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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Fun Fact. Tumblr is available in 18 languages. A Secret Affair. What started off with an interesting and original-to-me premise became bogged down in stilted repetition and the stifling confines of Regency propriety, the endless litany of who is where and who is riding in whose carriage and who is attending what ball and who is related to whom.

This is my third Balogh novel and definitely my last. They've all gotten two stars from me, and despite how much this author has been recommended to me in the past, clearly we're not gelling. I did have higher hopes for this one, based on concept. I've never really seen the "it's just a fling" trope in a Regency setting before. But once the lovers hop into bed together, it all goes downhill, and I'm not saying that as a sex-starved reader who just wants smut and should probably be reading NA romances instead of Regency.

I'm saying it because all the sex scenes after that were either short and summarized, or glossed over with a fade-out from the scene, or in one case, interrupted. If the primary vehicle that these two lovers have to get to know each other is lust, because they're lovers but not in love, why isn't there much lust? So of course, with this trope, the point is that eventually they realize they've caught feelings. That definitely happens here. But the banter it should be happening through also gets less present and less interesting as the novel slowly wends its way along.

Both characters use precisely the same language in the process, both suffer the same doubts, and both have the same qualms about admitting their growing feelings to each other. Essentially, for all their seeming differences of gender, power, social standing, and personality, the narrative treats them for a good chunk of the book like they're the exact same person. That isn't the only place where the story suffers from excessive repetition, either. During the climax, when the fate of the romance hinges seemingly on the outcome of a judge's ruling on the sentence for a mentally handicapped thief, the story of what the thief did is told by one character to another several times in a chain of "I know this but now I'm telling it to you," and the story is almost word-for-word each time.

They should be similar, yes, but not exact, not when one factors in things like character voice, and the Telephone effect of words or small details changing. The author is clearly aware of how a tale can grow and change in the telling--it's referenced in gossip among the ton but not in this little tale, which everyone has memorized word-perfect, and I have to read about six times over ten s.

I KNOW! Thanks to used book sales and the of times Balogh was recommended to me, I do actually own one more book of hers, but I'll be donating it back to my library's book sale room unread, because after three bland and mediocre re, I think it's safe to say I'm unimpressed with this author. The clans do not just send their junior disciples to Cloud Recesses. They also send their own servants, not just for their safety and reputation, but to relieve the burden from the Lan servants due to the influx of new people. Most of them are unremarkable, blending in seamlessly with the Lan staff, unobtrusively arriving and leaving.

The Jiang pat themselves down, looking for their invitations, and Lan Wangji feels a spark of irritation at their carelessness. But you left this back at the inn! He holds out the invitations, beaming. Jiang Yanli takes them, a relieved grin spreading across her face. He bows to them then runs back over to the other servants, bouncing back on the balls of his feet. First is Meng Yao. Second is Wei Wuxian. He must just be reading back their notes to them. Wei Wuxian gets underfoot around the other servants, but none of the Jiang servants call him on it, instead working around him without any hint of resentment.

They stand together when the junior disciples spar together, watching from the sidelines with almost blank faces. Lan Wangji ends up getting the story from Nie Huaisang. He has it a lot better than A-Yao, anyway.

Arlert shows you just how much he appreciates your company. Thank you so much for letting me the collab, I had so much fun writing this! You greeted the lovely couple at the door, opening it wide enough for them to slip in amongst their quiet conversation. Arlert was nicer than his wife though; he actually offered you a hello as he entered the house and a bit of conversation before offering to drive you home. He talked to you briefly about the things he normally asked you about; how college was going for you, how the kiddo was that night, what you both had for dinner, and if you were ready to go.

It was the same conversation you had with him every Friday night when he brought you over to watch his kid as he and his wife went out for their weekly date night. Arlert led you to his car which was parked closest to the door. He was just as gentlemanly as he had been in his youth; he opened the front door for you, led you to the passenger side of his car Secret affair tumblr even opened that door for you as well. As you drove towards your campus, Armin hummed to the music playing from the radio. So, he sang instead for you, humming the lyrics of most of the songs coming from his car.

You sat silently in his passenger seat. You watched as the buildings passed and the moon followed you and Mr. Arlert through the streets of the small college town. He was driving Secret affair tumblr back to your dorm building, driving carefully as he passed by drunk students and familiar buildings with your classes inside. I could even see you being a physical therapist.

You giggled into your hand, turning back to the buildings passing through your window. He could hardly pay attention to the road afterwards, just looking at you with a new light in his eyes. You turned towards the campus to hide your grinning face from Mr.

Not only was he an amazing man, he was an amazing father, and an amazing husband. And, to think a part of that was false drove you to a deep sense of sadness, like the feeling of finally meeting your role model and only realizing they were just another asshole in the world. You furrowed your eyebrows at Mr. Arlert, confused with how somebody could crush your heart so casually with one sentence. You tried to hide your obvious disappointment with this new information, but it was so hard.

Arlert was such an amazing man, he deserved a more real love - and he, above everything, deserved somebody who could give that to him. Arlert drove dangerously slower than the speed limit and he even seemed to keep missing the road leading to your dorm building.

You sighed before eventually turning to Mr. You noticed a moment too late that maybe the question was a bit much. You were about to take the words back, quickly asking a more appropriate question. But, by the time your mind had thought of a second, better question, Mr. Arlert was already beginning to answer your last question.

Armin turned the car into an empty parking spot nowhere close to the front doors of the dorm building. He put his car into park before finally contemplating the question you asked him. He knew two answers, one answer that was true and the other answer being the one he knew you wanted to hear. Armin ignored your face while he spoke, promptly avoiding the bright new look in your eyes. Arlert had said exactly what you wanted him to, even inviting you to fantasize about what his words could mean for you.

You said it yourself; Mr. Arlert was an amazing man and he deserved somebody who could give him real love. And, you were sure Armin could find somebody out there in the world as a newly single silver fox. Wanting it was an understatement, Armin was practically frothing at the mouth from craving it.

Thinking about how sweet your voice is towards him, even after hours of dealing with. Thinking about just how hard you giggle at his jokes, a soft laugh that echoes through his mind for hours afterwards. Thinking about just how slick and soft your thighs looked under the hem of your skirt, and how you seemed to play with his imagination when you bent over to pick up a toy in front of him.

It was like you wanted him to stare, and like you wanted him to think about the feeling of your hips against his fingertips as he thrusts deeper and deeper into you from behind. Armin turned slowly towards you, blue eyes sparkling thanks to the street light shining through his sunroof. His eyes watched your face carefully, afraid of missing a hint of discomfort.

You were suddenly hyper aware of Mr. Your mouth was now dry, causing you to incessantly lick your lips, but nothing quite quenched the thirst your mouth craved. Being in this car Secret affair tumblr with Mr. Arlert was turning your insides to mush, destroying your composure in front of his very eyes. His light blue eyes were shining with a new deepness of desire. He never felt this way with his wife Secret affair tumblr well, maybe once upon a time many, many years Secret affair tumblr, but now - he only ever felt this way with you.

He felt it from the moment he met you, from the moment you walked through his front door and into his house six months ago. It was like the dying flames of passion were suddenly reignited in his body. And, he was so Secret affair tumblr that you could reverse what his wife had destroyed. He felt so thankful in fact that he wanted to prove to you how much he appreciates you. For babysitting his daughter, for making intellectual conversation, for wearing that skimpy little skirt you seemed to always be wearing around him - he wanted to show you just how much he appreciates everything you do, so he kissed you.

It was the only form of payment he could imagine, and he rather liked that it benefited himself as well as you.

Secret affair tumblr

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