Muscle craze tumblr

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Muscle craze tumblr

I do recall a time when I was cheerful A small kid with lots of friends Parties and sleep-overs frequent Happy to be alive, no desire to flee. I do recall a time when I was bullied A physical condition I could not control Physical and verbal abuse frequent My self-esteem and self-worth broken Not one friend to help, no one to call. I do recall a time when a disease nearly murdered me Food and drink my enemy Self-worth tied to a on a scale My body aching, beginning to fail.

I do recall a time just now Strong and determined to help others Happiness, healthfulness and recovery prevail.

Muscle craze tumblr

Originally posted by saru. By Kim Drastal—Parents, the people who nag us to clean our rooms—but also the people who hold us when we cry. They may frustrate or anger us, but in the end, we love them and they love us. If your parents still have a ways to go in terms of body positivity, here are five ways you can open an important conversation:. I can tell you from personal experience that even though these are the people who have raised you from infancy to adulthood, your parents cannot read your mind. That, as you can imagine, is not even slightly productive.

So, when approaching your body positivity discussion with parents, try your best to be as open and honest as possible. I know how hard it can be to advocate for yourself or to talk about your feelings, but the more information you give them, the more they can try to improve or help. Also, try not to start the conversation by throwing accusations out.

As children, we may believe that our parents are superheroes who can do no wrong and will make everything right. But like everyone else in the world, your parents are not perfect. While they may think that commenting on your weight is motivational, you may find their comment extremely triggering. So try to put yourself in their shoes before having the conversation. Take into their feelings about their own bodies, their relationships with their parents and their life experiences. When you begin to talk to your parents about body image, listen to what they have to say.

This should be a two-way conversation, one in which you help them to understand your feelings, but you also empathize with their feelings. Your parents love you unconditionally; they are not trying to hurt you intentionally. Regardless of what is said in your conversation about body positivity, keep this in mind. Before talking to your parents, try your best to record some situations in which their actions or words negatively affected your body image.

This list does not have to be extensive; it should focus on the things that are the most triggering for you. After compiling the list, start to brainstorm solutions. For example, if one of your parents keeps magazines that encourage dieting or weight loss on your coffee table, and this really upsets you, ask if instead they can read a magazine that focuses more on healthy cooking. This takes a lot of stress off of your parents, who might not know what to do as an alternative.

Everyone forgets things, even things that we should remember, like where we put those keys. So even after your talk about body positivity, they may accidently make a triggering joke or comment. So instead of giving them the silent treatment, speak up.

Remind them about the things that you guys talked about regarding body image. It can take a little while for people to modify their behaviors. Try to stay calm and keep the conversation going. If your parents make a conscious effort to improve, that is great.

Ultimately, some people cannot be changed. Try to seek out other body-positive role models such as an aunt, a cousin or a friend. Allow yourself to be upset if your parents do something that negatively affects your body image, but then remind yourself that you are still body positive, and that cannot be taken away from you.

I can tell you from first-hand experience that after having a conversation with Muscle craze tumblr parents about body image, they were extremely understanding and helpful. I spent too much time being frustrated with the two most important people in my life, rather than starting the conversation on body positivity. I found that opening up to parents can be therapeutic for both parties. Body positivity is now a continuous point of conversation in our house and that has been one of the greatest things for my recovery.

The conversation may be tough to begin, but it is worth it! By Hilary Smith—We take ourselves for granted far too often. Our personal well-being and our needs tend to take a backseat to the needs of others. Speaking from experience, I can say it is much easier to care for others and make sure that they are happy than it is to cater to exactly Muscle craze tumblr would make me happy.

Why it that? Because taking care of myself feels selfish. I tell myself that if I take care of myself before others, they will suffer or they will be Muscle craze tumblr.

Muscle craze tumblr

How is that fair? Frankly, this logic is nonsense. When we do not take care of our needs and wants, we are not being kind to ourselves. I know that if I do not take moments for self-care, I cannot fully care for others. This is what is not fair. It is hard to tell myself that I am just as important as the next person.

But I am. And once I accept that I deserve kindness, especially from myself, my happiness will transfer far more easily to those I wish to share it with. It only takes a few simple tweaks in our daily lives to make sure we are being kind to ourselves. If we can implement five ways to be kinder to ourselves, our positive outlook on life and ourselves has the potential to skyrocket! Here are five simple ways to be kinder to yourself:. Look in the mirror and say either out loud or to yourself one thing that you appreciate about what you look like in that moment.

Or the brownie. Or that item in the shop window you know you would rock. Cut yourself some slack. We would never criticize our friend if he or she made a little mistake like spilling a glass of water on the table, but we beat ourselves up over the smallest things. If you make a simple mistake, laugh it off and chalk it up to a moment of comic relief.

Detach from social media. Whether it is for an hour or for a day, removing ourselves from the online world allows us to stop comparing ourselves to other people and what they are doing in their lives. Remember, social media allows a person to post what they want the world to see, which usually just includes the good, not the bad or the ugly. Giving ourselves a moment to separate from the virtual world reminds us of what we love about our lives. Step outside and simply breathe.

Often, we take for granted that we have the capacity to rejuvenate our minds and bodies by doing an act as routine as breathing. By filling our lungs with air, we remind ourselves that Muscle craze tumblr are worthy, and that is one of the kindest things we can do for ourselves. I say that these are five simple ways to be kinder to ourselves, but being kind to ourselves is one of the hardest things we can do. Once I accept that I need to be kind to myself first and foremost, my capacity and ability to be kind to others will be better than ever.

But please, me on the journey of being kind Muscle craze tumblr ourselves! Header image courtesy of youaremyfave. Originally posted on my Instagram: maxine. He is credentialed as a certified eating disorder specialist by the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals and is a d clinical social worker. Chase combines clinical and executive expertise to nurture a spirit of meaningful collaboration and carries a zeal for advancing public awareness on eating disorders.

Muscle craze tumblr

My boyfriend seems really concerned about his appearance and is afraid of looking unfit. First, thank you for expressing concern about your boyfriend.

Muscle craze tumblr

Unfortunately, we are bombarded with images and messages in our society that suggest there is an ideal body shape and size. As a result, many people struggle with body image concerns and turn to physical activity as a way to change their shape and control their weight.

For some, physical activity and related behaviors that are often viewed as healthy may get out of control. You may want to suggest that your boyfriend speak to a mental health professional if he is experiencing or has recently experienced any of the following:. The idea that working out can be unhealthy is counterculture. Many people receive positive feedback from friends, family and even medical providers when they lose weight or adhere to a regular exercise program. Talk about your concerns with your boyfriend and encourage him to speak with a mental health professional or medical practitioner if he feels he is losing control over his eating and exercise habits.

And remember: bodies come in all shapes and sizes. For additional resources, check out these tips on how to talk to a friend who may be struggling with an eating disorder and this fact sheet about the symptoms and health consequences of compulsive exercise. By Ariel Beccia—Cinderella. Snow White. Sleeping Beauty.

These are the characters many of us grew up with: we watched their movies, played with their dolls and even wore their costumes. Muscle craze tumblr course, the Disney craze continues today. The soundtrack of Frozen has topped the charts for months, toy store shelves are filled with Tinker Bell-inspired tutus and tiaras and Cinderella was still one of the most popular Halloween costumes in So what?

Muscle craze tumblr

Is the princess craze simply innocent fun for girls, or is there meaning behind the obsession? However, there is a growing backlash against princess culture, led by parents, psychologists and feminist scholars who question the underlying messages contained in the stories. After all, what are the effects of spending hood immersed in the world of Disney?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question may reveal the dark side of princess culture. According to a study done at Brigham Young University, girls who play with Disney princess toys are ificantly more likely to internalize gender stereotypes than are girls who play with other toys.

And, as lead researcher Sara M. The findings of this study make sense. What does it take to be a Disney princess? Culturally normative beauty, a wonderful singing voice, a loving demeanor and a prince to pine over. And while career trajectories certainly change, there are lasting influences when you grow up dreaming of tiaras.

Princess stories recount tales of romantic rescues, passionate kisses and unlimited ball gowns, reinforcing the stereotype of passive femininity. More recently, Disney movies have challenged the princess culture. In Frozenthe defining relationship is between two sisters, not between Muscle craze tumblr and prince. Tiana, the first black princess, follows her dream of owning a restaurant through her own hard work and determination. Merida from Brave challenges gender norms by rejecting an arranged marriage and focusing on things that matter to her, like archery and family.

Muscle craze tumblr Muscle craze tumblr

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