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This is a long introductory Author's Note. It's a long list of people, but I want to thank those who already like it so far as of this update. It is the most I've ever gotten in that period of time for the first chapter of any of my works, mostly because I ed it on the one-year anniversary of Super Mario Odyssey. I'm so glad I managed to get through all that. Seriously, I appreciate the support from you guys.

As a side note, I made some edits to the first chapter, which includes something added after the disclaimer. The same will be done for every other chapter exclusively for this story. Now let's not waste any more time. Onto the next chapter!

Disclaimer: Major spoilers to Super Mario Odyssey are found here. I don't own anything in the Mario franchise. Chapter 2: Guilt Trip.

Mario and peach fanfiction

At the castle, all of the To continued their work to set up for tomorrow's party. Streamers, balloons, tables, and other props were being arranged in the lobby. Luigi, who was helping with the decorations, was very excited about it. After all, this was a surprise event for Princess Daisy. She received an invitation to the next Smash Bros. Many citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom and around the world agreed to the festivities, which included most of the fighters who participated in at least one tournament in the past.

As for the last two, they weren't so thrilled that their reptilian rival, King K. Rool, also got an inclusion to the Smash Bros. Pauline, who wasn't much a fighter, instead was asked to perform as background music and allow New Donk City to be eligible as a battlefield. She gladly accepted the offer and decided to attend Daisy's surprise party. Despite the fact that there were some bad relations between certain fighters, Bowser, Jr. It didn't take long, but word was immediately received that Wario declined to attend the party because he thought Waluigi would start another outburst since he was only invited back to the Smash tourneys as an assistant fighter.

If he went, then Waluigi had almost no choice but to come as well. The last thing Wario wanted was to have his purple partner wreck the celebration on purpose. As for the Koopa King, Bowser also Mario and peach fanfiction the invitation, which forced all the Koopa Kids to be unable to attend as well. Bowser may had been a part of the gang's sports competitions and kart races, but he was not the Mario and peach fanfiction of person, or rather Koopa, who enjoyed parties, especially when he's usually the one ruining them.

Regardless, everything was shaping up to be perfect. Luigi was eager to see the look on Daisy's face when she sees what they have planned for her. However, he noticed that his older brother had yet to arrive at the castle. He took a moment to step outside. Checking his surroundings, he didn't see a single trace of him or his red hat nearby. Not wanting to slack off, Luigi returned to his duties. He was embellishing a large banner reading 'Congratulations Daisy! At one point, he had a question of where he should hang it up.

He decided to ask Peach for her opinion. Once the green-clad man got to her bedroom door, he knocked twice. Luigi didn't want to be rude by entering her room without permission, so he stayed out in the hallway. But it was such a long period of awkward silence that he was starting to get tired of waiting. He gave the door three more knocks. I'm so sorry.

Mario and peach fanfiction

I didn't hear you. Earlier, she tried to call Mario. But after he abruptly hung up on her, she was caught in a state of confusion and sadness. Never had she ever thought that he would do such a thing. It wasn't like him to end a phone call without responding. I was going to ask you if you want the big banner to be hung in the lobby or outside the castle.

Luigi frowned after she asked him that. Earlier this morning, I saw him look very tired. When I tried to ask, he told me to leave me alone. Another nod came from Luigi. The thing is, I didn't want to rush him if he was in a bad mood. So, I told him to take his time before leaving. Mario told me that he'll be late, but he should come over at some point. I just don't know what's taking him so long.

Do you happen to know, by any chance? Peach closed her eyes before sighing. She leaned against the side of the door. Mario really doesn't seem like himself for the past I believe something's wrong with him. He doesn't see me a whole lot, either. Besides the tennis tournament we had at the Kingdom of Bask, we've never really been close with one another for so long.

And please, don't remind of that again. I already made the mistake of grabbing Lucien unknowingly. Anyways, just this morning, I called Mario to see why he hasn't arrived yet. When I spoke, he didn't reply once. All I heard was nothing on his end of the line. And whenever I do get the chance to talk to him, he tries to change the subject. I keep asking him why he's avoiding my conversations, and it honestly hurts my heart that he doesn't seem to care anymore. I'm very concerned, Luigi. If something went wrong, I should've figured it out by brotherly instinct.

I mean, I've had this feeling for a while, but I think there's something we don't know about. I'll go ahead and find him. I'll report back to you as soon as I can. Luigi gave a bow before he ran down the hall until he was out of sight. Peach laid her right hand on her cheek with her left supporting the elbow. Shaking her head, she was at a loss. Mario has acted strangely whenever she sees him, which was completely different than every other encounter in the past.

She just didn't know why. Walking over to Mario and peach fanfiction balcony, she stared outside, seeing everyone in good spirits as they continued to prepare for Daisy's party. Peach later looked up at the sky. The clouds slowly rolled across the morning sky. Clasping her hands over her chest, she made a silent prayer.

The Cap Kingdom was a monochromatic region filled with tons of locals known as Bonneters. These citizens were generally hat-like spirits. And fittingly enough, most of their home was associated with hats; the lampposts, the airships, the famous landmark known as Top-Hat Tower, heck, the entire continent was shaped like a top hat.

In the heart of this kingdom, all of this was found in the main location of Bonneton, a land full of dark vegetation surrounded by thick clouds of fog. It was also the same location where a special Bonneter had a run-in with a mustachioed man in red. He was currently spending some leisure time with his little sister Mario and peach fanfiction the Central Plaza.

Not only that, Princess Peach sent me a letter last week saying that she'll be thrilled to have me attend the party tomorrow. They're celebrating her friend's inclusion to the Smash community. You and Mario are a great team together!

Mario and peach fanfiction

Cappy paused for a second when he noticed something in the distance. It was something he was very familiar with. The two Bonneters floated over the hills towards the usual landing spot. Once the Odyssey reached the ground, Mario opened the door and started to walk out. He slightly jumped and leaned back when he saw two pairs of eyes in front of him. She also managed to miss Mario wearing a frown.

What's the matter? Although Mario hardly let his emotions be seen in public, the last time the top-hatted spirit saw him like this was when he first ran into him, exactly one year ago when he explained that Bowser ruined his home and kidnapped Tiara. He remained quiet as Tiara exited the interior. Tiara was confused and a little hurt that Mario wanted her to be excluded from the conversation.

Mario and peach fanfiction

Cappy comforted her by patting her head. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Why don't you go buy some ice cream? Once Tiara left the two alone, Mario laid a hand on his forehead. If this is personal matters, then it's understandable. But speaking of that, what exactly do you want to see me for? With the door shut and locked up, Mario took his seat in the chair on the left while Cappy occupied the other closest to the wardrobe and mirror. Lying against the mushroom-decorated pillows, the two got comfortable before they started to talk. What's on your mind?

It happens to be the same day you and I first met each other one year ago!

Mario and peach fanfiction

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