Mens speedo bulge

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Deed for practicality, the Speedo and its successors have delighted and dismayed in equal measure. Now the swimwear classics are back in fashion — but would you dare? B ack in the s, the lifeguards of Bondi Beach, Sydney, were not only charged with rescuing surfers and scanning for sharks.

One of the best-known beach inspectors was Aubrey Laidlaw, who had already laid down the law when the first bikini debuted on the beach in Laidlaw and his inspectorate patrolled the beach with tape measures, methodically escorting scantily clad women away. But one morning inhe saw something that astonished even him — men in Speedo trunks. He called the police and had them arrested for indecent exposure.

Laidlaw and his tape measure are long gone, but in certain backwards-looking jurisdictions — Britain, America — the Speedo-wearing male remains an object of discrimination and ridicule. No item in the male wardrobe is so exposing. None demands such brazenness, such balls. But neither is any so liberating, or so practical, say those truly committed to the Speedo and its ilk. The exalted status of the swim brief in gay iconography goes some way to explaining why it is viewed with such fear and loathing elsewhere. Tom Daley, incidentally, now wears Adidas trunks.

The swim brief itself was drawn up in by Peter TravisMens speedo bulge had arrived as a deer at the company the year before, tasked with deing leisurewear. The first Speedo brief came in The only way you could stop that would be to end the cut on your hips. The Speedo pioneers who Laidlaw had arrested in were let off without charge, by the way.

Mens speedo bulge

Since no pubic hair was on show, the magistrate ruled that nothing indecent had been exposed. The publicity did the company no harm.

Mens speedo bulge

Beach rules were relaxed in and in the first year the Until swimsuits became hi-tech in the s, the swim brief was the choice of swimmers, divers and water polo players. And by the s, the basic British man wore them, too. Everyone around was. But my s teenagehood coincided with a change in trends that was a blessed relief. Then, almost overnight, it became unthinkable to swim in anything except long shorts.

By the mids, the Speedo was only marginally less out there than the mankini. Nonetheless, the swimming brief has always had its strongholds — in Australia, as well as in Italy, Greece and France, where many an English teenager has been dismayed to discover that tight swimming trunks are compulsory in public swimming pools.

The logic is that it is unhygienic to swim in shorts that may have been used to play football in, sit on the grass in, barbecue in, and so on. But if you consider it as solely a swimming garment, it becomes a little more thinkable to sport a pair.

Andrew Barker, head of content at C Magazinewhich covers style and culture in California, says he became a convert after a trip to Brazil five years ago. But in Brazil everyone wears them — whether drinking a caipirinha, playing volleyball or carrying a surfboard. I came home with two pairs — one red, one green. Barker now wears them on holiday in Europe, but never in Los Angeles, where he resides. The surf culture plus that peculiarly adolescent strain of American puritanism dictates that men wear shorts. It is quite strange that most male swimmers opt for heavy, draggy swimwear; that we made a civilisational leap towards liberated mermanhood only to lose our collective nerve.

It would be a bit like women collectively deciding that no, bikinis are a bit Mens speedo bulge, best go back to woollen bathing dresses. There was a picture of David Beckham Mens speedo bulge a yacht wearing a white [pair]. A white one is quite an unapologetic zero-fucks-given type thing to wear. But he holds some hope that the skimpy brief is becoming more acceptable, especially given the attention that even young British men give to honing their bodies. I think that helped change things. What advice would Day have for the male who is thinking about opting for something smaller, tighter?

Mens speedo bulge

You need the right size for you. I quite like a retro, slightly loose, higher-waist [style]. And perhaps we should stop being so judgmental. Peter Travis — who went on to de the interior of the Australian parliament building — expressed regret that his creation should have become a source of ridicule.

Tight fit: the comeback of the skimpy swimming brief. Tight fit: Mark Spitz in with the seven gold medals he won in the Olympics… and his Speedo trunks. Reuse this content.

Mens speedo bulge

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Tight fit: the comeback of the skimpy swimming brief