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Moana was running; running from her family, her village After she had returned from her journey to restore the Heart, she was greeted by the entire village of Motunui, but no one except her mother seemed happy that she had sailed off on a dangerous mission to restore the Heart. Her father seemed to be the most upset. Thinking about how she had offered to take Maui to her village made her glad that he had turned down her request, since she didn't know how her village would react and she definitely didn't want them bringing any harm to her best friend. That is, if mortals can hurt demigods.

She was aware that she had hurt him twice, but she wasn't sure if she had actually hurt him or if he didn't feel very much pain from the time she had hit him with her oar and that other time when he'd startled her, causing her to accidentally punch him in the face. As she was running from her village to the cave of her ancestors, her eyes began to sting due to her tears and the wind blowing in her face. As she jumped over fallen logs and ducked under some half-fallen ones, it started to rain. It hardly bothered her though, seeing the situation she was currently in.

Right now, her goal was to reach the cave, get on her canoe, sail off to find Maui and explain to him the situation. She definitely didn't want him visiting Motunui with the way the village was acting towards her now. After everything blew over — which she hoped would happen soon — she would allow him to visit her village. After hopping on her canoe and sailing out of the cave, she didn't take a glance back at her village, fearing that some — if not most — villagers were already on the beach, able to see her sailing away. After sailing far enough away to where her village was just a speck in the distance, she put her hand in the water, not knowing where she should start looking for Maui first.

She looked up in the sky, hoping to see his giant hawk form flying high above her boat, but she saw nothing and sighed as she looked down, her knees to her chest, her elbows resting on her knees and her chin resting on her hands. Where is he when you need him? She thought with a sad sigh, dipping her finger in the water and swirling it around as she watched it, I mean, I know he must be busy with helping and saving the world again, but I'd really like to talk to him if he isn't busy. Suddenly she heard the sound of a thump as if something big had landed on the deck and felt the boat rock a bit, but she disregarded it as something bumping into the bottom of the boat.

Great, now I'm hearing things She thought before deciding to turn around just in case it was really Maui, And watch: I really am—. Just as she turned in his direction, she noticed it really was him, causing her to interrupt her own thoughts.

Moana pulled her face from his chest, looking up at him to where her eyes met his. There was sadness in them. I went out to restore the Heart anyway. My dad He's the most upset. Not my mom though. Well, I mean, with my help of course. Of course, my dad once tried sailing out on the ocean when he was younger with a friend, but his friend was swallowed up by the ocean and my dad couldn't save him. Maui frowned, having never really known how dangerous the sea had become since his theft of the Heart one-thousand years ago.

He felt regret as he imagined all those other people who may have gotten swallowed up by the ocean during his thousand-year absence. But one thought struck him the most, right as it popped into his head: Moana — the girl he'd developed a relationship with by teaching her about the world around her — could've also been taken down by the ocean. Maui winced at the thought of her being pulled under, unable to escape or let alone breathe as her vision blurred and everything around her slowly became black.

He didn't like the thought one bit, and as he looked at her, his face held an expression of realization and horror. He thought, slowly backing away to the edge of the boat, What I Moana and maui fanfiction could've endangered Moana's life! Heck, what I did endangered everyone's lives!

Moana was confused by his expression and why he was backing away to the edge of the boat, but it all became clear when he turned around and hopped off the side of the boat, a familiar blue flash coming from his hook as he transformed in midair before plopping into the ocean as a small fish. Everything's better now that we restored the Heart! She then looked down and sighed, opening up the supplies and grabbing a coconut.

She had no idea why Maui had abandoned her yet again, even though he had promised her that he'd never abandon her again before she left to go home from the Mother Island. She swallowed a lump in her throat as she brought a coconut half to her mouth, about to take a drink from it. As she took her first sip of the water, her tears began to spill Moana and maui fanfiction her eyes, causing her to almost choke a bit as she began to cry softly, putting the coconut half down and wrapping her arms around her knees, her head down. She thought, feeling just a little betrayed, Y-You promised Why did you abandon me again?

Nothing came in the form of an answer as to why he'd abandoned her again, so she just sat there in the same position, trying to think of a reason why he could've left Moana and maui fanfiction. FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Movies Moana. Moana comes back from her journey to restore the Heart of Te Fiti, but her village doesn't seem too happy with her. After running away, she explains to Maui the story of why she wasn't allowed to sail, causing realization to hit him. What will happen after realization and regret both hit him?

Will he ever forgive himself? Or will he leave her forever? She thought before deciding to turn around just in case it was really Maui, And watch: I really am— Just as she turned in his direction, she noticed it really was him, causing her to interrupt her own thoughts. Chapter 1 - Sailing Away 2. Chapter 2 - Close Encounters 3. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

Moana and maui fanfiction

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