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The hypnotists had been dueling for years, each daring the other to do something more dangerous and crazy each time. The latest dare - hypnotize a cop in a police station. Officer Lawrence went strictly by the book when he was on duty. Once he was off duty, there was no book to go by.

Except the one where he kept the names and locations of likely additions to his roster of popped cherries. Officer Mike slowly opened his eyes. He was a little groggy, but his vision quickly cleared up. What happened? Last he could remember he was in his squad car drinking his morning coffee and then he got really tired all of a sudden.

Why is he tied up?? Why was he gagged? What in the Hell was going on? He started to push himself up the wall using his strong legs to get all the way up on his feet. His boots and knees were tied, arms were bound with rope. His wrists were tied behind his back.

Naked new york tumblr

He tried to wiggle them free, but the rope was cinched too tight. Plus they were also tied to the ropes running between his legs and his struggling made them dig into his crotch more, uncomfortably tightening around his junk Who did this to him? He shuffled towards the door hoping to turn the handle and hop out of the room, but as soon as reached it a hand clamped over his taped mouth and another arm wrapped around his chest pulling him back.

Mike recognized him right away. It was one of the college kids who worked at the coffee shop and was a pain the ass activist who Mike had arrested once before at a protest. He grunted and mmmpphhed angrily as he felt his wrists and boots being forced towards each other as the rope pulled him into a tight hogtie.

Officer Hardley pulled over a young hooligan that was speeding down the road in a beat up Honda. As Naked new york tumblr as he finished writing out a speeding ticket, the kid started talking. Then I want you to shove the carbon copy up your ass. Unbeknownst to him, the teenager had already found a place to crash for the night - and the police officer will be standing there, in the cold, for the entire night, until his partner snaps him out of the trance past noon the next day.

Naked new york tumblr

He thought he was a big man, taking me in on parking tickets. Posts Archive. Just checking in mid shift like a good Owned man. At the coppig academy the baton handling class was one of the more popular classes. Officer Cassidy is a member of the Himbo Project. He got big and beefy but his brains dulled. Still he got strong and fast and can outrun any criminal or thug he deals with Though on occasion, he's been known to end up in the backseat of his cruiser, deeply throating a cuffed stud's juicy hot cock, sucking the sweat off their balls, and getting throat fucked as he gagged and choked and drooled and swallows every drop of their load.

Several particular "offenders" include a group of homeless men that stay near the local park He tends to drive them to his house, provides them with food and fresh clothing, a shower if they need it. The men packed some massive thick heavy deliciously sweaty musky raunchy meat And they loved breeding the big ass of Naked new york tumblr law again and again and again Food, shelter for the night, and a greedy hungry willing hot tight slut hole to dump their lo in? Being allowed to be as rough as they liked, passionate as they liked, and always raw breeding the panting muscle bitch?

Beating that ass, spitting on him, calling him a filthy dick pig and hearing his salacious moans as he takes it all in and loves it. Cassidy was the reason they hadn't moved on to another city yet. It was hard to give up such an arrangement. Cop hypnotized into submission.

Naked new york tumblr

Officer: Who are you staring at! You think you can just sit there and stare me down?! Me: Good. Top Photos.

Naked new york tumblr

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