Pudendal cleft pictures

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In the uplinked image, the cleft-of-venus is clearly visible from an anterior frontal view, while the model is standing. In most images of undressed women, no part of the vulva is visible in an anterior view, [even if the model's bikini-area is perfectly shorn]; and it is only visible when she is sitting, or lying down, with her legs spread.

Pudendal cleft pictures

In virtually all images of undressed children, the genitals clearly protrude and are visible in an anterior view. In images of undressed women, however, the opposite seems almost universally the case.

Pudendal cleft pictures

Since the model in the uplinked image is clearly a post-pubescent woman, this cannot be the sole explanation. Please respond at your earliest convenience, since it could result in ificantly more content for this article.

Pine18 June UTC. Worth noting, my obese girlfriend has a prominent cleft of venus. She's So really neither age nor body fat per se determine the mons landscape. The term "pudendal cleft" is referred to in this link: [1]. I think File:Vulva15Cropped. Because it illustrates the part of the article that says "In some women the clitoral hood and labia minora protrude through the Cleft of Venus, in others they do not", and also because it illustrates part of the conversation above.

Pudendal cleft pictures

Sometime the Cleft of Venus has protruding labia minora, sometimes it doesn't. Having two photos showing the natural variation is, IMO, useful for an article about the Cleft of Venus. Which is why I added Image:Vulva15Cropped.

Is there any percentage to how many have protruding labia minoras and how many do not? Or How does it work? While i understand including cameltoe and mooseknuckle as synonyms i think perhaps "axe-wound" and "puddle of joy" better describe the old cleft of venus.

Also, while the photos were certainly stimulating, they fell short of the mark. A few penetration shots would certainly be welcome. Is there a Latin term for the Cleft Of Venus? Is so, it needs to be added to the article. Gringo9 April UTC. Perhaps a drawing could be used as a picture instead of the photo. I was looking at random articles and I was a little taken back when the came up. I could be wrong just thought I'd express my opinion. This is a long thread, so I'm not sure if this has been said already.

It makes sense to have a photo in the infobox for anatomical demonstration, but the gallery at the end of the article seems a little Pudendal cleft pictures. Has anyone explained: a what the motivations of the subject of the picture has to do with anything, b how a crotch is neccesarily pornographic, c how the pornographic quality of an image impacts its suitability in an article? I don't get it. People just declare random things like "that's pornographic" and then claim that le to the conclusion that the image should be removed, but they never connect the two.

If an image is goingn to be removed, it should be because the article is better without its. Rather than just making a conclusory claim of unclear relevance to the desirability of the image i. I just came here to say that I find our current picture surprisingly tasteful.

Vranak talk28 September UTC. Please see the discussion at Talk:Human height Listing of female and male. The current capitalization of the article looks weird to me - I think that "Cleft of Venus" is a better capitalization. Other Pudendal cleft pictures named organs following the pattern "something of someone" or "someone's something have a capitalized eponymous part, e. This way, the article name might be interpreted as named after an object called "venus", rather than a person in this case, a Roman goddess named "Venus". I was wondering whether if would be suitable to make this picture the primary picture of the article.

It's not completely natural, but it's closer that the one currently being used, although that one does show the cleft of Venus in more detail.

Pudendal cleft pictures

My thought is that it might be smart to display the picture which looks more like what you'd find in nature as the primary picture and then letting the current one follow later in the article since shaving isn't really the 'natural state', I hope I'm not being too pedantic here. Can somebody please explain why Gray's Anatomy is referred to in this article? What relevance does it have?

Pudendal cleft pictures

It seems to me like some idiot decided it was "cool" or "funny" that it is mentioned in Gray's Anatomy and just HAD to put the link there. Is anyone going to complain if I remove it? Because it's stupid Does anyone know the etymology of this phrase? I think it would be something relevant to add to the article, and I am curious. I think it is in some way related to ancient goddess Venusbut I wonder if there is a story.

Paulish talk20 April UTC. The result of the move request was: moved. Vegaswikian talk15 June UTC. First of all, I was not around during the discussion to change the name to the current with a capital "V". Big deal. Or as Garfield would say "Big, fat, hairy deal" but that is another discussion for this article, entirely.

The common technical name is pudendal cleft and that should be the primary name of the article and "Cleft of Venus" or "Cleft of venus" should redirect to that, not the other way around. For the purposes of common English usage, the vulgar slang terms should be included and wikilinked to those words so that new English speakers can conveniently explore the context, usage, and possibly the etymology Pudendal cleft pictures the particular vulgar slang word. User:Oknazevad claims, with no justification whatsoever, that such linkage is pointless. To wit:.

The links do not do that except Cunt makes one backward reference in addition to references to many other s. User:Oknazevaddid you actually read this?? User:Oknazevadplease read and understand the policy you cite to justify your actions that actually reduce the usability, utility, and convenience of the encylopedia. Your rationale makes no sense at all and is not justified by either the facts nor WP policy. Most of the listed synonyms are for the vagina, not the cleft of venus: cunt, pussy, twat, snatch, and box and perhaps the others as well. In fact, the footnote for "box" points to the urbandictionary.

Why does the "Female genetalia" link redirect back to the it is on? I think the link should be removed or redirected somewhere esle or else it is just useless. In preadolescent girls, the vulva appears to be positioned further forward than in adults, showing a larger percentage of the labia majora and pudendal cleft when standing. During puberty the mons pubis enlarges, pushing the forward portion of the labia majora away from the pubic bone, and parallel to the ground when standing. Variations in body fat levels affect the extent to which this occurs.

It was unclear ly as to what the article was referring to with the primary image and overall description being largely unhelpful in that regard. As such, I have Pudendal cleft pictures a labeled photo as the primary image instead and added a sentence explaining that the pudendal cleft is "the opening between the labia majora" cited from Merriam-Webster as I believe this will help bring a great deal of clarity to the article.

The following discussion is an archived discussion of a requested move. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on the talk. No further edits should be made to this section.

Exactly right, in fact I came here to check if it was still incorrectly capitalzed. Subsequent comments should be made in a new section on this talk. April PC Magazine. Hidden : s with missing files.

Pudendal cleft pictures

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Pudendal cleft pictures

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