Luke benward gay

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He has two younger sisters. He is also the grandson of Contemporary Christian music artist Jeoffrey Benward. He was in a relationship with Olivia Holt. He is said to have dated actress Georgie Henley from to and Indah Winsome. He is single.

He played the role of Dillon in Ravenswood and also played the role of Will Cloud in the film Cloud 9 He was ed In-Crowd Productions, whose collective credits include India. Monster, the love interest of Skylar Lewis. After the breakup, they hug. Benward was cast as Jack Stronga frat boy infatuated with Deanna in the American comedy film Life of the Party.

He has a weak stomach and vomits easily. She assures him that he will make friends and everything will be okay. Thor was a recurring character in Season 3 who gets caught in a love triangle with Nikki and Francesca. Although he did not reveal his current salary, he must be earning a good amount from the films he has appeared in. His net worth is still under review. Tweets by lukebenward. Dumplin out now and it got me all smiles. Cloud 9 premiered to 5 million viewers, easily making it the 1 show on cable for the night. We got the chance to speak with Luke about his dark and shocking role in Ravenswood, his role on Cloud 9, and the twists and turns that viewers can expect in the season finale of the spooky ABC Family series.

Pop City Life: What interested you in the role Luke benward gay Dillon? Are you a fan of the supernatural elements? It is the kind of show that can have many twists and turns.

Luke benward gay

I had always wanted to play the bad guy. There have been many twists with Dillon since he was introduced.

Luke benward gay

What would you say is motivating his secretive actions? He is fighting for his life just like all the RWs. I think that he just got mixed in with the wrong side. What can you tease about Dillon working with the mysterious little girl in the red coat?

With the season finale approaching, will viewers understand his connection to the pact? Luke: They will.

Luke benward gay

Get ready cause the last episode is a crazy one. Do you have any fun memories from the set? We all have a blast together and everyone is very professional. Honestly, people will freak. I think it was absolutely brilliant to do a spinoff of a successful show like Pretty Little Liars, not only because of how massive the show is but because of how loyal their fan base is.

I feel very thankful to have those fans behind us and supporting the show. Can you tell us a little about your character? He was once the next up and coming snowboarder until he had a career-ending injury that put him out of the snowboarding world. Did you have a background in snowboarding before you got the role or was some training necessary? Luke: Yes, a little bit! My family and I had gone to Colorado for a few years prior to Cloud 9 for a cancer research benefit and I learned there. Cloud 9 reminds me Luke benward gay the great Disney Channel sports movies that were aired when I was growing up.

I loved when athletes would get involved. The movie was co-produced by Ashley Tisdale and Shaun White. Did you get to work with them at all? Luke: YES! Shaun ed off as a producer after filming was done to focus on the Winter Olympics, but I did get to work with Ashley a bit and she is a sweetie!

I absolutely loved her and her producing partner, Jessica, who is a rock star. What did you enjoy about each place? Luke: Of course! With both casts, we all became very tight-knit, but they were two very different places. What else are you working on? What can your fans look forward to from you next?

Luke benward gay

Luke: Thanks! I have a film coming out in a limited theatre release called Field of Lost Shoes, which I am excited for people to see. Keep an eye out for me! This Article is produced by InformationCradle Editorial Staff which is a team of expert writers and editors led by Josphat Gachie and trusted by millions of readers worldwide.

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Luke benward gay

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Luke benward gay

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