Sissy cuckold husband stories

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I wish I never walked in on Joseph after he came out of the shower that day. She would never have taken an interest in him. And I never would have had a front row seat of her tiny lips tasting his giant cock. I let Joseph stay with my wife and me, as we had a spare room, and he was down on his luck.

Joseph and I met as fellow employees at a video store. I had a meek Jimmy Olsen-type build while he was big, beefy, and burly. He often joked how ridiculous it was for me to land a girl like my wife, with her Jessica Alba-looks. I never took that personally, because I knew he was right. She was way out of my league. Flash forward to a few months after we both stopped working at the video store. I ran into Joseph working some shitty job. We talked about what he had been up to since we last saw one another.

In comparison to him, I did rather well. He was broke and not living up to his potential, at least in my eyes. I looked at Joseph and saw an alpha male in hiding, someone who could take charge at work, live in a big house, and nail a girl like Gina. I was living the life Joseph should have been. I convinced my wife to let Joseph stay with us until he got back on his feet. Gina was fine with it, even though there was no set date on when he would leave. Despite Joseph being a bit of a slob — I found myself cleaning up after him a lot — he and my wife became pretty tight.

In fact, as each day passed, the more time the two of them spent together, Sissy cuckold husband stories always without me. Gina talked about Joseph a lot when we were alone. She talked about things he did like he was some kind of celebrity. So, you can imagine my surprise when I would wake up in the middle of the night sometimes and listen to my wife touching herself under the covers, laying right beside me.

Sissy cuckold husband stories

I took it as a hint the third time I caught her rubbing her tight little pussy, but she pushed me away, told me I was being silly, and told me to go back to sleep. My wife got Joseph a job at the bar she managed, where I also worked part-time when she needed me. Joseph started off as a busboy, like me, but ended up being elevated to a bartender. It felt weird taking orders from Joseph. For him, ordering me around seemed like second-nature. Joseph liked the lifestyle he had, and in a very short time, became the alpha male I knew he could be the day I asked him to move in with my wife and I.

I chalked it up to her being immune to my touch after so many years together. When I suggested to my wife that it was time for Joseph to take the Sissy cuckold husband stories and get his own place, she seemed panicked that he would leave — she clearly liked having him around.

He had a smile on his face; his head was cocked back, and the bulge in his pants was evident from across the room. When I cleared my throat, both jumped at my presence — Gina leaped out of his lap, while Joseph got slowly rose, winked at me, patted my cheeks a few times and left the office. Not seeing him in the room, I heard the shower stop. Joseph grew an ear to ear smile that turned to a smirk, shook his head in disbelief, told me to throw him the towel on the bed beside me, and leave. His demeanor suggested that he figured out something…. That night, Gina and I were having dinner while Joseph worked at the bar.

She began telling me something that should have offended her, as it certainly shocked me — Joseph made a bet with about 7 of the regulars at the bar that he could have his big fat cock in her mouth by the end of the month.

Sissy cuckold husband stories

My fists were clenched, while my cock was hardening. When I asked how she knew that, she told me overheard one of the busboys talking to another about the bet. Add to the fact that Joseph was recently almost homeless and jobless, no one thought she was in his league anyways. My cock was ready to burst out of my pants when she told me Joseph apparently said this to everyone who bet against him:.

The audacity of him — I let him stay with us when he was down on his luck, rent-free, and now he was going to take my girl from me?! My heart was racing, because while my wife looked like a knockout at under 30, and every single guy who saw her wanted her, she always had a thing for jocks, bullies, and tough guys…like Joseph. Joseph was built like a linebacker, stocky, husky, big football player hands…while I was built like Jimmy Olsen, only meeker.

She told me that while she was highly offended at first and almost fired Joseph on the spot upon finding out, the thought turned her on like she had never been turned on before. I made another accident in my pants when she said that. I decided to man up, confront Joseph about his inappropriate bet, and give him a piece of my mind. When I walked into the bar, Joseph sat on a bar stool, while my wife stood in front of him, between his open legs. Her arms were wrapped around his neck, and his hands caressing her ribs. She leaned in for a kiss, a soft peck, followed by a smile that was reciprocated.

Another peck ensued, followed by an open mouth, passionate kiss…which everyone around them cheered for. My wife was whispering in his ear while he smiled and gave his boys the thumbs-up. The bet was almost about to be won, and it was only week-one! I ran back to my car and my cell went off. It was my wife, calling to tell me she was going to the movies with Joseph and to not wait up for her.

That night, I walked Sissy cuckold husband stories on them cuddled up on my couch. The next few moments were a blur. My wife got down on her knees, with Joseph hovering above her.

Sissy cuckold husband stories

A sweaty aroma filled the air, and his fat hog hit her right in the face. She leaned in and took a whiff, moaned, and looked up at him, his dick laying on her lips. I watched in slow motion as she opened her mouth and licked the head of his big dick, then around his shaft. She lapped, slowly, his big balls while clutching his hips. When I walked over to them intending to put a stop to this outrageousness, Joseph grabbed me by the throat, then pushed me down on the loveseat across from them.

She gagged, took out his meat, and moaned in ecstasy as Joseph began thrusting into her mouth, Sissy cuckold husband stories a little more meat between her lips with each motion. My big cock roommate then snapped his fingers and commanded me to take her dress off. He was taking to me as if I was one of his buddies and she was just some random horny chick. I got to my feet, but suddenly had an accident in my pants — I came, and Joseph saw it happen. He laughed uncontrollably, which caused my wife to look over. She excused herself to the bathroom, while Joseph sat back down on my couch, his arms extended across it, his feet crossed, a smile on his face.

You clean for me, you cook for me, you drive me around, and you call me SIR when I summon you. I swallowed hard and shook his hand to accept his deal. Here was a guy who was down on his luck only a few weeks ago, unemployed, and practically homeless, and now he not only had he messed around with my girl, but had bullied me into obedience and servitude. She smiled Sissy cuckold husband stories Joseph put the bottom of his feet against my face and pushed me down to the floor, telling her she married a sissy cuckold.

When I woke up the next morning, my big cock roommate and my wife had already left for work. I closed the door slowly, as neither one noticed my arrival. I sat down on the front steps of my house. I could hear Joseph moaning, shouting profanity, grunting, and a loud exhale…followed by cheers and laughter from them both. Even though he fucked my wife, our arrangement was that he was not to tell anyone about it. Monday, January 3, Oblivious Cuckold. The stories on this website are exactly what the title suggests - tales and write-ups of a married woman or taken girlfriend, cheating on her husband or boyfriend behind his back.

Most of the stories involve the adultery taking place right under the cuckold's nose. Whether you interpret that as the cuckold being too stupid to notice, or choosing not to notice, is irrelevant. The girls doing the cheating in these stories are not evil. In fact, they love their ificant others very much, with no desire to leave them. It's just that the guy they are cheating with are worth it, each in their own unique way.

Whether you want to call them bulls or studs, the alpha males stealing away these women are the husband or boyfriend's buddy, best friend, boss or his bully. On Oblivious Cuckold, she will always be cheating on her man with someone he knows.

Sissy cuckold husband stories

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How My Buddy’s Bet Turned Me Into a Sissy Cuckold