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In this article, I take you on a quick tour of the major turning points in the evolution of XR. This led to the development of the first stereoscopes, devices that took Nfl vpl tumblr pair of images and turned them into a 3D image with the illusion of depth. This was the first prediction of VR as we know it today.

This movie booth combined 3D, color video using the stereoscopic technology I've already mentioned with audio, smells, and a vibrating chair to immerse the viewer in the movie. Heilig would go on to patent the first head-mounted display — combining stereoscopic 3D images with stereo sound — in Deed for military use, this was the first VR heet with motion tracking technology. This is widely considered the blueprint for modern VR. Sound familiar, Google? This experience was arguably the first to show how VR could transport users to another place entirely.

From the s to In the s, new technology emerged to enhance the VR experience. And by the mids, affordable VR heets were becoming available for home use. But what about AR? InSportsvision broadcast the first live NFL game with the yellow yard marker a yellow line overlayed on top of the live camera feed.

It was a game-changer, and the idea of overlaying graphics over the real-world view quickly spread to other sports broadcasting. Although the introduction of Google Street View in arguably ties in with VR, since it allows users to visit a different place. But from onwards, XR technologies really began to gain momentum. With its degree field of vision and use of computer processing power, the revolutionary heet reignited interest in VR.

Meanwhile, Google released its first Cardboard device, a low-cost cardboard VR viewer for smartphones, and unveiled its Google Glass AR glasses, which Nfl vpl tumblr digital information onto the real world and allow users to access apps like Gmail.

By the end ofhundreds of companies were developing VR and AR experiences. This widening of XR applications is critical to the evolution of XR, because it proves that XR is no longer just for gaming and entertainment. I can't wait to see how these technologies evolve in the future and become even more mainstream.

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Nfl vpl tumblr

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