Metroid morph ball expansion

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Get back to the Gathering Hall if you're not there already. The first thing to do is scan the corners of the ceiling to find Shriekbats and eliminate as many as possible so you don't get any unpleasant surprises later. Blastcaps are also scattered around but these generally don't sneak up on you. There are ledges on the left as you exit from the Save Station; scale these, going over the door to Gathering Hall Access, and keep going around to the right.

When you can't go any farther to the right, turn around and scale more ledges that circle to the left. When you reach the corner there is a tunnel you need to use Morph Ball to get through, but first scan for Shriekbats again.

When you come out of the tunnel you'll find that the bridge to the next door has collapsed so you need to jump across the gap. It's a bit far but fortunately there's a bit of the bridge still hanging on the right side, so aim for that and hop up. Take the door at the top of the steps. This is a passage guarded by Eyons.

Metroid morph ball expansion

If you've gotten the Charge Beam then you can destroy them and get through in safety, otherwise stun them with the Power Beam. This is a large and complex area but the toxic water on the floor prevents much exploration.

There are Shriekbats in several locations here so watch your radar and scan for them as you go. Look for the door on the opposite side when you come in and scan it for a new Research entry. It's not the last chance you'll have for this one but they're uncommon and usually accompany bosses so you may have other things on your mind when you see them again.

Take the passage on the left, hopping over the toxic pools when needed. You'll pass a Stone Toad on the right. These are harmless unless you're in Morph Ball mode, and if you are they will swallow you and spit you out again. They are immune to the weapons you have at the moment. Go through the tunnel at the end of the passage. Follow the tunnel. You may notice a couple Metroid morph ball expansion drops and since you can't jump in Morph Ball mode that means you won't be able to go back for now. There are actually two parts to this boss.

The first part is the Incinerator Drone; it shoots two jets of fire which rotate around so it's hard to avoid them. Occasionally it pops up a red electric 'eye' which is its weak point. The second part is a massive War Wasp Hive which is immune to your weapons. Scan the drone right away to get a lock on point. Avoid the drone's fire jets by locking on and strafing in sync with it.

Metroid morph ball expansion

Later on the jets will go a bit crocked so there is a high jet and a low jet. The high jet goes over your head if you're near the wall and you can jump over the low jet. When the eyes pop up, refocus and fire; there are two eyes that face opposite directions. When you hit the eye one of the jets shoots straight up and sends a blast of fire directly at the hive, damaging the hive, and sending out angry War Wasps.

Metroid morph ball expansion

Get a scan of one but otherwise try to get them as they come out of the hive. Shoot any wasps that escape the nest, but remember to jump over the low jet when it comes around. If you have the Charge Beam then use it to collect Energy drops from the wasps. Your top priority is the eyes though, so fire at them even if it means getting stung or burned. When you've hit the eyes four times the drone's aiming breaks completely and it burns up what remains of the hive.

Before getting the Morph Ball Bomb the drone was guarding, get a scan of the locked door if you didn't get it in the Energy Core. Now that you have the Morph Ball Bombs you can use them to break through certain tunnel openings; these often scan as being made of Sandstone. You also have the ability to jump in Morph Ball mode. To do this, drop a bomb and remain on top of it until it explodes. The bomb won't harm you but the blast will send you up in the air.

Metroid morph ball expansion

You get a chance to try out the first new ability right away. Locate the blocked opening opposite the door where you came in and drop a bomb next to it to blow it open.

Metroid morph ball expansion

Follow the passage to find a Missile Expansion. Start heading back. There are two places you need to use the Morph Ball Bomb to jump into the next tunnel. Drop a bomb to jump, then steer into the hole before you start to fall. By now the hint system may be pointing to a new location.

Metroid morph ball expansion

This seems to be the only time it points to an expansion as opposed to an upgrade or a route to a new area. You now have the ability to defeat the Stone Toad; let yourself be swallowed and drop a bomb while inside its stomach. Do this to open a hole into a part of the room you couldn't get to before. There is a new device here; a Morph Ball sized indent in the wall at jumping height. First get a scan of it, then drop a bomb to reach it and be locked in, and finally drop a bomb inside to activate the device and drop out.

In this case it powers up a pump to remove the water from the room. The pump only works for a short time and you need to get to the next location before the water comes back, you should have plenty of time if you know where you're going though. Go through the hole to the left of the Morph Ball slot into the main part of the room. Go directly across and over a low wall to find another Morph Ball slot. Activate it as before; when you do the water will stay drained so you don't have to worry about it anymore.

Some platforms in the middle of the room rise from the floor. Again you have a time limit. Get back to the door where you came in the first time and the platforms will be in front of you leading to a doorway on the left. Follow the passage up to a third Morph Ball slot and activate it.

This stops the timer and raises more platforms from the floor where they lock into place permanently. Go back again to the door where you came in the first time, then hop up the platforms on the right to the door that was locked until now.

The majority of the room is not accessible until later, but you can go through a Metroid morph ball expansion to the bottom part of a Morph Ball maze. Do a jump at the end to get out and enter the inside of the Furnace and pick up an Energy Tank, then go back the way you came. You can bypass the Eyons here completely now. Notice the blocked tunnel under the main passage and use bombs to break through and pass under them.

Return to the Watery Hall as before and get to the ledge where you picked up the Charge Beam. If you didn't get it yet then you might as well do so now; see the. There is a blocked tunnel here so drop a bomb to clear it. Then follow the tunnel. Use a missile to clear the door at the end and go through. Follow the tunnel and use another missile to clear the door at the end. It seems the game deers really wanted to make sure you had the missile launcher before you could get in here.

This is a small room but there seems to be a passage going up. You can't do that now but there is a Missile Expansion behind a grate on the lower level. Use a missile to break through the grate and collect it.

Get to the other side of the wall and fight off the Metroid morph ball expansion that are still there.

Metroid morph ball expansion

Find the blocked tunnel on the right side and use a bomb to clear it. Go in to find a Missile Expansion. There is a maze of channels carved into the wall where you come in.

Metroid morph ball expansion

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