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Overall Quality Based on 28 ratings. Karen Prior. Professor in the English department at Liberty University. I'm Professor Prior Submit a Correction.

Rate my sexiness

Professor Prior's Top Tags. Get ready to read Lots of homework Respected. Check out Similar Professors in the English Department 4. Dec 5th, For Credit: Yes. As long as you do the reading, it is hard not to pass bc the quizzes are pass fail, meaning as long as you get a couple right you get full points. My only complaints: our only essay was worth points, and we only have one exam the final with no outline of what to expect.

Get help from someone who has had her before because I didn't know anyone. Respected Lots of homework Get ready to read. Apr 7th, Feb 1st, Textbook: Yes. Prior is not only one of my favorite professors, but one of my favorite people. She is a blessing and a challenge to know. Rarely have I met someone so consistent in living what they profess. She will challenge and inspire you. Jun 8th, Hard teacher.

Anyone interested in books that are really only about sex will get along great in her class. Anyone prone to forget your book, miss asments, etc. Do everything right, Rate my sexiness you'll really enjoy her class. She's a nice person otherwise, if not a little set in her opinions.

May 7th, Mar 2nd, Absolutely one of my favorite professors and friend.

Rate my sexiness

Prior instills in her students a little more love of English than when you first walked into her classroom. Her insightful discussions on our current Christian world are both controversial and very fun. Class is filled with intense thought, laughs, and worship through literature. Nov Rate my sexiness, Wonderful lady, kinda crazy in a fun way.

LOTS of reading for each class period and almost daily quizzes. Grades HARD on papers Clearly has a passion for English and it rubs off. Aug 23rd, Fabulous professor and person. She cares for people and wants you to love life. Th easiness rating is stupid, she has high expectations, as any academic should. An enjoyable professor to be with in the classroom. Jun 5th, Prior was one of my favorite professor that I have had at Liberty. She is engaging and very sarcastic which I love. She gives detailed notes. I did not think she was difficult - I got an A in her class. Yes you have to try, but we are in college.

I hope to take her again! May 14th, Any English professor that can make me come to an appreciation of Heart of Darkness is a good one. Prior's lectures influenced me to actually speak favorably of Conrad's work, and that means she is a great professor.

Admittedly, her class is a bit difficult, but it is not a "trick question" type class. Be wary of her all you visual learners! Sep 22nd, Excellent at conveying meaningful and applicable knowledge! May 8th, She is one of the best teachers I've ever had in my entire life. She is absolutely brilliant and really cares about her students. Sometimes she expects us to know things we Rate my sexiness know in the slightest, but if thats her only flaw, then shes pretty darn close to perfect! Apr 20th, Pretty cold and cynical.

She won't explain or help you with anything. She would make a better undertaker than a teacher. By the way, for everybody on here who keeps saying she's sexy Apr 8th, She cares enough to make us think to get the education we deserve. She sets expectations high so we'll meet them.

Rate my sexiness

I'm appalled to see the last comment. The most about her students, classes, profession, and passions.

Rate my sexiness

I dare say I learned more in that class, about the subject and life, than I have in any other course or school activity. If by not 'caring', you mean that her course is challenging and she expec. Mar 27th, Typically I love english. In I got an A and I was looking forward to taking english again. However this teacher made my semester close to hell. She was The Worst teacher I have ever had in my life. She failed almost every person in class and had no remorse. She gave no help to those who needed it.

She just plain did not care. Dec 7th, She is very sexy and very intelligent Oct 19th, Sep 15th, She failed me for plagarism and I never Rate my sexiness. I don't hold grudges, but this woman makes me cringe when I see her.

There is no doubting her brilliance and sexiness, but I wouldn't want to have her for another class after my experience with her.

Rate my sexiness

I would rather be her friend than student. Sep 1st, She made me understand poetry like no one else ever has. She knows her stuff! All Rights Reserved.

Rate my sexiness Rate my sexiness

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