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In my opinion, the whole premise of a successful FLR relationship hinges on one aspect. If you take away just one thing from these s, then let it be this: The single most important tool at your disposal to keep the male motivated is controlling his orgasms and erections. In fact, the very idea of living in a relationship where he pampers you as much as I have described in articles, and forsakes so much for himself, probably came into his mind after an unusually long period of not orgasming, for whatever reason. His desire to please you is closely linked with his sexual energy level.

So what does controlling his orgasms mean? Well, it means that you should limit his orgasms to build up sexual energy, which should go hand in hand with near-daily sexually charged activities - a combination that is commonly known as tease and denial. These Male chastity belt tumblr ensure he is always on his best behavior, and eager to please and serve your needs.

And make no mistake, his desire to please you is closely linked to sex. For every day that goes by without an orgasm, especially if you tease him on a regular basis, his sexual energy will build up and so will his motivation to please you. After that, I gently eased him into serving my needs again. After a few days of doing that, he was ready for anything and wanted nothing more than to please me.

So how long should he go? Again, this is highly individual. I recommend at least three weeks and no more than three months. Maybe a few hours, but you should instill in him a feeling that his need for Male chastity belt tumblr tension to function properly is his problem, not yours.

If you deny him orgasms, his pressure will build all of itself. But in the long run he may lose interest in the whole arrangement if you only deny him and use him to serve your needs, without making it sexually attractive to him. You need to keep him mentally stimulated, in addition to the sheer physical tension that comes from denying him. The way to do this is to have some near-daily routine that plays to his desires and kinks. Part of this can come from, say, giving you a massage every night, provided that he gets to see some skin and touch you in some borderline interesting areas. But a much more powerful way to do it is to devise some activity that requires no effort from you, but plays directly to his kinks.

For example, for years I have made my husband sit at the foot of the bed, and lick my feet and suck on my toes while I finish reading for the night. When I am done, he is allowed into the bed and can continue to please me more directly almost always a body massage and often oral sex. Our particular routine makes my man rock hard and very sexually excited every night, so when he finally is allowed into bed his penis is struggling against his chastity device. Which brings me to…. Men are men and they will want to play with their penises, never mind their good intentions.

So how do you enforce a ban on sexual releases? If you have read this far with a lingering fear in the back of your head that pursuing a FLR relationship will turn you into leather-clad sex maniacs with a bedroom full of whips and strange sexual toys, this might be where your warning lights go off.

Imagine that - his precious penis locked away, and you holding the keys. If you are totally new to this, you might need a few minutes to process this. He will be Male chastity belt tumblr to make you happy, in any small way he can. And the cage will be a constant reminder of your kinky arrangement, which he will mostly love.

Poor thing…. For you, it will feel quite nice knowing that you hold the keys to his most precious body part. Many do, others use it more as a training tool. I keep my man locked up most of the time, with the occasional day off - a handful every year. You should provide him with periodic releases. In addition to being a nice gesture, there are some possible health issues.

Better to keep him guessing and on his toes. Think about it — his whole Male chastity belt tumblr life he has been used to being able to stroke and play with his penis whenever he has felt like it and men feel like doing that a lotdeciding for himself whether to take it all the way to climax. For most men, this is second nature to them. They tug and twist and scratch and go from limp to erect and back again many times a day. Now all that is taken from him. Enforcing orgasm control is essential to a healthy FLR relationship, and erection control can arguably be just as important.

Chastity devices can be a really useful tool in those regards, but how does that affect your sex life? With his semen forcibly retained and his orgasms heavily rationed, my husband lusts after me like a horny teenager, even at his age.

I tend to have a reactionary libido, so seeing him crazy with lust makes me quite horny as well. Although we rarely have PIV sex, we have a lot of intimate, sexy times together with him providing me with as many orgasms as I desire. It allows me to relax and enjoy myself doing it. I can explore my sexuality and try new things, like making love to another woman. We will discuss things rationally and he will accept whatever decisions I make. I really love knowing that he is constantly thinking of me, and lusting for me. He pays me so much extra attention that I sometimes crave and knowing that I am always in his thoughts, even when apart, makes me happy.

Submissive males love to feel controlled. With his penis under my lock and key, he is sexually helpless. He needs me and my little key for him to feel any pleasure which makes him completely dependent on me. He knows that he will be physically restrained before the device is removed, and that the device will be reinstalled before the restraints are removed. With chastity, I can actively dominate him without really having to do much. A little flirting and teasing each day goes a long way.

Of all things femdom, I believe male chastity is the one of the things that gives the most rewards while requiring the least effort. Yes, in the beginning, it does take time and effort to find the right device, get him pierced and make sure it is secure and inescapable. Once this is accomplished, it gets way easier and the can be simply amazing. A few months of effort are worth it for a lifetime of control. I know this sounds bad but think about it.

As a submissive male he derives pleasure from self sacrifice in serving the woman he loves. He has a strong need to give while getting little to nothing in return and for this to work somebody has to be a taker and not feel guilty about it, which over time I have learned to do. It helps us concentrate completely on my pleasure while ignoring his, the way it was meant to be for both of us to be happy in our relationship.

I never have to worry of him straying or cheating on me. It is literally impossible for it to happen. It would also be damn near impossible to find another woman who is kinky enough and likes to dominate males in the way he enjoys it. Most women tend to be submissive in nature.

In a lot of marriages, the male thinks because he married her that he is entitled to sex whenever he wants and will pressure her to give in to his needs. If she lets him have his way with her without desiring it herself, she will start to resent him instead. With male chastity, sexual frustration for him is ongoing and completely normal, and the male learns to not only live with it, but savor the feeling as well. Something he wants and craves so badly, once achieved, is regretted almost immediately afterwords.

He has to reach deep down inside himself mentally and gut his way through it. Some men my husband included actually miss the frustration when finally allowed an orgasm. They also miss the submissive feelings they normally feel, but are lacking during the refractory period.

When there is no male orgasm, it never has to end. With his forced pent up sexual frustration, he is always willing to pleasure me with his tongue, which gets quite the workout. The dildo that is mounted to his penis Male chastity belt tumblr strap on head harness never goes soft and has been chosen for its size bigger than him and ability to send me to the moon each time he uses it on me, effectively cuckolding himself to give me more pleasure. When I do allow him an orgasm, I encourage him to cum as fast as possible. It also takes so little time and effort on my part to make it happen.

Some people have strong mate guarding tendencies. I am one of them. He mine, dammit! This happened before I took control and locked him in chastity. I never lose my cool in public anymore but I will punish him funish him for giving another woman too much attention by gagging him when we get home. According to my speech restriction rules, he is not to needlessly actively engage any other woman in conversation.

If a lady talks to him, he is to be polite and answer her but not say anything that will encourage further conversation. The author seems to have lots of experience with chastity. She recommends starting with a YEAR of lock up. Chastity is something that Mark, my husband of 12 years, and I have had an interest in for some time. It became an important part of our life five years ago. I work in the insurance industry and have to travel a lot. He often has to work long hours. We realized that our sexual life was fading away.

After Mark gave me a strong nudge to consider using chastity for him, I decided it was worth looking into almost anything to put the spark back into our marriage. Since Mark was an executive at an engineering firm, I let him do the initial research on finding the right chastity device, while I put a lot of effort into researching how to make chastity work for us. I have always felt that being well informed about something enables you to do it well.

There is a lot on the internet on chastity including a wonderful commentary by Marie which I took as a starting point, and there are several internet support groups and chat rooms which seem to startup and die down as people move around. I have communicated Male chastity belt tumblr the years with over two dozen wives who keep their husbands chaste. I have met several of them in person and the one thing they all agreed on was that the benefits of chastity for their husbands were incredible.

It may amaze you, as it did me, to find out that so many men and women use chastity as part of their relationship, really more than you could imagine. This just goes to show that male chastity is less bizarre than you probably thought and there is a lot of it being practiced, probably by some of your girlfriends. This document is a summary of what I have found out talking with many other women and practicing chastity with Mark for several years.

I hope that it will help other wives considering a chastity lifestyle for their husbands. Before you embark on considering putting your man in a chastity device, you need to ask yourself the following questions. Are you unhappy with how much attention he now pays to you? Do you think that at least part of the problem is that he is paying too much attention to pornography or other women? Has he admitted to you that he masturbates too much? Would you be willing to give up intercourse, if you got a lot more attention including a lot more oral sex?

Do you recognize that you too have also let your relationship dwindle over time as he has grown more distant? Are you willing to take control and put in the effort to make your relationship work in a new and exciting way? If yes, you should consider chastity for your husband. To put this in pop psychology terms, Mars and Venus were attracted to each other, romanced each other and fell in love.

Mars and Venus got married. Mars eventually retreated into his cave as men are apt to do and while there found it convenient to masturbate rather than be with Venus. All too rarely does he emerge to pay any attention to Venus. Venus thought that with marriage Mars was hers and that life would be a forever version of their fairytale courtship days.

She ignored the advice of wise mothers to daughters for generations that if you want to keep your man you have to keep making him want you because it sounded sexist and not needed in the modern world. What is a wise Venus to do if she wants a happy lifelong marriage? She has to stop passively letting her marriage pass her by. The first step is that Venus needs to take control by keeping Mars from masturbating in the cave by locking him in a chastity device.

The second step is for Venus to enthusiastically embrace her biological and psychological role in keeping Mars turned on. To make chastity work you need to first develop a plan and then whole heartedly put it into action. I read a lot and communicated with many others and the strong consensus was that chastity to change your marriage has to be real and not a game.

Male chastity belt tumblr

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