Naruto x shizune lemon

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Thank you for all your support. This chapter will begin the Kazekage Retrieval mission and set up things coming. Also this story is moving from T to Naruto x shizune lemon for Lemons. Naruto sits on the roof of the Kage tower with his legs crossed and haru in his lap, "This tower indeed resembles the one in Konoha" he thought. It has been a month since he brought tsunade and the others to Uzushio, turning them into pseudo fox biju.

Naruto had sent a clone to Spring and inform koyuki that he would delay his return and properly train the others. However something unexpected or expected in naruto's case came about as tsunade, anko, shizune, sakura and hinata were unconsciously releasing pheromones. Tsume and hana were the first to notice and confronted him about it, to which he explained that the five Naruto x shizune lemon them would experience animal urges such as wanting to mate and lay claim to the alpha. Tsume knew what naruto meant and agreed to teach the others to control their urges.

Needless to say hinata and the others were shocked at this revelation and spent the next week avoiding him but eventually came around. The next three weeks naruto taught them the Kage Bunshin, allowing them to shape up their flaws and strengthen their core skills. Naruto showed them a treasure trove of weapons, jutsu and knowledge for them to learn, allowing them to expand their respective skill sets. Naruto rises to his feet and vanishing with a swirl of wind, reappearing outside the village.

Tsunade and other were mediating but their fox ears twitch at every sound, "Time for us to leave" tsunade asks. I've been gone too long. Koyuki will be mad" naruto says. Everyone gets to their feet, "I am so taking a long and hot shower" sakura says. Naruto hands haru to hinata and everyone s hands, before the vanish in a huge white flash.

Naruto and his group appear in the courtyard of a large compound, "Welcome to my home" he says. Everyone looks around in shock at the beautiful scenery and large home, "It has several training areas. A dojo and Outdoor bath" naruto says, letting haru down to run around. The house is yours. Feel free to explore" naruto says and vanishes in a flash. Anko, sakura, yugao, hana and tsume quickly rush off towards to the outdoor bath as tsunade, shizune and hinata start to explore. The three continue to explore, finding ten bedrooms and five bathrooms also, a fully stock kitchen and a room full of weapons.

However one weapon stood for its large size, it was a incredibly large halberd with a large double-edge sword. Its pommel has a large crescent moon de and white wrapping to the blade. That is a huge weapon" tsunade comments. The three continue to explore but eventually make it to the outdoor bath, "Bout time" anko chirps. Tsunade and hinata follow but the younger hides her breasts and anko grins, "I bet Naruto gonna love riding those titties" she says and hinata eeps. Sakura runs her towel over her cheek, "I can understand Hinata being attracted to Naruto but all of us" she says.

He is the alpha and you want him to mate with you.

Naruto x shizune lemon

We taught you to control the urges on Uzushio but its still there until you actually have Sex with him and mark him our alpha" tsume comments, sipping some sake. He was so cute and I So wanted to corrupt him" anko muses. Hinata submerges herself with red cheeks, "I want to make love with Naruto-kun but I am so embarrassed" she whispers.

Naruto x shizune lemon

You loved him first. So go for it. We can wait. Just tell us Naruto x shizune lemon Big he is" anko says and hinata blushes brightly with steam rising from her ears. Meanwhile naruto was standing in the study as koyuki sat at her desk, "Sorry for taking too long to return" he says. How are the others" koyuki says. She has long black hair with bangs that sweep on each side of her face and violet-blue eyes, wearing a green blouse and a grey skirt with brown shoes. That way they can teach the next generation" koyuki states. Naruto softly smiles with a glance outside, "So you are going through with you goal of establishing a Shinobi village" he says.

Koyuki rises from her seat and makes her way to the balcony, "Yes but not like the other nations. Shinobi loyal to me and help the people from the shadows. I believe they can lay a proper foundation for it" she says. Naruto places his hand on her shoulder, "Then I will do everything in my power to see it come to fruition.

Dattebayo" he says and koyuki laughs. By your leave then" naruto says and excuses himself. Naruto makes his way back to his compound but deep in thought, "Kurama. I wish you were here. I need help with this problem or five problems rather" he thought. He kept walking but halted in his tracks and pales, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" he thought, creating five clones. Three of you load up. You two buy basic clothes" naruto says and the five salute, leaping off. Naruto continues through town as people greet him, "Hello Ghost-sama. Hello Menma-sama" several greet.

Naruto pulls down his mask to reveal his face under a henge, "Thanks Kaede" he says, continuing his walk. This is what I've wanted to have since I was . People treating me fairly and not as some demon incarnate" naruto thought. Naruto reaches his compound as the clones arrive with a multitude of bags, before opening the gate.

Naruto x shizune lemon

He could sense they were grouped in the living room as finishes off his apple, "I'll take the clothes. You all get started on dinner" he says, opening the front door. Naruto slips off his boots and makes his way to the living room, finding them wearing his robes. I have some simple clothes until you can go shop for new clothes" naruto says, dropping the bags. Naruto quickly turns around as they strip off their robes to root through the bags. He always was sniffing around me after he came back to Konoha" tsunade says, slipping on some sweats and a t-shirt.

Naruto rubs his forehead and slips a lollipop in his mouth, "They're only temporary. You can get your own clothes tomorrow" he says. Concerning your urges. I know it something I neglected go mention before the change" naruto says, sitting in a chair.

The room goes quiet as hinata was blushing brightly with her head down.

Naruto x shizune lemon

I want you to mount me and make me yours" tsunade comments. Naruto points to the lollipop in his mouth, "I suck on lollipops. However when I was on the island. I used a Kage Bushin and it henged using my Sexy Jutsu" he starts and anko laughs. So I decided to return to the mainland. I went to a brothel in the Capital and spent a week there. The matron named Yumi taught me how to properly please a woman and curb my urges" naruto explains.

Naruto slowly nods and crosses his legs, "She said I was natural at Cunninglus" he says, shocking all of them. Naruto rubs his head sheepishly with a blush on his cheeks, "After that. I was able to control my urges and went back to my training but I would flash back for the occasional romp" he explains. Their feelings for you are a byproduct of our transformations. So you won't force them to be with you as Tsume told us earlier" yugao comments. I won't something so despicable. I'll admit I am attracted to them but I refuse to force them into something. All you have stood by me. When everyone else tossed me aside.

To me you are My Precocious people" naruto states, causing all of them to smile. Naru-kun how are you going to explain us to the People of Spring. To the world we are dead" tsunade states. You're going to become Ghosts like me. Outside of Koyuki.

You'll have to change your appearance like Baa-chan does with her special Henge" naruto states. You're the Fucking Ghost. S-rank Threat with a Flee on Sight order" anko shouts and naruto nods, shocking them. I needed experience Naruto x shizune lemon first I went to meet with the other Jinchuriki and warn them of the Akatsuki and a possible Konoha threat to replace me" naruto starts.

A glorified attack dog. I wouldn't put it pass him to try and steal another Jinchuriki for that purpose" naruto replies. I met the Nibi Jinchuriki. Yugito Nii outside of Kumo by chance. Matatabi and Kurama were old friends allowing Yugito to trust me. The other Jinchuriki Darui. The Right-hand of the Raikage doesn't leave Kumogakure but she agreed to pass it on.

I even gave her one of my Kunai for just in case" naruto states. I encountered a Missing-nin named Hiruko and his three followers" naruto says and tsunade gasps. Tsunade sighs sadly, "He was a Naruto x shizune lemon growing up but he had no special skills. So he created a Jutsu to steal Kekkai Genkai from others. Sensei sent us to deal him but he escaped with his research" she explains.

He could use the Swift.

Naruto x shizune lemon

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