Jameson parker shirtless

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He sits in the trailer parked outside Stage 26, rewarding his new dog, Max, with a biscuit and a gentle rub. A few feet away sits his wife at a lunch table. Jameson Parker is watching her bite into a pita bread sandwich that he could not finish. He has about him the aura of surrender. The golden hair is rumpled; the blue eyes are drooping and the lower lip is pouting. Staring at his wife as she finishes his sandwich, Parker looks like a terribly naughty but handsome young child ordered to take a rest from playing.

Boy, I just walked into that one. Parker about her leading-man husband. Jameson Parker is hard to predict, but his wife can pretty much predict him. He is shy and serious. He is witty, sardonic and something of a paradox.

Jameson parker shirtless

He loves both books and guns; he is equally at home boxing or baking bread. But mostly, Jameson Parker has definite ideas on certain topics — on being a man, role-playing, ethics, sensuality, and the death penalty — and he has no qualms whatsoever about stating them frankly. The son of a high-ranking state department diplomat his father and a writer of short stories Mrs.

His own personal diplomacy, however, has proved over the years to have dangerous elements, although it has never been cunning or ruthless. Yet everybody liked him despite his foolish deeds, or perhaps because of them. When he spoke his mind, he usually stuck with his opinion and did not back down. He remains this way today. He has a reputation, for example, of being a rebel, and an eloquent and harsh critic.

Jameson parker shirtless

He neither likes nor approaches the Hollywood party scene, and when a script that is undernourished falls in his hands, he anxiously calls attention to its faults and needs. Sometimes too anxiously. Tom Selleck once made the comment that writers are not out there to sabotage his career. The bones in one arm were crushed by a machine when he was four. Things got further complicated when and messy when Parker broke a vertebra in his back.

I made every mistake in the book. Some were both. I see a chiropractor and a masseuse. I am in constant discomfort interrupted by intermittent bursts of sharp pain.

Jameson parker shirtless

He called his mother to tell her that a messenger from the studio would be by her house to pick them up. There was a long pause o n the other end of the line. Jameson Parker agrees. With the values that my family instilled in me about having one ethic for all occasions — that being the one constant — I never thought of myself as handsome. Jameson Parker was 18 when he first suspected my might be considered handsome. I was coming back from soccer practice all sweaty, slinging my cleats over my back. It was a completely innocent reaction. I turned around, and there was no one else in the quad.

I was I walked back home, flying. I went to look in the mirror. I looked like Gregory Peck! It was not something available to me to use while growing up. On the subject of hunks, the actor turns philosophical, while his wife becomes whimsical. One notable exception is Tom Selleck, a man form whom I have infinite respect. He has such a casual way with it. The nurses were having fits. But she also remembers the logic behind her choice.

There was a time when the writers and producers of his top-rated series would call Bonnie and Jameson parker shirtless her if she thought Jameson would take his shirt off for some scenes. I was once hired to take a boat from Massachusetts to a northern port in Maine. Well, the ocean in the early part of June there…well, I knew it was going to hurt, but I plunged.

But after knowing them better, certain degrees of wit and charm and intelligence and sexiness reveal themselves, when you see them as who they are. The women who attract him, he confesses, are strong, intelligent people. Opposites attract, of course. When I get angry, I get quiet. He explodes laughing. For play, he really Jameson parker shirtless blonds to look at. It's the head shot with the blue background on this. No, there are no nude pictures.

After reading excerpts from the article as printed here, you can probably understand why. In Parker's family, you see, they valued the mind.

Jameson parker shirtless

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