High school dxd tropes

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The series is well-known for mixing fanservice with a compelling story and developed characters. A lot of characters, with many of those based on almost all religions and mythologies. Our hero, Issei Hyoudouis a second-year student at the prestigious mostly-girls school Kuoh Academy. Life is great when he is asked out by a girl named Yuuma Amano. Having never had a girlfriend before, he accepts. The date goes well Luckily, Rias Gremorythe school's beautifulcrimson-haired sweetheart, and high-class Devil finds him and resurrects him to act as her servant Devil and work for her and three other Devil students in the school's Occult Research Club.

The Club soon stumbles upon mysterious plans that threaten to possibly undermine their lives. The anime is d by FUNimation for both subtitles and English dubbing, while the original light novels and the manga adaptation are both d by Yen Press. As of Februarythe anime's first season is also available on Netflix in Europe. Two d games have also been made, one for the Nintendo 3DSbased on the anime's first season, and one free-to-play and digital only for the High school dxd tropes Vitainstead based on the anime's second season.

Unfortunately these two games won't seem to see the light of the day overseas anytime soon. The light novels suddenly ended its run on March 20, with the 25th volume. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an.

This contains unmarked spoilers for the first four story arcs. You Have Been Warned! Tropes A to D. Accidental Pervert : Generally there's nothing accidental about the situations Issei gets caught in, but that time his mom found him sleeping naked next to Rias was totally innocent. Also, when the girl's kendo team catches him next to a hole in the wall of the girl's changing room, he actually hadn't been peeping.

Not that he didn't want to, though. Action Girl : So far, almost all female devils except Asia are pretty good at ass-kicking anyone with either physical or magical attacks. Crosses over with Damsel in Distress much of the time, though, with Defeat by Modesty a major plot point. Actual Pacifist : Asia has absolutely no way to deal damage or hinder enemies in combat. She just has the series most powerful healing ability and later becomes a Stone Wall with her Fafnir armor.

A-Cup Angst : Koneko. It even becomes a plot point in the first OVA: a demon creates a plant that gives girls big breasts. Issei, being the pervert that he High school dxd tropes, actually tries standing up for the monster, thinking that maybe big breasts aren't all bad. Koneko, on the other hand, has a huge Battle Auraand has a gigantic tree trunk over her head, ready to take that thing out. Adaptational Curves : In HeroKoneko, Venelana and Asia are ificantly more buxom than they were in either the light novel, manga or the anime's first three seasons.

In Asia's case, her bust matches her light novel's counterpart. Adaptational Modesty : The manga greatly cuts down the frequency of nipples displayed.

High school dxd tropes

For that matter, breasts are also smaller. The anime swaps this out for a Chainmail Bikini. In a sense with Thanatos. The mythical Thanatos was a Protogenoithe son of Nyx and Erebus and the personification of Death, thus feared by all mortal beings. In the story, he's pretty much reduced to your regular Grim Reaperwith all the things that it entails in-universe. Adaptation Distillation : Subverted with the third anime season, BorN. The season is essentially an adaptation of volumes 5 through 7, just condensed and with some rather major divergences, especially in the second half.

It was one of the major factors for Ichiei Ishibumi writing the EX spin-off light High school dxd tropes, turning the last four episodes of that season into an Alternate Continuity. Adaptation Dye-Job : While Rias's eyes are turquoise in the first three anime seasons, they're colored blue in the the original light novels as well as the fourth anime season.

In the original light novel, Momo Hanakai's hair is colored black. In the anime, her hair is white instead. For the second and third seasons of the anime, Vali's hair color is changed from light silver to dark silver and his eyes change from hazel to blue. In the light novel, Katerea has purple eyes.

High school dxd tropes

The anime, on the other hand, changes her eye color to blue-grey. In BorNMillicas's eye color is changed to blue to match Rias's eye color. His eye color does eventually change back to red in Hero.

High school dxd tropes

Grayfia's eyes, which are red in the light novels, are changed to silver in the anime to match her hair. While Diodora had blond hair in the original light novel series, his hair is dark green in the anime.

High school dxd tropes

Zephyrdor's hair color was originally green in the light novels. His hair is changed to blue in the anime. Adaptation Expansion : In the light novel, the scene where Rias gives Issei 1, spankings as punishment for going behind her back is treated as a brief gag.

In the anime, it's expanded to a full scene where Issei tries to absolve Koneko of any blame, so she won't be punished alongside him. Every anime episode has at least one scene that isn't in the light novels. Some show events that Issei hears about but doesn't witness e. In BorNLoki has a larger role to the point where he curses Issei and Rias, due to a future version of him creating alternate timelines as depicted in EX.

Adaptation Induced Plothole : The anime depicts Rias and the Occult Research Club watching over Issei as he meets Raynare, and Rias ordering them not to approach him despite the danger Raynare possesses, implying she was waiting for Raynare to kill him so she could recruit him into her peerage.

However, the only reason Issei is revived at all is because of a Summoning Crest given to him by Rias' familiar, who was handing them out to people indiscriminately. Him having it is what summoned High school dxd tropes and led to his revival, something that wouldn't be needed if she was watching over him like the anime depicted and was expecting him to die. Furthermore, its made clear that someone doesn't have to die to be recruited into a peerage, as demonstrated by Sona's pawns Saji and Ruruko, and later with Xenovia and Rossweisse, raising the question that if Rias really wanted him to her peerage, why didn't she just ask him upfront?

High school dxd tropes

The anime takes what was a revival by pure chance in the source material and turns it into a case of "Could Have Avoided This! All for Nothing : Kokabiel's attempt to start another Great War fails: the three of the seven Excaliburs he stole are retrieved and sent back to Rome; Kokabiel's plot to kill the Gremory family have been foiled; and on top of that, he ends up being overpowered by Vali and captured by Azazel to be frozen in Cocytus. The Khaos Brigade's efforts to take over High school dxd tropes Underworld and plan to kill Great Red go up in smoke: Katerea is killed by Azazel after her attempts to foil a peace treaty between the Three Factions fail; Creuserey is killed by Sirzechs and Azazel while trying to avenge Katerea; Shalba is overpowered by Issei; the Hero Faction's attempt to transform Yasaka into the Nine-Tailed Fox and summon Great Red are foiled thanks to Sun Wukong and Yu-Long teaming up with Issei to beat them in Kyoto; Shalba's attempt to exact revenge on the Devils le to his death; and the Old Satan Faction is dissolved after their leaders' deaths.

The Alliance : The Christian faction as a whole includes angels, fallen angels, and devils. All Just a Dream : The 2nd special episode where Issei has an erotic dream of Akeno giving him a private lesson. Upon waking up, he finds himself hugging Asia, which prompts an angry response from Rassei. All-Loving Hero : Archangel Michael. He's really deserving of his title. The High school dxd tropes male character who doesn't seem to even be remotely close as a pervert is ironically Vali, his rival.

Heroes such as King Arthur and Cao Cao are featured as well. Telling it to the chief gods of those myths that "they're just myths" isn't exactly going to end well though. All Women Are Lustful : While Issei is well known for his sex drive, there are many, many situations initiated by the girls in which even he is taken aback. Almighty Janitor : Issei himself is this seeing as Rias had to use all 8 of her pawn chess pieces to even have him as a servant. Saji is also this to a lesser degree.

Alternate Continuity : In the backstory for EXLoki breaks out of prison in the future and curses Asia, then goes back in time with the Underworld Lifeforms and causes havoc with the past, resulting in various new timelines, one of which is BorN. To give you an idea, Sona's older sister Serafall Leviathanone of the four demon overlords, shows up cosplaying as a Magical Girl from the Show Within a Show and acting like a young ditzy teen, much to the former's embarrassment.

Rias's father, Zeoticus, also takes some embarrassing footage of her in class, and shows it to Issei's parents during the same arc. And thenjudging from how his parents act No wonder Issei is so perverted. Animation Bump : Deliberately invoked by Passione for the fourth season, Hero. The animation is much more detailed and fluid as opposed to the three seasons or Passione's works. Another Dimension : All rating Games take place in one as well. Cao Cao traps the group in one in Volume 11 as well.

Arbitrary Skepticism : Subverted when Santa and aliens are brought up.

High school dxd tropes

Issei in the former situation and Kiba in the latter briefly sound skeptical before reminding themselves that they live in a world where All Myths Are True. The Armies of Heaven : While they don't exactly do much fighting, the angels do have a large military presence in the series.

Arrogant God vs. Raging Monster : Almost an Enforced Trope. Divine Dividing is the "Arrogant God", capable of stealing half the opponent's power to fuel the wielder's technical skills. Boosted Gear is High school dxd tropes "Raging Monster", doubling the holder's power every ten seconds to obvious effect. Meanwhile Boosted Gear belongs to Issei HyoudouHigh school dxd tropes completely unremarkable human who couldn't even manifest his Sacred Gear until after his First Episode Resurrection.

As the plot wears on, the trope gets examined further. In particular, their fights make Issei realize that having Success Through Insanity is only going to get him out alive so many times, and as soon as he's trained enough brute strength to avoid a Heroic RRoD the first thing he does is start including more technique in his regimen. This makes him exactly as dangerous as it sounds. Art-Shifted Sequel : HERO - the anime adaptation's fourth season - sees a switch from TNK to Passione and with it the art style changed from a sharp, shonen-like art style to an overall softer-looking style that is much more in line with the light novel's original illustrations.

Ishibumi still made it all in one to minimize the hassle. The nature of demons, angels, and all other divine beings have been completely rebuilt to be applicable to a shonen series. Ascended Demon : Subverted with Asia. Even after becoming a devil, she is still very devout and attempts to pray and read the Bible frequently. However, she is always stopped midway by sharp headaches that emerge as a result of devils not being allowed near the presence of God.

She along with Xenovia are eventually allowed to worship freely again after Issei asks Archangel Michael to give them permission post the three factions uniting in peace. Happens with Xenovia as well, even after it is revealed that the original God died in the last war. Authority Equals Asskicking : If you are a leader of a faction, one of the minimum requirements is that you have to kick ass. Back from the Dead : Issei is killed by Raynare, a Fallen Angel, in the first volume, but is revived by Rias as a devil.

Asia is also killed by Raynare at the end of the first volume when the latter steals her Sacred Gear. She too is revived by Rias as a Bishop. This happens to Issei again after being "killed" by Shalba in Volume Badass Adorable : The girls may High school dxd tropes beautiful but most of them are strong enough to easily destroy buildings. Badass Family : The Gremory family. Badass Normal : Sairaorg lacks any special power but trained his body hard enough that he can defeat any of the devils in his generation with ease.

Only Issei can stand up to him among the new generation of devils. Bad Present : The last three episodes of BorN expicitly takes place in an alternate reality thanks to Loki traveling back in time from the future. Bait-and-Switch Lesbians : Most of, if not all the yuri scenes between the girls of the Occult Research Club are done just to get Issei into the mood before the compulsory Moment Killer.

Balanced Harem : For the most part. Rias is the main heroine and Issei's favoritebut he gives a fair share of attention to every member of his harem and openly intends to Marry Them All. Rias is only more equal than the others by virtue of being their King and each relationship gets plenty of focus and development. Barbie Doll Anatomy : In the anime's opening the girls most noticeably Asia have nipples but the crotches of barbie dolls, but early in the manga even Issei lacks nipples, though in the manga the girls use Godiva Hair too.

In Volume 6, when Issei goes on a Roaring Ram of Revenge upon Asia's pd death, Rias realizes that she will have to let Issei poke her nipples in order to save his life from his Deadly Upgrade. Also in Volume 10, when Issei is losing to Sairaorg, Irina le the children in the stadium to cheer for Oppai Dragon by chanting "Oppai" repeatedly. It works.

Volume 11 has Rias transfer power to Issei with her breasts, causing them to shrink, and causing them to melodramatically declare their love for each other, prompting the Occult Research Club to defend the Sickeningly Sweethearts from the Khaos Brigade. Batman Gambit : In Volume 19, everyone figures that the Khaos Brigade would try to attack once the battle with the rogue exorcists started dying down, so they set up countermeasures to shut down their Evil Dragon Mooks and sealed off the area from them pulling a " Villain: Exit, Stage Left ".

Battle Couple : Even after becoming lovers, Issei and Rias can still kick ass. Battle Harem : All of the main female characters in the Occult Research Club are very competent members of the team in battle, and they all eventually become part of Issei's slowly-growing harem though not initially.

Issei gets his wish to get a girlfriend when Raynare asks him out.

High school dxd tropes

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