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Anonymous asked: best fencing story i have: met a guy S at a tournament, and we got to talking about piercings.

Men nipple piercing tumblr

S started telling the story of his experience. One of the guys at my old club got a beautiful shaded tattoo done the week before summer nationals. It took five hours. He fenced 4 events at summer nationals. Again, one week after getting this five-hour delicately shaded Men nipple piercing tumblr done.

He made it through one bout in pools for the first epee event and then had to go put a chest protector on because if he got hit in the chest one more time he was going to start screaming. Hey I received this ask approximately a million years ago, but I finally thought of the answer!

I posted the photo that this story goes with a couple years ago, but I never actually told the story, so:. One of my friends is an armorer at national tournaments. Like: body cords that just need the clip reattached, FIE epees that need to be rewired, masks that need new velcro. One time he came back from a tournament and gave me a couple slightly bent sabre blades.

A few months later I broke one of my sabres, so I dug a blade out from my extra stuff pile and put the sabre back together with the new blade. Immediately, my fencing got worse. Measurably worse! I was falling short all the time. I am not a tall person, and I spend a lot of time fencing tall guys. My distance was allllll wrong. I spent a lot of time working on footwork and practicing attacks, and it slowly got better.

I figured I was just getting out of a slump.

Men nipple piercing tumblr

I did well at a couple tournaments, I was doing better at practice, things were looking up. It was short!

Men nipple piercing tumblr

It was short. It was, to be precise, a size 2 blade. The size that 10 year olds fence with. My armorer friend had got it at a youth tournament, and neither of us had ever noticed that it was three inches shorter than an adult blade. Anyway, I swapped out the blade, donated the short one to my fencing club, and relearned how to fence with an adult weapon. My distance was bad again for a while, and my wrist hurt like hell for two weeks because it turns out adult blades are heavy.

Anonymous asked: How long do you think a person should be fencing for before they head off to their first tournament? I think you should be comfortable fencing in practice and have a basic understanding of the rules in your weapon. Tournaments are most fun when you can use the experience to help yourself learn.

Men nipple piercing tumblr

I won a bout while fencing with extremely defective equipment. Life is chaos.

Men nipple piercing tumblr

Anonymous asked: I've considered taking up fencing, but my left knee is quite unstable and has dislocated several times. Would a brace be necessary for this sport? You should talk to a fencing coach about the movements involved in fencing, and then talk to a doctor or a physical therapist about how to make those movements safe for you. Fencing is very lower-body intensive, and it can cause or exacerbate knee problems especially among women, and especially for people who are learning how to fence and are still figuring out their footwork.

I have knee issues connected with fencing, and right now I have it well-controlled with a combination of exercises, a great chiropractor, and strapping tape. Fencing at Oceania Junior Champs! The fencer on the right is faliing over and rolling onto his back while his opponent tries to hit him. Anonymous asked: approximately how long will it take for a fencer that starts from the beginning to get to duels with classmates? Some clubs spend a long time on footwork and technique before ever allowing bouting fencing between students.

Other clubs do some bouting right away. Technique first, beating people second! Oct 3. Oct 2. Oct 1. Sep Anonymous asked: What's the funniest fencing story you know? I posted the photo that Men nipple piercing tumblr story goes with a couple years ago, but I never actually told the story, so: One of my friends is an armorer at national tournaments.

Neat, I thought. New blades! I put them in my pile of extra equipment and forgot about them. I did well at a couple tournaments, I was doing better at practice, things were looking up- And then one of my high school fencers picked up my favorite sabre.

Men nipple piercing tumblr Men nipple piercing tumblr

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