Marina’s cuckolding report cg

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Marina Cuckolding Report 2a hentai visual novel developed by Atelier Sakura. Released November 21, Available for PC Windows. Full Japanese voice acting. Censored genitals. A year has passed since the events of the first game. Once a month, you let Nakamura the student fuck your wife. If you like this game, check out its prequel here. You set up your wife to get pumped by a famous pornstar named Yamashita!

Marina tells you she only wants to have sex with you, and would be happy to stop this NTR play. She says sex without love is just masturbation, enjoyable but meaningless. All of this is ignored by the protagonist until the sequel, where your relationship is nearly ruined.

Marina’s cuckolding report cg

The plot of this game is super straightforward. Marina fucks the new guy six times and then the game ends. You and Marina agree to stop with the NTR play. What really sets this game apart from the rest is how the point-of-view replay function is changed. In the first game, you played first as the cuck, then as Marina. But in this game, your first playthrough is as the cuck, and your second playthrough is as Nakamura.

After you find a new bull, Nakamura is left desperate to fuck Marina again! If you do, Marina does not have sex with Nakamura, but instead humiliates him by talking about how terrible he is in bed. While the cuck gets turned on by this, Nakamura is traumatized and agrees to leave Marina alone.

As always, the developer crosses some lines that are pretty weird. In the first game, Nakamura interacted with your daughter. I understand he was cumming to the taboo of cuckolding, but seriously, what the fuck bro. Leave your daughter out of your fetish. Press CTRL to skip dialogue.

Scroll up to review past dialogue. Bookmark your progress by saving it on several available save slots.

Marina’s cuckolding report cg

Press spacebar to hide the dialogue box. The story is linear with no branching paths. The game takes four hours to complete for the average reader, assuming you view all sex scenes.

Marina’s cuckolding report cg

The art is drawn in the classic Japanese anime style that Atelier Sakura is known for. The screen resolution is smaller and more boxy compared to the other two games. In spite of a year passing, your daughter looks exactly the same. Marina however, got toned as fuck. Her smooth but slightly squishy belly of the first game has become muscular and tight without any given explanation.

Marina’s cuckolding report cg

She almost looks younger than in the game! The use of camera angles and unique perspectives is simply wonderful in this game. The artist masterfully crafts images that perfectly convey consistent body proportions regardless of view.

A cowgirl position from above, doggystyle position while facing your wife, and so much more. The most well known CG from this game is the fish eye lense. She shows Nakamura a video of her new bull, and his brain just melts. Although the artwork is beautiful, I felt that the artist had less passion in this.

While some improvements like motion blur were added, the use of the same orange love hotel was a repeat. This matches her growing dislike Marina’s cuckolding report cg cuckolding, as she almost seems more stern with you than before. Still, the lines are delivered well and the moans are super sexy! I just wish the voice actress had more creative lines to work with. As always, the sound effects are completely unique and fitting to the experience. You can really hear as her pussy opens and accepts a new cock in it.

And the thrusting is so realistic and believable, I was practically swaying my hips along with it! The soundtrack includes the 10 songs from the first game. The background track for loving sex is so beautiful in how it relies on digital piano played almost like a harp, it captures my heart every time. But that same title music from the game a disappointment to hear.

While the sex is a solid side dish, the characters are the main course. The visual presentation of events like cumshots is a mixed bag. Instead of fading to white and then changing images, the image changes slightly beforehand. Small errors like these make the game seem like it had less effort put in than the Marina’s cuckolding report cg title. Yamashita only gives her a bare creampie once, and then the game ends. Only one creampie, no new music, and a pretty predictable story means that this game is best enjoyed by fans of the series.

I would only recommend this game if you played the first one beforehand. Otherwise, the entire subplot with Nakamura may feel disconnected and out of left field. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. Overall 3. Views: 1, Related Posts. Hentai Reviews.

Marina’s cuckolding report cg

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