Lesbian jokes tumblr

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When Peter opened the door, the last thing he was expecting was to see Tony Stark standing there. Tony Stark was the shitstain of a parent Morgan had unfortunately been sacked with. Dear God. Keep reading. The original text for this update is pulled from the ao3 post on Sweeter Than Sugar I made.

This original is here in order to both update those on tumblr and so I have a physical record that can not be tampered with as proof of my words on the subject. This post is fine to reblog if you feel the need to spread it but I stand firmly behind no hate being sent to anyone involved whether or not they were named here. Anyone vying for a fight will be blocked.

Lesbian jokes tumblr

Originally posted by thelannisteroftarth. This is my geraskierholidayexchange gift for prettyboy-parker! I went with your first prompt: Modern! AU Geralt is a single dad and Jaskier works at the local animal shelter. Ciri notices and makes her dad talk Lesbian jokes tumblr him. I did take the small liberty of changing the scene from an animal shelter to the wildlife rescue in a park, but hopefully it still fits the bill. Summary: When Geralt brings the wounded but still breathing skunk that Ciri hit with their trunk into the park services building, he finally meets Jaskier, the new vet tech that started there a few weeks ago.

Jaskier decides to keep the sometimes smelly, ornery, monochrome sweetheart. Oh, and he takes care of the skunk too. CW: An animal gets hurt in this. It is by accident and the person who hurts the animal is very sorry and ensures that the animal receives proper care. The animal makes a full recovery.

Lesbian jokes tumblr

There is talk, before they know the animal is going to be fine, of potentially euthanizing it to put it out of its misery. Posts ask Masterlist Archive. Heyoooo everyone! Still on hiatus but slowly making art this year! Title: Animal Attraction T, 6.

Read on AO3. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier —. See this in the app Show more.

Lesbian jokes tumblr Lesbian jokes tumblr

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i'm the gay cousin — me: yeah, i just don't understand the u-haul