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Original Chapter. Next Commentated Chapter. Yes, I did research on these Japanese words. So, the story actually means Monster Girl Paradise, but in Japanese. Summary: A Teen with no knowledge of Minecraft is transported to Minecraftia. He meets these girls and thinks hes in Heaven, but soon discovers these girls are not what they seem. The girls are the Princesses of each Mob and there not Human.

Can he find a way back home and stay alive? Also, Mob Talker is a fucking cliche piece of shit - be a little more original, you rectal orifice. Quick Note: Najmi Na-gee-mee is an 18 year old Black teen. I walked home from my High school; the Sun was beaming down on my head. Today was the last day and summer vacation was beginning for me and my buddies. We are planning to go to Long Beach. We live Mob talker fanfiction California and the town we lived in was Riverside. My name is Najmi Na-gee-mee Porsche Car names as surname?

Again, spare me the details and get the fuck on with the story. It had Gray sleeves and the Hood was Gray too. I was wearing Black jeans and Red Nikes. I was also wearing a White T-shirt under my Hoodie. I had on myDog Tag around my neck with no name and on it that I got from my Uncle that serves in the Military. The Dog Tag had orange flames on it. Sir, please sit down. I walked on the sidewalk and looked around at the beautiful neighborhood that I lived in. The lawns were green and all the Houses were new. I lived in the Suburbs and we had a lake that was 3 miles away from here.

Would the owner of this fagfic please come down and delete this? I was getting close to my House and walked faster. I held my Black Pack back tightly as I walked. I had a lot of Text books in it from the different classes at my school. But, now that school is over…I can finally have fun and relax…. I stopped walking and looked at my Cell phone; it was PM. Oh my god, my man-period is starting! But, on Saturday…we can have fun. My parents come home late on Monday and Friday.

Their boss is saving them. I finally reached my House and grabbed the keys from my pocket, I opened the door and closed it behind me and locked it. I sighed and walked upstairs to my room, I had myMP3 in my pocket. How the hell do you hold a piece of digital memory in your pocket?

It was Black and it had Black ear buds. I opened my door and discovered a cube shape was coming out of my blanket. You open it, you enter the world of this thing. I thought and walked towards my bed and grabbed the blanket with my hand. I then yanked the blanket off the bed and I was shocked…. A Purple cube was resting on my bed…it seemed to glow a little bit… A fagfic is resting on my computer… it seemed to fuck up a little bit…. I took a Pencil out of my back pack and poked it; all of a sudden…Purple tentacles sprouted out of the Cube and started to drag me towards it.

I then grabbed on to the bed and tried to pry myself from them. I let go of the bed and was forced into the Purple cube. I tried to scream, but I couldn't…I looked around to see that I was surrounded Mob talker fanfiction Purple walls Mob talker fanfiction I was falling…I looked down to see that I was falling into darkness…. My vision was becoming distorted as I was dragged down. My vision turned to Purple and everything shifted and moved, it made me so dizzy and the tentacles were starting to choke me.

I fainted from lack of oxygen…. Be prepared for another bloody splash of vaginal discharge dissected and posted. I hope you enjoy it! Is that a box under the blanket? I then yanked the blanket off the bed and I was shocked… A Purple cube was resting on my bed…it seemed to glow a little bit… A fagfic is resting on my computer… it seemed to fuck up a little bit… "What is that? See vulgar-fanfic-commentary-blog's whole Tumblr.

Mob talker fanfiction

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