Professor willow sexy

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Their color is yellow and their mascot is Zapdos.

Professor willow sexy

Their color is blue and their mascot is Articuno. Their color is red and their mascot is Moltres. While they are still led by Giovanni, this incarnation has three brand new members seemingly filling in for the Team Rocket Executives. Community Showcase More.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. The Trainers. Ambiguous Gender : Downplayed. On the one hand, the two player characters have a distinctly masculine and distinctly feminine appearance, and can't be customized to look more androgynous. On the other, the choice is clearly deated as choosing an "adventuring style", in contrast to the main series games flat-out asking "Are you a boy or a girl? Blank Slate : Compared to the Trainers in the main series, which occasionally show bits of personality and can even be fully fleshed out as NPC rivals and opponents, these Trainers merely serve as blank avatars for the player.

Justifiedsince due to the game's immersive nature, these Trainers are more of an extension of the player rather than established characters in an imaginary world. Fanservice : The male trainer is quite well-builtlikely as a result of getting lots of exercise. Fanservice : Likewise, the female trainer has an athletic figure Professor willow sexy likely due to exercisetight clothes, a cute face, and a flattering, "cool" hairstyle. Updates to the game have since added several different hats to choose from, and more are regularly added. Tomboyish Ponytail : The female trainer has one through her cap, similar to Hilda.

You Gotta Have Blue Hair : Their hair color customization options include some outlandish colors such as blue and purple. Professor Willow.

Professor willow sexy

Tropes that apply to all teams: Adventure Guild : More than technically. Chromatic Arrangement : They all represent a primary color. Instinct is yellow, Mystic is blue and Valor is red. The Faceless : In early versions of the game, the team leaders were represented by colored silhouettes but were eventually replaced with fully detailed artwork.

Professor willow sexy

Friendly Rivalry : They all have the same goal, they just disagree on how to go about it, though in real life it's either Played StraightDownplayed or Averted depending on how seriously players take the rivalry. The lead-up to Cliff, Sierra, and Arlo's introduction to the game in which all three assist Willow with the Rocket Radar, and ends with all three contributing to its construction has the three team leaders play it straight.

Four-Temperament Ensemble : If you count Willow into the mix, all four characters fit a mold of the positive aspects of the temperaments.

Professor willow sexy

Willow shows positive phlegmatic traits: thoughtful, patient, and modest. Blanche shows positive melancholic traits: analytical, organized, and selfless. Spark shows positive sanguine traits: cheerful, comedic, and Professor willow sexy.

Candela shows positive choleric traits: confident, practical, and passionate. How they have time to do this millions maybe billions of times a day is a bit of a mystery. Masculine, Feminine, Androgyne Trio : The leaders. Spark is an energetic young man masculineCandela is an approachable and level-headed young woman feminine and Blanche is a woman but has both masculine and feminine facial features and an androgynous style of dress.

Meaningful Name : All three team leaders have names that correlate to the primary element of their Legendary Bird mascot: Spark is the most obvious, as sparks are often affiliated with electricity for Zapdos. Blanche means "white" in French, likely synonymous with white snow and the cold for Articuno. It also sounds like a portmanteau of "blizzard" and "avalanche". Candela is a unit of measurement for luminous intensity, such as the light from a fire for Moltres.

Professor willow sexy

Her name is also the latin word for candle which is an item that's commonly lit. Theme Naming : Based on their preferred style of research and battle. Team Instinct, led by Spark. I bet the secret to their intuition is related to how they're hatched. Come and my team! You never lose when you trust your instincts! Team Mystic, led by Blanche.

Professor willow sexy

I am Blanche, leader of Team Mystic. I am researching why it is that they evolve. With our calm analysis of every situation, we can't lose! Blanche: There are currently no active hideouts in the vicinity. There are no hideouts here, but my reports do confirm that there are more out there. Blanche: No als I see. Perhaps their activities have ceased for the day. Team Valor, led by Candela.

Are you ready? In general. Boss Battle : The leaders are fairly tough opponents themselves, and you can't even find them until you obtain a Rocket Radar, assembled from beating GO Rocket Grunts. Their defeat yields Stardust and rare items, including Sinnoh and Unova Stones. Custom Uniform : As is typical in the series, the Professor willow sexy of Team GO Rocket have their own spin on the standard uniform.

The modifications are comparatively subtle for Arlo and Cliff, but Sierra goes right into a white, form-fitting Custom Uniform of Sexy. Ironically, each one has at least one possible choice that is weak to the mascot of the team that they oppose although only one, in Sierra's case - that said, they also each have one choice strong against the team that they oppose. Evil Counterpart : Through their dialogue both in victory and defeatit becomes clear that each of the GO Rocket leaders is one for the three team leaders, but it's played with in that they're not the evil versions of who they oppose.

Evil Is Easy : Downplayed.

Professor willow sexy

Foil : Cliff, Arlo and Sierra appear to be set up as this to Blanche, Candela and Spark respectively: They have a Two Guys and a Girl dynamic in contrast to the three team leaders' Two Girls and a Guyas well as opposite black-and-white motifs, not to mention their completely opposing allegiances. Each one has highlights on their custom uniforms of the team they oppose: Cliff has blue bands on several parts of his uniform, Sierra has yellow patches on her shoulders ones that resemble lightning bolts, no lessand Arlo has red hair highlights in addition to more red than the standard Rocket "R" on his outfit.

Giovanni's phlegmatic traits aren't necessarily negative. He is people-oriented and seems incredibly poker-faced and corporate about the entire GO Rocket affair. This could just be due to the fact he's treating everything more like business as usual.

Cliff shows negative melancholic traits: slavishly loyalmoody, self-depricating. Sierra shows negative sanguine traits: egotistical, impulsive, and vain. Arlo is unquestionably choleric : vindictive, sore loser, and a massive control-freak. Recurring Boss : Even if you defeat a Leader or Giovanni, they will only flee, ready to fight you again another time. Super-Persistent Predator : The entirety of the organization periodically appear in hot air balloons hovering directly above the player, including the Leaders and Giovanni himself if the player has the appropriate radars.

Be Careful What You Wish For : During the Rocket takeover of the GO Fest event, a grunt may say that they talked about wanting to move up in the organization, but didn't expect that it would mean flying in the air in a hot air balloon. This makes grunts fairly easy to beat. Some of the Normal-type grunts will occasionally have Zubat in their lineup, which is an aversion. Enemy-Detecting Radar : Upon defeat, Grunts drop components from their Rocket Radar, a Professor willow sexy that allows them to find their leaders' locations.

Once you have six pieces, you can assemble a radar of your own. Evil Redhead : Both Professor willow sexy male and female grunt have cherry-red hair. Get in my way, and you'll be crushed, vermin. Show Spoilers. How well does it match the trope? Media sources:.

Professor willow sexy

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