Lady gaga before and after plastic surgery

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I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification. That's a quote from Stefani Germanotta, a. Lady Gaga, in a interview with Harper's Bazaar. How interesting to put that kind of statement out there, when the photo evidence says otherwise!

The thing is, her wardrobe is so outrageous that you don't really notice the changes to her face over the years.

Lady gaga before and after plastic surgery

Unlike other celebs, who have to rely on makeup and haircuts to distract people from their enhancements, Gaga's always been known for her outlandish costumes. It also makes it much harder to see what's changed when half the time, she's going around like this:.

Yep, those are face horns, and she insisted they were natural. Clearly, nothing she says on this subject can be trusted! This is Lady Gaga when she was still Stefani, at a high school semi-formal. You'd never guess that she was about to become a pop icon just a few years later! Byshe was starting Lady gaga before and after plastic surgery music career and had a Katy Perry-meets-Ashlee-Simpson thing going on. Apparently, this was THE look for aspiring female musicians back then. But since the others already had this style locked down, Stefani decided to transform into Lady Gaga.

Every pop star needs a gimmick, right? Ah, that's more like the Lady Gaga we know! This shot really gives you a good look at her natural nose and lips. Her skin is also super-tanned at this point. I think she later had cosmetic dental work done, as there's a bit of unevenness at the bottom of her two front teeth.

Not that you'd notice with those lashes! Remember this Little Red Riding Hood costume? Also, take a good, long look at her nose, because things are about to change. ByGaga's nose was looking a little narrower. Could be the angle, or it could be her first procedure. She's still working the fake tan and heavy lashes. Aside from those, I actually liked this era—her style was so fun back then! Things took a turn for the theatrical starting in The hair is a wig, of course, and Gaga is wearing so much makeup that we can't really tell what has changed—if anything—about her face.

Her one eyebrow is doing that "Spocking" thing, which is usually from Botox, but maybe it's just makeup. She was only 24 at this time. Here we get to see the side profile of her nose, which looks so similar to There's even the same little bump! So if she did already have cosmetic work, it was super-subtle and customized. Possibly even NON-surgical with injectionswhich would explain why the shape keeps changing. But then, Lady Gaga went MIA for a while, disappearing from the public eye, only to emerge a year later It's a whole new Lady Gaga!

A pretty Gaga. The darker hair colour and sophisticated makeup give her a dramatic new look The next shot indicates yes Look at her profile.

Lady gaga before and after plastic surgery

The bump is gone, and her nose is perfectly straight now! Again, this could be a nose job. But it is also possible to achieve temporary like this with injections. From the front, Lady Gaga also looks different as well. Amazing skin, first of all—you really notice that with the contrast of the dark wig, and without the fake tan.

Lady gaga before and after plastic surgery

The tip of her nose looks definitely looks more refined, and her eyes are more open although that could simply be from not having false lashes on. Wait—is this Heidi Montag? Suddenly, Gaga is platinum blonde, with what could be filler in her cheeks and possibly lips. If she was going for a 'Girls Next Door' look, she succeeded! In this picture, it's also very evident that she has a tinier nose.

I could even make a case for a chin implant or filler, since that area is now protruding. Lady Gaga adopted a sophisticated identity for This chignon and soft makeup are such a departure for her! Look closely at her brows, and you'll notice that they have an unnatural lift at the outer edges. Botox or just makeup?

Lady gaga before and after plastic surgery

One of my favourite looks is this grey hair and green eyeshadow combo fromwhen Lady Gaga was Her style is still "out there," but it has an elegance that wasn't there before, you know? Notice how petite her nose looks now, and how her teeth are whiter and more straight. The following year saw Lady Gaga go through a Marilyn Monroe-esque phase, often wearing her platinum blonde in vintage waves. Her skin is SO perfect! Again, I think there's probably filler in her cheeks, making her face look quite sculpted. The same goes for her nose.

Gaga's style has been more relaxed lately—I like it! Here, the dark brows and messy hair give her a whole new vibe, and her features have a nice balance thanks to the nose work. So was she 'Born This Way? The evidence is clear—at minimum, Lady Gaga has had cosmetic work on her nose. McCoy Moretz told Hollywood Life. The Botox can be used to lift the tip of the nose, and the fillers can be used to smooth irregular contours. Overall, her nose looks better. But that's not all. This could have been done with fillers. Her cheeks also look fuller, which could be the result of fillers as well. Overall, I think she looks better than before.

Lady gaga before and after plastic surgery

So Gaga might actually be telling the truth when she says that she's never had plastic surgery. But injectables that change your facial features still aren't what you'd expect from a guru for "self-acceptance. How do you feel about Lady Gaga's beauty evolution? Which of these looks is your favourite? What "beauty work" do you think she's had done? The beauty evolution of the 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star.

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Lady gaga before and after plastic surgery

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