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Is the resident evil comunity alive? If, so I am taking 10 requests Jack and jill tumblr letters from your favorite Creepypasta kinda like a matchup but I write a letter to you as the Pasta. Can be any gender, can be platonic or romantic, can include any situation in particular if wanted just no smut and nothing inappropriate. Just send specifications and the letter shall be written! It was another interesting day of watching my girlfriend train with Shuichi and Himiko. She had asked if you wanted to her training, but I declined to focus on your talent, the Ultimate Painter.

I watched her training and how graceful she moved when dropping Shuichi and petting Himiko occasionally. I whipped out a canvas with paint and watched her beauty train, painting an image Jack and jill tumblr her. Tenko seemed to finish training as well since she came over to me. I entered my dorm and tried adding anything that could make the piece any better than it already was. That didn't stop me from hanging out with Tenko. The time finally came for Christmas and Tenko had come over to my dorm so we could celebrate it together. I tried to capture the beauty of Tenko when she was doing something she loved.

The end result was good since I spent a few days perfecting it. Based on her reaction and what she was about to say, I was sweating buckets if she enjoyed it or not. She wrapped her arms around my neck, knocking me over and she leaned on top of me. Our faces had a hint of blush on it. Drawing her when she was doing something she loves was easier than trying to get her to model since she gets distracted way too easily.

So, seeing her perform for the first and second years was an amazing experience. I was backstage and had a great view of Ibuki as she played. As I started painting, Ibuki would give quick glances towards me and have the biggest smile when she met my eyes. After the concert ended, I put a cloth over the painting as she approached me. Maybe an hour went by before I heard my dorm bell ring. I shouted that it was open and I saw Ibuki walk in. Ibuki kicked down the door and held a giant present. I had finished adding any additional details for my painting. Causing me to giggle at her reaction.

I started unwrapping it and found it very adorable.

Jack and jill tumblr

I hugged Ibuki who took it upon herself to sit on my lap. Now I have two adorable creatures on me. Assassins are fine with me, but seeing someone be assassinated in front of you was a different subject which is why I decided not to paint my girlfriend during her job. What I did know she liked was walks on the lake shore.

So what better way to find her at her best than doing something she likes, walking lol. How do I find a pleasant lake with Monokuma trapping us here. I waited until it was night time before sneaking into her room. I found her sleeping and snuck up to her with the heet. I lifted the heet and was about to put it on her head when her arm gripped my arm. Nearly breaking it, she shot up and looked over to me. While she hugged me, I used one arm to reach for the heet. We spent who knows how long inside there, but we enjoyed each other's company the entire time.

After we left, it was still night time and I headed straight for my lab to paint from memory. I spent the night getting the Jack and jill tumblr first. Maki has modeled for me before, but I wanted to keep this a surprise. I ended up regretting waking Maki up since she woke up not in the best mood which I was made to deal with.

Christmas day arrived and I added the finishing touches. I was getting everything ready in my dorm when I heard knocking. I opened the door and Maki stood there with a present. Maki reached for my hand and used her other hand to caress my cheek, making me look at her. She brought her face closer to mine and our lips we brought together. Kissing each other Jack and jill tumblr lasted for a few moments before we ended up cuddling that night. Homicidal Liu- Demon Slayer Tanjiro and Nezuko sibling relationship reminds him of Jeff and him when they were little.

Jason the Toymaker- Taco Bell you know what happens after eating taco bell, sometimes he be sweating after he eat taco bell. Laughing Jill- Baskin Robbins one time she got ice cream and LJ drop the ice cream on accident and she started crying. View Full. I did this again. Daily dangan doodle 12 Wonky Genocide Jack doodles. Jessicka of Jack off Jill. I only write about the ones that speak to me in some way, usually directors… View On WordPress. Drawing a Beauty Part. I set up a small tree and a few more decorations to at least resemble Christmas.

I was pleasantly surprised by what she bought me. Both of us blushing now. I let out the biggest sigh of relief ever. She moved her face and looked me straight in the eyes. The make out session lasted for a while before we both needed to catch our breaths. Tenko nuzzled her face into my neck and her grip around me tightened. Best Christmas Ever. What an interesting family this has become. She left her mark all over you.

Jack and jill tumblr

Maki Assassins are fine with me, but seeing someone be assassinated in front of you was a different subject which is why I decided not to paint my girlfriend during her job. I ran into her lab as I interrupted whatever sex play she was doing with Keebo.

Jack and jill tumblr

She looked rather annoyed. I proceed to explain my idea and how I wanted to create a portrait of Maki for Chrismtas. Sounds stupid. She looked back to see it being true.

Jack and jill tumblr

Slowly, slowly. I could have asked her to put it on, but outsmarting her would have been more interesting. I quickly looked over at her who still moved, but had the heet on now. When I entered, I saw Maki looking at the sunrise. It worked, thank you Miu. I walked over and took her hand, I could feel the warmth of her hands surprisingly. It was a scarf with a pretty de on it. I leaned forward, kissing her on the cheek. Her face went red as I gave her her gift.

She opened it rather carefully. She went silent as she stared at it. I started sweating slightly. I sighed upon hearing that. Smiley- Dr. Show More.

Jack and jill tumblr

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