My husband in hair rollers

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Want to buy or sell something? Check the classifieds New Posts Classifieds. The Fedora Lounge. Do you wear curlers in front of your ificant Other? Nov 17, 1. Messages: Here is a delicate subject or perhaps I am vain.

My husband in hair rollers

How do you deal with the whole wearing curlers is not sexy?! I love looking totally put together for my BF. He loves the whole package:hair, nails, clothes We are now spending more and more time together. We are both middle aged divorcees -so no spring chickens here.

However, I am afraid to wear curlers to bed when he is staying over. The sleep curlers give me the best set. I try to keep my hair together for a couple of nights in a row, but sometimes he surprises me with roses and his presence and I had planned to wash my hair.

What do you girls do? When did you do the curler thing? We have been dating 1 year and are extremely happy. Your thoughts Ladies Nov 17, 2. Messages: 3, Just throw a cute scarf over the curlers! He'll think it's cute, I'm sure. Nov 17, 3. My husband doesn't care.

I sleep with one of those silky bonnets over the rollers. The result in the morning is worth it IMO. Nov 17, 4. He pokes fun everytime he sees me in them, but I still wear them in front of him. Sometimes, you gotta do what ya gotta do.

My husband in hair rollers

Nov 17, 5. Messages: 5, I rarely ever curl my hair, but when I do they're out in all their glory. He doesn't seem to mind it. If you're self conscious I second the scarf idea- can look pretty darn cute, actually! Nov 17, 6. Nov 17, 7.

Just wear them and see how he reacts. You might find out he thinks it's really sexy. Nov 17, 8. Messages: 1, Yes, and I don't know any housewives who in the past haven't worn curlers around their family. That said, it was never a regular occurence around here and it'll happen even less frequently in the future because of my new hair goals.

Nov 17, 9. I don't as my bf doesn't think curlers are very becoming wearing curlers and thick face cream to bed instantly reminds him of his mother and likes it when I sit in front of his mirror and use a curling iron instead. Suits me as I don't care to remind him of his mother, lol. Nov 17, I have naturally curly hair, so I don't curl my hair very often, but when I do I make pincurls and I put a scarf over and my bf think I look adoreable. But I would do it even if he didn't like it.

I actually wear them just about anywhere.

My husband in hair rollers

It's funny when I have my rollers in, dh instantly starts referring to me as Curly Sue. He likes that they take time off my morning routine, if I set overnight all I have to do is remove and can be ready to go in less time than if I had to start from scratch. The type of roller I wear requires different things, a pin curl gets a banana-ala rosie style.

Foam rollers get tied up from underneath like wearing a ribbon i can't stand the rustling sound of the rollers on my ears Rag rollers usually flop around or maybe get a scarf and on my velcro days its just impossible to cover them. Concerned with wearing them out of the house, Lolita Haze said that no one knows if you are a model, an actress or a bride on her wedding day. That has given me the confidence to wear mine out. Just happens that I am an actress so if anyone says anything I ask them what they do for a living. He thinks it's funny but thankfully it doesn't remind him of his mother.

My hubby doesn't mind, I warned him how high maintenance I was when we met lol. Not only do I wear them in front of him, but he helps me set the back of my hair since I cannot move my left arm up enough to do it. My husband in hair rollers a sport, that man o' mine! He does, however, still make fun of the pink net scarf I wear when I have curlers in.

I've started doing hot sets for the ease of it. My lightened hair is a bit fried and the with wet sets aren't working these days. Regardless some of my favorite moments are when the BF stands in the doorway and hovers while I'm getting ready. He giggles and is in awe when I'm sporting the full head of rollers.

I tend to keep my flirt up in those moments - I think if you are confident and feeling sexy in rollers - he's probably going to find you irresistable too. I don't use rollers but if I did I wouldn't hesitate to wear them infront of my boyfriend. I think its a bit silly not wanting to wear them infront of him incase he doesn't like them. Like Making Laws or Sausage I've worn curlers in front of the husband, and he's generally amused. But then again he likes the end result, so he knows better than to make fun of me in case I stop trying. I've never had the nerve to wear curlers out and about I don't use curlers on a daily basis, but when I want a good set, I like rag curlers.

My hubby thinks they are adorable.

My husband in hair rollers

They don't even seem to deter him from romance. I wouldn't pick a night where you were looking for romance, but maybe the evening before a big date or event? He'd understand why you had them in, and it might let you gauge what he thinks I refuse to go out or be seen in rollers or pincurls, since this is the case I have invested in a late 's hood dryer that will get me dry in 45 minutes flat.

I just don't like to look undone in front of random people and believe that I need to look polished in front of my ificant other. In short, Yes. When I first met my boyfriend, he saw me in curlers even before we were going out, so he knew what he was getting into!

I do it the evening before then sleep on it. He jokes about me looking like a granny but doesn't seem to care too much. I once went up London like this on a Saturday before a dance and so many people asked me if I was a model or actor. And these were vintage clothes dealers so they must be used to seeing interesting people My husband in hair rollers and about. Made me chuckle. Show Ignored Content. Share This Tweet. Your name or address: Do you already have an ? Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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My husband in hair rollers

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Do you wear curlers in front of your ificant Other?