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LiteralTrash I see what you mean. There's something sorta like that in this chapter, funnily enough. Anonymous Definitely Luna's text. Guest: I knew a girl with blonde hair and green eyes in high school. Never talked to her, but she still told her friends that I was a "creepy emo kid" lol. When Lori heard that Carol had come over looking for her, she groaned, knowing that it was about what Lola had said online. Dang it, Lola, Lori thought as she went up the stairs to confront her rival.

She expected to find Carol waiting in her room or somewhere like that, so imagine Lori's surprise when the bathroom door opened and a wall of Lincoln x lucy fanfiction poured out into the hallway, from which Carol emerged like Aphrodite out of the foam of the sea. In my house? Carol smirked, her eyes half-lidded. She used the towel draped around her shoulders to dry her hair.

Lori watched enviously as it took on its long, perfect form without any need for combing. How she managed to do that, Lori would never know. So I used your shower. I hope you don't mind. Carol rolled her eyes.

It was the same kind of eye-rolling you do when you're dealing with an especially stupid .

Lincoln x lucy fanfiction

Lori didn't appreciate it at all. The only thing that kept her from balling her fists and punching her classmate out was Carol saying, "I talked to your brother, Lincoln. He's such a nice young man. As polite as he is handsome. Anyway, he made me realize how stupid our fight is. I mean, we're supposed to be friends, Lori. I don't see why we have to be fighting. Carol threw out her arms and wrapped them around a confused Lori. She hugged her tightly, but Lori didn't return it. She couldn't have, even if she wanted to. She was paralyzed Lincoln x lucy fanfiction confusion.

What's going on? What did Lincoln say to her that made her flip ? And why is Carol using my towels? Blue is so not her color. Makes her look exactly like me. Carol pulled back so she could look into Lori's eyes. Her confidence wavered momentarily, allowing a shy blush to spread across her face. She looked fondly at the girl she had renewed her friendship with. Glad that little twerp was able to say something right for once. Lori chose to ignore the huskiness of her tone. The two friends started walking down the stairs, their companionship renewed. That, of course, called for a selfie.

As the two teens went outside in search of the perfect lighting even though Carol was still in a towel, wtf? Despite everything, he couldn't help but smile at the relationship he had helped fix. His thinking was interrupted by a violent, hacking fit that ripped through his being. Lincoln fell over on the ground, putting his hands to his chest and clutching his shirt desperately.

He could feel a murmur in his chest — that wasn't good news, he knew. It was even worse when he started coughing again.

Lincoln x lucy fanfiction

His hands flew to his mouth to cover it, and when he removed them, he found phlegm and blood staining his palms. As he stared at his trembling hands in horror, he lost his footing on the stairs. Luckily, he hadn't been that high up; if he had been just a few steps higher…. This is bad, Lincoln thought, too weak to speak. He could feel his chest heaving as he swallowed large gulps of air. His heard was pounding, but it pounded weakly. He was on his last legs of life, and it would only be a matter of time before those legs gave in. Maybe it won't be that bad to die.

I mean, there's Heaven when you die. Who doesn't want to go to Heaven? Everyone wants to go to Heaven. Unless you're a devil-worshiper. Wait… is Hell the devil-worshipers' Heaven? He heard footsteps approaching, so he titled his head just enough to see that it was Lucy.

Lincoln x lucy fanfiction

Oh good, he could ask one of them directly. His sister was visibly confused. Almost as much as she was visibly worried. She knelt down on the ground. The hairs at the top of Lincoln's head brushed across her kneecaps. The goth leaned forward and pressed her fingers into Lincoln's neck, nodding as she felt his pulse. He was still alive… that was good. He still had a chance. Lucy nodded.

Lincoln x lucy fanfiction

It's called the Castitas spell. I-I have most of the things I need for it, but… sigh, I don't have everything. Luckily, Haiku says she has it, and Silas promised he'd get it from her and bring it to me. Lincoln almost asked why Haiku couldn't just deliver it herself, but realized pretty quickly why: because of him. Because of his curse. It was in its final stages, and Lucy didn't want to risk being a girl over. But honestly, what could she even do to fight against it? She knew that she had underestimated how much sway and power a curse could hold over people, and she was kicking herself for it.

It was a curse ; a fundamentally supernatural force that couldn't be fought against with something as flippant as a preteen's willpower. Lincoln could have the strongest will in the world, and it wouldn't have stopped him from fucking his way into an early grave. He could've locked himself in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean, and the curse Lincoln x lucy fanfiction probably bring mermaids over. There was only one way to fight something supernatural, and that was to use the supernatural against it in turn. If she were a priest, she could've handled it easily with a bottle of holy water, but she wasn't a priest, nor was she a rabbi or an imam or a monk.

She was a witch, so witchcraft would be her weapon. The thought made her smile darkly. It didn't really occur to her that what she had done to her brother was witchcraft, and that she was a fully-fledged witch now. She was following in her Great Grandma Harriet's footsteps at long last. But looking down at her pale, weak brother, with blood flowing from his left nostril… she really had to question if it was even worth it. If this was what magic did to the people she loved, should she even continue studying it?

Lincoln x lucy fanfiction

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