How to make an estim

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Logout Register. Board index General. I certainly am. I have built a stim cart that rolls around and contains my audio files on a support floor of the cart. The file case is deed to hold 25 audio CD's. The cart has a sloping front. At the center of the single support leg is a junction box that accepts the tens pins and translates the input tens through a terminal strip circuit to more robust cables and alligator clips, the latter so that they can attach easily to any one of my DIY electrodes without fear of damaging the fragile tens pins cables.

The cart stores all my audio files in the lower small floor while the upper shelf stores the EM and the 2B so they are side by side and their individual cables are secured to the junction box. Just below my two Stim Boxes is my MP3 player, And its output to a dual channel plug that talks to the speakers as well as the input to either my EM or my 2B depending on my needs at the time. I deed my cart around the style and scale of the typical oscilloscope cart that one see's in electronics shops. When I sit to stim, everything is within reach and nothing in my lap except the necessary items to relax and stim.

I provide mains power via a power surge protection AC power strip. That said, what I really wanted to talk about is the use of Audacity to make audio stim music. I must say that most of my files are from downlo of the SmartStim site, and they are great. But, I wanted to try the challenge of making my own.

I discovered my "trigger" frequency to be that of I make stereo tracks usually How to make an estim left channel with When I get the tones installed, which is quite easy, I then experiment with either three effects: Phaser, Tremolo, and WahWah. All of course around the trigger frequency of By trigger, of course, I mean that which makes the short arm come to attention.

Anyway, sorry for being so long winded. I wonder though, before I off, if any of you fellow stimmers are using Audacity and are coming up with some good effects?? Let's here from you and your .

How to make an estim

Thanks for listening Healer. Just got a 2B. Well done on finding the perfect frequency - how did you do that, by just producing lots of samples and narrowing it down? Actual music seems to me to be far too random, and probably has too fast a pattern for the 2B to pass on faithfully such that it 'feels' like it sounds. I had far better luck switching to the programs, mainly 'wave' and 'waterfall' on my first foray as they have very smooth, noticeable transitions from low to high power. One other idea I had was to put it along side an music track - the output of which is only actually used for listening, but it is in sync, so for instance the pattern develops into a different, and possibly louder, one, during the chorus, for instance.

Obviously the cycle of the pattern could also match the BPM of the song. Does this have a better term other than what I am calling the How to make an estim of the pattern? One thing I wondered, is that playing a constant tone in Audacity doesn't seem to feel the same as the constant program mode. What sort of shape of sound wave would cause the 2B to produce a constant-like output? I measured the frequency while in the tri-phase mode. The thrust output was lingering around I set up stereo tracks so I could give one track Anyway, I use phaser, with each track but with offset start frequencies.

I build a 10 minute audio that is broken into 2 minute increments. It is in these increments that I will experiment with the varying frequencies and effects.

How to make an estim

My 2b is still at 2. I have not experienced any degradation from the 2b circuitry that suggests it is not playing the audacity with fidelity. I play my audacity audio on my EM and although it is a single channel estim box, I get great effects by virtue of the source combined al of the EM and the audacity.

Try using the tutorials for audacity. One thing to try alsois creating silence. This is an old idea I got from Smartstim. When I find the web and title I will send the instructions to you.

How to make an estim

They are a bit complex but nothing that cannot be learned via repetition. Silence method gives you a nice pulse that is not spiky. G'day Healer. What is the difference between a wave form that is a sine wave, and one that looks like a square wave with jagged tops and bottoms?

How do you generate the latter, and is it any better? I'd post a pic but I don't think you're allowed! Basically music is too fast, and interestingly most music doesn't actually keep a mathematically perfect beat over the course of a whole song. It might sound it to a musician, but it's not in perfect time according to Audacity. I've had a play with some existing downloaded tracks, very enjoyable - but interesting - still learning and getting the hang of them. Any idea what I'm doing wrong here - should I have the ipod volume higher maybe and the gain lower, or the other way round?

What I'm going to focus on is trying to take bits from, or create new bits similar to, existing tracks that I like, and combine them. I am going to make 'snippets', e. That's all a square wave is is harmonics.

How to make an estim

Hence you will get some interesting tingles more than in a sine wave. I tried square wave but wasn't all that impressed and so have stayed within the realm of sine wave. I use my 2b with both channels sync'd. I then bring up the gain on the audio player and eye-ball the gain on the 2b screen to get the bars as equal as possible considering differences in left and right channel.

Once I am satisfied with the bars, I then turn up the 2b gain to a tingle and then more until I get to a pleasurable output. I judge the by my cock stiffening and the corona filling in the corona electrode. One of my main goals is to soften the stereo als. The smartstim downlo that I have are some smooth and some not. But, they are also higher in frequency that is out of my trigger zone and so I want to create the same smoothness as smartstims audio but in my "trigger frequency" zone. As an aside, I sent you a PM and am not sure you got it.

It was about creating prostate stimulation waveforms with Audacity. This How to make an estim can be found at the smartstim site. I am guessing you have registered at smartstim. The search will take you to How to make an estim six or so subjects. The one you want to open is by "smallhorse" circa "Sun Aug 30 I printed out the instructions a year ago and am using them now to create the audio for my trigger zone.

I tried the prostate stim using his frequencies and it was quite pleasant. Now, instead of the prostate, I am using the "silence" technique to create the trigger frequencies of If you haven't registered at Smartstim you should because it is a great overall site to learn all the multi-faceted aspects of stimming.

Meanwhile, enjoy exploring Audacity, Regards, Healer. In the Audacity On-line Help it talks about losing quality twice during encoding if I import an mp3 into Audacity, edit in Audacity, then export back out to a new mp3. Is this an issue? What is the best setting for all these Audacity options when exporting an E-Stim file? Re: Creating Audio ESTIM Post by hedonist » Sun Jan 17, pm I don't know, but my understanding of how compression would lead me to think not so much with a fairly regular audio like an estim file as with sound or music.

You might lose a bit of subtlety around the changes in frequency but the actual tones would I suspect be largely unchanged. The point of MP3 being an audio specific compression algorithm is it only chooses bits to lose that don't matter as much to the quality.

Think about if you were wanting to describe to me that you wanted a tone of 1khz for 1s: wav would ostensibly require 44, bytes, but if you were to describe to me what you wanted you would only need 4 bytes to do so and the wav would be perfect.

I might be talking bollocks here but that's my guess. Board index All times are UTC.

How to make an estim

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