Kailyn lowry nipples

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I'm usually not one to think unflattering clothes are all that funny but omg Remember the early days of the Real World and the Challenge on MTV when all hell would Kailyn lowry nipples loose if someone got drunk and started throwing punches because MTV had that rule that they would kick you off the show if you got physical with a fellow cast member? Yeah, maybe it is time to bring back that ruleMTV because this is all getting ridiculous. We could get rid of Amber, Kail and Briana in one swoop if they brought that rule back.

That rule was SO inconsistent though. Very frustrating. For example, Ayanna hit Christian on Extreme Challenge, and Las Vegas Steven slapped RR Shane on another challenge, and both times, even though the victim was frantically pleading with the production crew to let it go, the producers said hands tied, rules are rules. And on a more recent challenge, a fight broke out between cast members, and Teege just gave everyone a warning think it was RW Tony and his brother or cousin. Didn't Buck get kicked off Real World Season 1?

I would love to see Kanal's surprise if they called her bluff and sent her home. Too bad that will never happen. It was Puck and he was kicked out of the house on season 3, the San Francisco season. He was so disgusting. The Kail and Brianna saga has me on siding with Brianna. Kail was looking for a fight, she instigated a fight, she used the word 'ratchet' on the only person of colour there and she has a history of using racial slurs and there are people who are viewing her as a victim.

Javi moved on a long time ago and has been fairly silent since then. I think the new girl is actually good for him, since he hasn't been around. Kail wanted drama and Brianna responded. The fight isn't even about Javi and I don't think he cares. Kail loves it though. You know she does. Oh, I think Javi loves it. He felt emasculated by his ex-wife, who cheated on him and treated him like crap.

Now he's basically got two women fighting over him. He's on cloud 9. I don't side with Kail, but I absolutely think Bri was looking for a fight. She told Leah about the vacation plans on purpose, knowing it would get back to Kail. Then she struts around thinking she's all hot, trying to get under Kail's skin. The problem I have with Kailyn lowry nipples narrative is that Bri told Leah this at the last reunion, which was ages ago. For Kail to be so huffy and puffy about a relationship that has since failed and to talk about throwing hands or wanting to fight Bri is immature nonsense.

Brianna was looking for a fight too, but Kail is the one who instigated the entire thing. She can use this to threaten to leave TM2 if they don't fire Bri. She's already doing this, which tells me that she planned this entire thing. Both of them are idiots, but I find Kail a bit more calculating than Brianna.

Kailyn lowry nipples

Kail hates any girl that her ex is with. She hated the 'hood rat' Vee and she now hates 'ratchet' Brianna. The only difference is that Javi is no longer with Brianna, so Kail's hatred of her makes no sense. It's been like a year since this all happened, why are they fighting? It just makes no sense to me. I didn't think it was last year's reunion when the Disney trip was planned. It was when they were filming that NY special?

Kailyn lowry nipples

I don't know, maybe I have my dates turned around. But I do know they went to Disney in Oct, so it wasn't a year ago.

Kailyn lowry nipples

And I still think Bri told Leah with the intention of it getting back to Kail. They're still fighting because nothing ever came of it the first time. I guess I just think it takes two to tango, and I don't see Kail as instigating it more. She's more obvious with her Hulk-ish ways, but I definitely think Bri has her own agenda.

I don't think these two are fighting over Javi anymore. I think they're fighting out of a general antipathy for each other. I mean, they're both pretty disgusting, despicable people.

Kailyn lowry nipples

They'll fight over who is the bigger bitch, who is the classier bitch, who has better shoes What's going to be interesting is what happens when they get Brianna away from the other two in the Coven and see if she's still running her fool mouth. We already know Kail doesn't need muscle behind her to talk big, but I doubt Brianna will say so much as "Boo" if her sister and mother aren't in the room. I was watching that Julia Roberts' film last night "Sleeping with the Enemy", and the scene where she is in the theater wearing the hooped clown pants reminded me of Kanal:.

Yeah, you posted this to show off the couch. By the way, get your dirty street shoes off of it. Why does she want a couch that looks like Walt Disney vomited Kailyn lowry nipples over it? Between that thing and her striped pants, she may want to have her house checked out for toxic chemicals. She must be breathing in some strange fumes. You're probably right, but I'm sure that doesn't prevent Javi from deluding himself that they're fighting over him. I liked her striped pants and tank top combo.

I could do without the nips because bras are our friends when you go on TV. But the pants flowed over her surgically enhanced curves instead of her usual skintight outfits that highlight her lumps. I thought she looked almost sophisticated. LBSI agree that the cut is flattering, but the stripes are a monstrosity. A solid color or small pattern would have been much better. LBS I think if the pants were a dark color such as black, they would have looked better on Kail's body.

Stripes do Kailyn lowry nipples work with Kail's body type. My bookmark was on 89! I heard something about her getting beat up, which brought me to this thread after so long away Those striped pants are not her friend. That is my theory.

Javi is an asshole, but he has more credibility than Kanal who is a liar, liar pants on fire and stripes. Thanks Mkay that was interesting!

Kailyn lowry nipples

Elastic is the only way she can get the pants past her ass. And she did that on purpose so that's on her not nature. He's like a less violent Jenelle with the nonstop "commitments" to random people. I used to feel bad for him, but no more. As we say around here And for Javi, only giving a promise ring and Kailyn lowry nipples an engagement ring, seems like a diss at Briana somehow considering how desperate he has seemed. Or Roxanne Exactly what I thought! Yes Mkay the aftershow. Damn it I didnt record it. That said, I want to see the receipts - produce an Ambien prescription.

I had to stop taking it after I punched my father for snoring and tried to operate a motor vehicle. Oh, I am aware of those things happening under meds. Kanal is not one of them. She is an abuser. I am sure she acted as if she was asleep.

Kailyn lowry nipples

Something ticked her off and she strangled him. I'm of two minds about this. The first is, shut the fuck up about your first world problems. On the other hand Bonus points if she got flagged by security and had to be wanded in front of everyone. Whatever, Kail. She never goes anywhere without two sycophants in tow, so it's not like she's ever wrangling three kids plus luggage on her own. For most single mothers "real life" doesn't consist of half a dozen luxury vacations every year. Watching security call in back up when they try to figure out what it is Kanal is smuggling in her pants.

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Kailyn lowry nipples

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Kailyn lowry nipples

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