Naked pokemon fanfiction

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Misty looked at Dawn the answer the question, but she was occupied by looking into space with dreamy eyes. Seeing her as a lost cause, Misty turned to May for some means of explanation. But Misty had already stopped listening. Dawn shook her head as if to make herself more alert and turned to the other two girls with wide eyes. Misty sat up quickly, almost smacking May in the head with her own head.

May shot backwards, but Misty was unfazed. Before Misty knew it, Dawn was about two inches from her face, squinting her eyes and looking at it carefully. It seems no one has any idea. The girls sat in silence for a moment before Dawn stood up, sparkles once again in her eyes. Like browsing for clothes and shoes, not having a Dawn makeover day. Abruptly, Dawn grabbed both girls by the arms and started physically dragging them in the direction of the department store. Misty blinked awkwardly, trying to get the stray makeup residue out of her eyes, making them water in the process.

Dawn looked at Misty with sympathetic eyes and a small smile—the kind of look you give to a small. Before Misty could open her mouth again, Dawn stopped and told her to open her eyes. Misty did just that and was stunned speechless. She blinked a few times, this time in wonderment. She had to admit, eyeliner pencil skills aside, Dawn knew what she was doing. In fact, her eyes had the perfect smoky eye, Naked pokemon fanfiction them look deliciously seductive. Misty had intended for it to come out as a snap, but it sounded more like a reverent whisper. She hesitantly touched her hair, which was loosely curled, barely brushing her shoulders.

She then fingered the hem of her skirt, trying to inch it down just a bit, but also in awe at how long her legs looked. May tilted her head to the side, a look of contemplation on her face. They all looked in the mirror. Misty was wearing a royal blue dress with a high neckline and thick bands that hugged her body all the way down to her waist, at which point the short skirt flared out to the point at which it would be dangerous if Naked pokemon fanfiction spun around without wearing shorts underneath.

Instead, Misty smirked, a sinister look in her eyes. The three girls arrived at the party—Drew was hosting it, of course. Not to let Misty have all the fun, Dawn was wearing a crop top and a bandage skirt, her hair straightened and May was wearing a simple tee-shirt dress with the tallest of heels and her hair up. It was true. Her body was like a secret that nobody had known about and now that it was known to everyone it was all anyone could talk about.

She blushed a little, cursing redhe and their easy blushing. Ash looked at Dawn, an empty expression on his face. Still looking positively mystified, Ash turned to Misty. Misty brushed both of her friends off and shook her head at Ash. Dawn just huffed, crossing her arms and turning away from May. May just shrugged her shoulders and went to Drew, who was waving her over.

As May left, Dawn turned quickly back to her gaping. Posted by letswritefanfiction. Misty looked bewildered. It was just a joke! Dawn tried hard not to smile too widely at all the ogling they were getting. At just that moment, Ash sidled up next to Misty. New with Misty. Dawn slapped her.

Naked pokemon fanfiction

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