce adequate levels of the stress hormone cortisol and compensates by increasing androgen production. I do not suffer more than cosmetically for having an excessive amount of facial hair, but the elevated androgens do more than just that.

Cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, t inflammation, mood swings, infertility, etc. Why fight for any of this to be regarded as natural when instead, you could support all people with chronic illnesses and disabilities through improved research and evidence-based treatments?

Posts Ask me anything Archive. If in doubt please contact your endocrine team for advice. This is so wrong how did your even come to this conclusion. Nevermind the bi part. Between the sexes. Intersex Also they cannot be sex specific because you need parts of both to be intersex. Can you fucking Google? It is not even medically that??? Context: We report herein a remarkable family in which the mother of a woman with 46,XY complete gonadal dysgenesis was found to have a 46,X.

Hermaphrodite genitalia tumblr

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