New catfight stories

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Hi, this is Sidekick — you know, not the hero, not the villain, just the sidekick. I remember hiding a cartoon I discovered when just a young boy.

New catfight stories

It showed two female characters captured by some primitive tribe in the Amazon being made to fight each other while the whole tribe watched. They enjoyed it.

New catfight stories

I was hooked. I had many fantasies of my mother wrestling and fighting other moms when I was still young.

New catfight stories

In those years it was very hard to come across any girl fight material. Later there were a few special magazines. Cavalier specialized in catfight material back in the day. And the Internet was a godsend to all of us with this fetish. I began to experiment with my own dirty stories many years ago. I first shared them tentatively and found other people enjoyed them. This still amazes and gratifies me. My best seem to tumble out of my brain like a waterfall.

New catfight stories comes all at once. I feel the story, more than just write it. They are my own dearest fantasies. And as I published, it was great to find fans to confide in and share with who were just as crazed about this stuff as I am. I love the uninhibited release of primitive violent emotions in a fight. I love the voyeurism and exhibitionism angles of people enjoying a good fight. I love women who fight just because they want to. And I love them to do it again and again and. I hate the mention of a ring.

Rings are for sporting events. A fight is erotic, forbidden hedonism, not a sporting event. Then returning their glare at each other, they rose and followed Henry to the back of the dining room. She kneed me in the cunt.

New catfight stories

I returned the favor. Presently, I took the hand I had been punching her with and grabbed her blouse, tearing it open. This started us both tearing our blouses and bras off. This we enjoyed for several minutes. We both had large breasts and very nice legs. Eleanor felt the blood rushing through her veins. Her heart was beating faster as she stood on her balcony in the mid-morning summer heat.

She could hardly believe she was doing this. It seemed like a very long time. The sweat began to run down her arms and chest. She was motionless, staring across the narrow alley separating the adjacent apartment buildings. And on the balcony exactly opposite her was another woman in the same position. They had been staring at each other for quite a while; unsmiling, unapologetic, challenging.

Eleanor could not explain her behavior nor bring herself to stop it. The two began this installment of their staring contest right after breakfast on this Sunday morning. It actually began a couple of weekends ago when they stared only for a few seconds. But those seconds seemed tantalizingly long — longer than they should have been.

They New catfight stories their faces nose to nose. The pushed their bodies into each other and felt their breasts rubbing back and forth. They moaned now said the first words since the lunch meeting began. They smacked their bodies against one another. Her pussy was dripping as the fight escalated. Their punched became harder and they groaned as they both tried to hurt each other.

They slapped their bodies together and grabbed each other tightly with their arms. They were twirling and stumbling around; brawling like two whores in a bar competing for the same John.

New catfight stories

Presently their legs tangled and they fell to the floor with a thump. And never resting for second, they began thrashing and wrestling and rolling from one wall to the other and back. They knocked over an end table which brought a lamp crashing to the floor.

But the two women never took notice. They were intent on hurting each other. Laura loved the sticky feel of the mud as their bodies struggled. They could scarcely hold each other anymore. And after several futile minutes of wrestling they rolled away from each other and tried to catch their breath.

All Laura could see was a human female form covered in mud from head to toe. But in just a minute that form struggled to slip and slide to its feet. Laura also got up and they two began New catfight stories advance on each other once again. They both put up their fists and held a challenging pose for a few seconds. Then they cautiously began to throw well aimed and careful punches at each other. They were having trouble keeping their balance if they punched to hard. Occasionally one would go for the head, usually missing.

She jerks her hair and squeezes her tit in retaliation. She and Julie have always fought since they were little girls. But in the last few months, they have been quietly jumping into one bed in their shared bedroom after their parents are asleep. With arms and legs locked together, they fight by punching, scratching and pulling hair until they are too tired to continue.

New catfight stories

As the two women circled like hunting cats, Ann thought briefly of the first time she saw Rosa. The sick rush of emotions that poured through her body flowed just as strongly now as it did that first time. The pure hatred reflected in the eyes of the other woman. She was nearly New catfight stories and barely recovered to battle the maid.

They grunted and rolled, and had to New catfight stories spring apart as they heard others approaching. The two looked at each other with a combination resentment and challenge. Karen reached out for the plate again. And for the space of over a minute, the two women strained against each other. The muscles of their arms were tight and their hands weaved back and forth before the plate was abandoned roughly on the counter. The two had scratches on their breasts and bruises on their necks, forearms and faces.

The crowd was murmuring in approval of what they had seen so far. Many of them figured it was over. And if it was, certainly it had been the highlight of the evening and probably the week and the month. If not, … well then this was going to be one of those very special evenings that they tell stories about for years. I rose to my feet and began to remove my tattered clothes. She did the same and we watched each other undress and threw our clothes into the corner.

Then we circled and closed in on each other. Our ample tits swayed as we went. My nipples were like steel an my pussy was warm and wet as we mashed our bodies together and began to pull hair. Inevitably they tangled and fell to the grass, immediately throwing their legs around each other and clutching and pulling hair.

I saw those fabulous legs tangled as they rolled over slowly on the grass. Their dresses were pushed and crumpled as they were never intended to be. And presently I got a great view of their little bikini panties as they rolled over and over.

New catfight stories

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