Pregnant power girl

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Here at DC Histories, we try to make sense of the continuity that perplexes, befuddles, and intimidates. Power Girl made her debut in a issue of All-Star Comics. There were also doubles of characters like Batman and Superman who held Pregnant power girl same secret identities as their younger Earth-1 counterparts. It was in this group that Power Girl appeared. Though her origin was clouded at first, it eventually came out that Power Girl was a survivor of Krypton, just like Superman.

She was even revealed to be from the city of Kandor, sent to Earth by a rocket ship. The first time that Power Girl and the Earth-1 Superman interacted, Superman saw just how different Kara was to the cousin that he knew so well. From Justice League of America Vol. The Crisis was an attempt by DC to streamline their universe.

When all was said and done, there was just one Earth, not multiple earths. DC wanted Superman to be the only survivor of Krypton, so Supergirl was cut out of continuity. She simply never existed. But there was the Power Girl problem. They just needed to give her a new origin. It was revealed that the Krypton origin that Power Girl had believed for the eleven years had been a false one. She was actually a descendant of ancient Atlantis of 45, years ago.

Pregnant power girl

Protected by magic, it was a city looked over by Arion, a sorcerer who held his own DC title for a time. When she awoke from her stasis in the present, Kara knew nothing of her true past. After this new history was revealed to her, Kara added an Atlantean symbol to her belt buckle and then went on about her business. Kara stayed with the League for the next eight years. That began to change when Gerard Jones completely took over the writing chores on Justice League Europe after his plotting partner Keith Giffen left the book.

As Kara continued with the League, her behavior became more aggressive and slightly erratic. Concerned for her friend, the heroic Dr. Light looked into the problem and found the culprit: diet soda.

Pregnant power girl

Things drastically changed for Kara a year later. In an odd aside at the end of her latest League adventure, Kara announced to those around her that she was pregnant. From Justice League International Vol. Now, this could have been the beginning of an intriguing story. In the issues prior to this one, Kara had been seen getting cozy with both Aquaman, which made sense since both characters were refugees from Atlantis, and Hal Jordan.

Pregnant power girl

Surely, the offspring of one of these two pairings would make for an interesting dynamic between the two parents and could introduce a new character to the DCU in the form of their offspring. This baby had no father. Kara was now gestating a magical savior baby in her womb and there was nothing readers could do about it. For much of the next year, Kara would occasionally reference the fact that she was pregnant but there were no art changes done to her. She was like Lori in the televised version of The Walking Deadtalking about the baby but not seeing any physical changes. In the midst of Zero HourKara finally birthed her baby who turned out to be able to create prenatal force fields.

Just like that, Kara was now a mother to a baby boy. A baby boy who, I should point out, Kara never bothered to name. As the force fields during Zero Hour proved, this baby was something special. He was so special in fact that he began growing at a very accelerated pace. His powers came even more to the forefront when a demon named Scarabus came calling shortly after his birth. You read that right. It was all very dismissive of Power Girl and rid the character of much of her dignity. Her grandfather had decided that her only true purpose was to create a baby and she seemed to be completely fine with this idea.

The series was canceled shortly after Kara became a full member. Her powers were definitely biological. She had really been born on Earth-2 Krypton all along and had only come to believe that she was from Atlantis. As the two became friends, Kara introduced Terra to American customs and looked out for her during battle.

Around this time, Kara also decided to restart her software company she owned in her civilian guise of Karen Starr. Named Starrware, this company thrived on innovation and introducing new technology into the marketplace. Kara had neglected the Pregnant power girl for years but jumped back into the CEO seat with gusto. After this creative team left, the series continued on in fine style until it came to an end a few months before the New 52 launched.

She appears to once again be an orphan from Earth-2, but the details are sketchy right now. Will history Pregnant power girl itself?

Pregnant power girl

It seemed a good fit. Tell him which team you liked Power Girl on via Twitter. She had a personality that many other heroines at that time lacked. She was the tough chick that I often wanted Wonder Woman to be. I agree that that is where she truly shined.

At a time when Superman was lacking the fun, she filled the Kryptonian void nicely. That stuff is gold to me.

Pregnant power girl

A perfect starting point for any new reader. Make sure you check out the Terra trade as well. And wow! Why did it take so long for DC to just now put a decent costume on her? I think it was the first time i considered that the character could be anything other than an ensemble type….

Pregnant power girl

But somehow or another I think I must have mentally blocked out the whole pregnancy storyline. Thank God, cause seeing baby stuff there is just truly awful. She recently showed up at the end of the Huntress mini-series, reuniting with Helena for the first time in a year and using a bit of super power to save Helena from some security guards though Helena does mention she though Kara had been flying openly on this Earth yet. Power Girl has always been one Pregnant power girl my favorite characters.

Especially once she ed the JSA and then got her own series. I loved it before it was canceled. Power Girl rocks. When DC focuses on the origin of the character i. Become a Patron! Some rights reserved. Terms of Service Legal Privacy. Register Log in. From All-Star Comics Vol.

From Showcase 97 From Secret Origins Vol. From Justice League Europe 1 From Justice League Europe 40 From Zero Hour 2

Pregnant power girl

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