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Anonymous asked: Do you know of many good "male body type" charts out there? I could link you to a couple of male body types, but in truth, it would only encompass a certain set of people. And as you say yourself: There are many many more body types than those typically depicted in these charts. Charts describe certain shapes, often to be used when manufacturing clothes or otherwise deing a products factory lineup. Now, a chart like this is commonly found. Instead - I recommend you just look up the body you want to reference, either by weight contra height tags or by descriptive tags. Otherwise, a wide fanning search for the body type you want to see variations of can also yield some good.

Mesomorph, ectomorph, endomorph. Not just because there are literally millions of variations of types sitting on that spectrum, but also because there are individuals who deviate from such a chart like, for an example - a person with gynoid fat distribution patterns having android muscle definition or the likes.

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Male body art tumblr

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