Real chastity couple tumblr

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Hi, I wanted to ask a question. I have a girlfriend but she doesn't know that I love to be in chastity and to wear very girly clothes. Do you know how I could let her know? I feel afraid of telling her. You need to be honest with Her at the right time and place. Remember you have to jump in the water to learn to swim. A question for the lady. Do you think all men should be locked in chastity and serve women?

No, actually not all men should be locked up in my opinion.

Real chastity couple tumblr

If a man seems to not control his body parts then perhaps a lock up would be necessary. Or ignoring your partner for selfish reasons then again, yes a lock up is necessary. First and foremost, if you honestly think this lifestyle is all about sex and about your gratification then seriously stop and get your life in the proper direction before you attempt to drag your Wife into a ton of your issues.

There are kink minded Therapist that can help you out, be brave and figure out yourself! With that somewhat disclaimer said I can move on. You, as a submissive person need to realize that you and only you know your Wife best. Mistress M has and frankly always will be the bossy take charge Woman. It is ingrained in Her DNA. The year now we have gone through this journey, I have realized just stepping back, and also promoting Her natural personality was the first step in this lifestyle and relationship.

Tee Shirts that I have bought for Her to wear that also are Women Empowering are just a few subtle ways that I keep Her in that constant reminder that She is the leader of our Pack and Head of Household. So to just embrace, cherish and love Her and putting Her first as much as I possibly can works for Us. The answer to How to convince your Wife regardless of Her personality is this…. If you want it bad enough, then put the work into it. Nothing worth having is built in a short time.

Even my Wifewho is a natural at being in charge, you must put the time and effort into this relationship completely. Read up on figuring out Her love language, figure out how to make Her life easier. Get off the couch or away from your phone, computer or TV.

If She wants the towels folded this certain type of way, then as She is folding the towels get your ass in there and help out to learn. She will probably be shocked at first, but just take interest and ask why She folds the towels that way. You are definitely not helping if She has to go back and redo everything you attempted half assed or not the right way. Remember She knows the right way, respect and embrace that. Your a team!!! She will Real chastity couple tumblr interest and quite honestly not trust you enough to let you do it yourself.

She will help you along. This will be a date night possibility and you only took interest in helping lift some of the daily chores that must be done. She will notice over time that you are different then your normal self. Remember it takes time to build something wonderful and worth having.

Just respond with how selfish you have been and want to just help out with making life better for Her. In my personal opinion you are not misleading Her or whatever. You are simply picking the right time and place. Learn to groom Her! Yes you are reading this correctly, We found a next level type of connection when I took an interest in washing Her Real chastity couple tumblrputting conditioner in Her hair, washing Her body as She instructs you, Shaving Her not just her pubic hair but learning to shave Her armpits, legs and even big toe if She does so!

Find out and ask why She uses this or that on Her face to clean Her face. Take interest in this daily task. Again She will be shocked at first, but just politely tell Her you want to learn to do this because it is part of Her life and is part of your world. It is a reward for everyone. She will absolutely love this!

And at this point you should also be very supportive and encouraging to Her about how beautiful She iswhat your favorite part of Her body is. Yes I admit I am a foot guyI am also a ass and tiddy guy too, But I might omit the obvious and say wow I never noticed how amazing your legs are until I was able to shave them. Hun you have sexy legs, and remind Her throughout the following days how amazing Her legs are. And be sincere about it. After a few weeks,months of this consistent journey into making Her life easier, then you can approach how you feel and what you are trying to Real chastity couple tumblr.

Yes making Her life easier, but also explain that putting Her first is what you crave, having Her take charge is something that you need. At this point you two have had plenty of conversations about who you are and who She is. What you two do in your own house and life is your business. You set the foundation for the kinky to come out over time, naturally. I highly doubt that She will be close minded about all of this since you have over the months made Her life easier!

If you are having problems in your marriage, in my opinion this is not a fix it type of lifestyle. But if you set yourself up for success and put in the time the right way, the end result of FLR will become a minor step for you two.

It has started without you just going up to your Wife with a boner and saying something stupid. I could seriously keep going on about thisbut I have clothes to wash, and chores to do. I will end this post with a little more advice. Readlisten and do your own research. Not on a porn site or what is written by some dude with his penis in his hand trying to make it sound as sexy as possible so you will get turned on.

Not just for my personal gratification, but because it is all the ultimate Empowering actions that I believe my Mistress and I can do together to create a closer bond with each other. But for now it is learning and educating myself so when the right time comes and Mistress M is ready, I can be prepared to make the right points to why I want this. It is loving your Wife and showing Her that She is your world.

Real chastity couple tumblr

There are many reasons why a wife would lock her husband. All are eqully valid.

Real chastity couple tumblr

However, the important thing is that the husband is actually locked in a chastity cage and the wife is determinedly controlling the keys. When you make a mistake and break a rule and now you cook dinner while your Domme drinks wine. Just a suggestion: please consider tagging your original content with a specific tag for such. It would make reading your story that much easier.

Real chastity couple tumblr

Yes I think we should have done that from the start. We will do that going forward I believe it will be ourlifestyle. Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Our Response is…. Xoxo tyler. I hate that Fuck that!!! A Female Led Relationship is a beautiful dynamic. Sometimes strong men want to worship and adore the follow the lead of an equally strong woman.

Real chastity couple tumblr

Stop with the perpetuation of degradation and humiliation as the norm! Well damn What the actual fuck? This works. Night night, off to teach my wife.

Real chastity couple tumblr Real chastity couple tumblr

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