Megamind x roxanne fanfiction

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Megamind x roxanne fanfiction

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Megamind x roxanne fanfiction

Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Net Adult-FanFiction. Password Reset. Update. Hero Megamind travels back in time to talk to his evil self. They end up doing a bit more. Megamind has travelled back in time to visit his homeworld. His parents show him how adults on their planet bond. Home Shool By : tripperfunster Published : November 28, Firsts and Seconds By : tripperfunster Published : March 10, This is an attempt to explain Bernards comment and glasses at the end of the film.

Hero's Reward By : vanillacookie Published : January 15, After stumbling over Roxanne's diary and realizing she wishes for him to be a bit more daring, Megamind decides to do just that with a little help from Minion. Blueberry By : vanillacookie Published : January 1, Bernard Brown finds himself fantasizing about his beloved obsession; Megamind M. Megamind finally gets Roxanne to scream NonCon, Language. Perfect By : vanillacookie Published : December 26, What if Megamind's disguise didn't fail on that date with Roxanne?

She'd have invited him to stay the night! Roxanne takes "Bernard" home and things get out of control from there. Nothing forced happens, but lots of lying does. Metro Man captures Megamind and they make out all dirty-like. Not very smutty at all, sadly. I intend to Megamind x roxanne fanfiction this!

Megamind x roxanne fanfiction Megamind x roxanne fanfiction

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