Muscle inflation story

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By Weremuscle, July 13, in Stories. C J is a small guy that has a tremendous talent in drawing muscle growth on paper. This is a talent that he has honed over several years growing up as an outsider in not only school, but in society as a whole. His parents could never understand why he had no interest in ever finding someone to be with in real life. All he ever cared about was drawing whatever fantasies were in his head on paper.

This infatuation with muscle growth would escalate into him actually attempting to inflate himself through various means by way of vacuum, air, water, or whatever he could find to manipulate his body.

Muscle inflation story

The swelling of his body makes him feel powerful, even though it is extremely temporary. He would look at himself in a giant mirror in his bedroom as his clothes would expand with whatever he could put inside them. One day unexpectedly, a hulking figure appears on the other side of his mirror. It speaks to him and says that it would like to fulfill his desire, but that he must give up his innocence to do so.

He is puzzled as to what the humanlike figure is talking about.

Muscle inflation story

It walks out of his mirror and is an amazing specimen to behold. It touches his head as he feels an unreal rush of excitement racing through him. The feeling disappears once the figure turns back around and goes through the mirror. Without ever uttering a word, he makes a deal with the Muscle Genie.

He is actually a very modest guy. He lives alone because he doesn't really identify with anyone. He does however talk on chat groups on his laptop since that is where he gets most of his ideas for his drawings. His obsession with inflating his body may become a major part of his life from this point on. As he Muscle inflation story to lay down for the night in his bed by the window, he feels a sense of ease as he tries to compile more ideas.

He falls asleep after a few minutes and begins to dream about inflating his body again. With his extensive experience of stretching his skin for temporary periods of time, C J would have no issue with doing it again. Coming through the mirror, the Genie walks over to his bed and climbs in with him. It smiles as it moves in close to where he is sleeping. It uncovers him and pulls his boxers off his crotch.

After looking at his flaccid cock for a few moments, it touches it and makes it jump slightly. C J moans and tries to move to his side before the Genie rolls him back over. It puts its other hand on his head to keep him calm. C J sighs as the feeling is so soothing. After keeping him motionless, it rubs his cock to wake it up.

Incredibly, it starts stretching and pulling its way from inside his body getting longer and thicker. Once it is done growing, it has surpassed a foot in length. The Genie smiles again as it leans over and licks his stomach to make it react. C J grabs its head as he feels his abs and obliques pulsing and quivering. It obliges as extreme popping starts with each individual abdominal forcing their way out from his core.

He moans as they start bloating themselves into distended shapes resembling more of a belly Muscle inflation story muscles. It starts to move its way up his chest to his pecs which are starting to swell. C J moans uncontrollably in his slumber as he feels them starting to touch his chin. His nipples are now blowing up beyond silver dollars and continuing. The Genie can see now that he craves this more than anything since he is starting to spill precum all over his bed. It stands in front of him now and begins to rub its hands together. It makes a strange motion and points at his arms and legs.

C J moans louder now as his arms blow up into huge vascular poles and his legs turn into massive tree trunks. His bed disintegrates under his weight as he continues to grow wildly. His tiny head begins to swell up itself as the muscles start swelling bigger than before making his facial hair disappear under the pressure. He is hairless now as his skinny body has inflated into superhuman proportions.

Instead of disappearing after this monstrous transformation, the Genie waits for C J to wake up to witness his changes. He looks up and sees the Genie staring him in the face. It wants him to try and stand. It puts its hand out to grab his and pulls him up. He stumbles a few times after learning that he needs to conform to his new size. Each step he takes makes his apartment shake as stuff hops on the floor. The Genie opens a window for him to try and get through.

When he tries to go through it, he ends up breaking the whole frame and it crashes down on him. The Genie grabs him quickly and pulls him away from the building. The Genie tells him to stop moving so it can help ease his pain. It places its hands on his back and quickly heals him. When they get Muscle inflation story an empty field, it stops and makes him stand motionless. It directs his eyes to stare into its own as it begins to inflate itself. It looks down at the tiny humans and smiles before evaporating into thin air.

C J falls to the ground and lies there unconscious shrinking with each breath. Was this all a dream or did the Genie really bestow this gift to him?

Muscle inflation story

Perhaps one day he will know for sure. WHOA Corey you look amazing. Did you decide to take in some gym time while I was gone? CJ looks down at his ripped muscles and smiles as he realizes that what happened a few hours ago really did happen. The surprised black man walks over and sits down on the bed to give his partner a nice rubdown feeling his hard muscular chest. They kiss a bit as CJ uncovers his lower body revealing his hard cock. He moves rapidly up and down on his lover making him writhe in pleasure. CJ makes him stop after a few minutes though to tell him something. While I was toying with the idea of inflating myself, some strange alien came by and turned me into a huge muscle giant.

It was awesome. I guess that as a result, I was able to keep some of this muscle. Muscle inflation story know how much you love to manipulate your body CJ, but this seems a bit strange.

Muscle inflation story

Anyway, can I finish sucking you off babe? I want to see if it will happen again. Colin seems irritated by this especially since he just wants to relax and have a little fun with CJ. You may love this more than you think sexy. CJ and Colin arrive at the field about ten minutes later. The confused black man watches as his lover rushes over to the spot that he is talking about.

Now if only I could do it again…. CJ begins to feel a rush of adrenaline passing through him as he feels his body starting to react.

Muscle inflation story

His muscles start to double up on each other as his shirt and pants completely shred to pieces. He feels himself rising as his feet and legs begin to push him higher into the air. His muscles nearly grow out of his skin as they make stretching and inflating sounds. Colin feels his cock growing in his pants hearing CJ talk so dirty. He walks over slowly since CJ has now grown to over pounds. Once he gets into the area of where his lover is, he can feel his own body reacting to some strange force.

Muscle inflation story

CJ finally stops growing once he passes pounds as he sees his once small black lover growing in a huge Nubian giant. His skin has trouble keeping up with the pace of his growing muscles as he cups his own pecs in his hands feeling their massiveness nearly making him fall over. He begins to rise higher into the air just like CJ did as his feet and legs begin to grow longer. His arms continue to grow even after his massive qu and chest stop. He laughs as he watches his engorged biceps swell up bigger flexing them and feeling them rise above his head.

CJ grabs him and starts to kiss him feeling his black lover expanding in his arms. CJ strokes himself a little faster making his balls start to swell up. Colin sucks on his huge nips making his white lover yell as his voice echoes over the entire area. With just a few strokes, the black giant rears back and shoots numerous rockets of white jizz all over his lover and the park. The goo makes the ground look like it just snowed. CJ decides to get up and strokes himself harder to Colin in his ecstasy. CJ shoots his massive load over the trees and into other parts of the park as him and his black giant lover continue to coat the park in white jizz.

They both turn to look at each other and make out before falling to the ground to start taking turns fucking each other. Various emergency vehicles are heard in the background which does little to detract from the two Muscle inflation story love making.

Muscle inflation story

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