Pictures of buff guys

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A quick look at Murphy's Instagram will make you think he can't take a bad photo thanks to his toned physique. But Murphy told Insider there's a lot that goes into making sure he looks muscular in his pictures. When he started developing his social-media presence in latehe learned a myriad of tricks that could make him look much more muscular. He posted the video in part because he thought it was a fun idea video people would enjoy watching, but also because he wanted to be more transparent with his followers.

Murphy's biggest piece of advice to people trying to optimize their muscles in photos is to always face towards the sun in your photos. But Murphy also noted that if you're trying to emphasize your gluteus muscles, you might actually tilt the lower half of your body forward and turn slightly towards the side. In addition to swelling the muscles, getting your blood moving can make your skin flush, which in turn makes them look larger as well.

Murphy recommended doing push-ups to get your blood pumping in his video.

Pictures of buff guys

He recommends spray-on cooking oil in the video, as it allows you to disperse the oil evenly. Murphy isn't the only influencer to call out the industry for setting unattainable standards for followers. Fitness star Sia Cooper criticized highly-edited photos in Instagram also banned filters that promote plastic surgery earlier this year. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.

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Pictures of buff guys

Connor Murphya bodybuilder and fitness influencerposted a " 10 Minute Transformation Challenge " video to his YouTube channel showing how photos don't always depict how people look in real life. He posed without preparing and then posed again when he was flexing, leaning towards the camera, and under good lighting. The before-and-after shots look dramatically different. Murphy thinks fitness influencers should be more transparent with their followers about how they curate their looks in photos, as people can develop unrealistic expectations for what their bodies should look like.

Visit Insider's home for more stories. Connor Murphy Pictures of buff guys a bodybuilder and fitness influencer who has over two million YouTube subscribers. Almost all of his Instagram posts emphasize his muscles. InMurphy posted a "10 Minute Transformation Challenge" video to his YouTube to share what he learned about posing for photos with his followers. In the video, he demonstrated how things like lighting and camera angles can impact how your photos look. Titling your body towards the camera can also impact your appearance, according to Murphy. Murphy has also found that positioning the camera at a higher angle can make his muscles look bigger, especially if he's trying to emphasize his upper body.

Flexing for a photo makes muscles more defined. Murphy said most bodybuilders tan themselves to make their muscles look more defined. Murphy makes sure to get his blood pumping before posing for a photo. Murphy says he applies oil to his body as the shine it creates makes his muscles seem larger. Murphy thinks fitness influencers can give people unrealistic expectations of what they should look like. Loading Something is loading. address.

Pictures of buff guys Pictures of buff guys

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